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The Most Amazing and Popular Meditation Apps of 2019

In this fast-paced world, there is a lot of stress and anxiety that one has to face alone. Being a prime reason why currently there has been such high demand as a crucial requirement for people to indulge in quality based Meditation applications. One key factor for why more than ever people of this generation rely greatly on Freelancing jobs is due to their lack of confidence and over heightened anxiety towards social phobia. With the help of meditation apps, quite much has change and an impressive improvement has been encountered.

Android and iPhone App Development Companies around the globe have very thoroughly considered on the aspect of Meditation apps. Being one of the key reason why they have been able to achieve such popularity and applause over the years. Easily accessible via download on both Android and Apple devices. Since they help assist you to grasp meditation techniques such as breathing, guided sessions and the best of them all the profit of mindfulness.

As these meditation apps very well cover every aspect of how to meditate, the exact and correct engagement and practice, and a lot more.  A list of a few popular and amazing meditation apps for the year 2019 has been listed below. The reason they made it on the ranking and list is because of their reliability, quality and high reviews from their users.


  • Aura


Aura has been developed with the implementation of AI and with some of the most renowned and blissful meditation therapists and teachers. Aura is a meditation app that comes with a very convenient facility where short meditation sessions of three mins are given each year as an ongoing practice. Helping the people to overcome stress and anxiety with the collaboration of advanced tech which is reckoned to be a very efficient and effective meditation platform.

Aura has a feature for its users to keep an account of track records, a gratitude journal and also the privilege to listen to the calm soothing sound of nature. Just to add up to the excitement it has been developed with level up as you indulge and participate on daily bases. This is an ideal app for the person who have limited time to give while being a patient who is heavily taken up by illness of depression.


  • Breethe


Breethe app is downloaded on both iOS and Android. The most popular aspect of the app is the prime features that it presents such as following the users from the day in to day out. Also due to the fact that it is available for free. It also has added tools that give guidance and support to keep the users in tacked with their meditation practice continuously. While offering five minutes meditations with tips and tricks that help take on issues such as pressure, motivation, future intentions and inner satisfaction with their work performance.

The entire Breethe application is customizable making it adaptable according to each user and their individual preference. Being a very user-friendly app and due to the convenience and easy indulgence, it adds up to the support practice in meditation. Primarily being one of the first apps to feature “My Space” that grants the user to list favorites, explore newer and popular relevant recommendations.


  • Buddhify


By taking the assistance of this mindfulness meditation app it grants the ability to set sessions which are organized by themes according to the time of environment you are at. It is considered to be known as one of the best apps to overcome anxiety. It is very helpful in a manner to remind you during a busy schedule at work when you are required to take a break in a form to get relieved from stress and to achieve a more peaceful sleep pattern.

It has been developed with great expertise and compiled with approximately more than eighty costumed meditations. Buddhify is mainly developed to help those who specifically carry out busy schedules and take on a much more modern approach towards life.


  • The Mindfulness app


The mindfulness app has an extraordinary storyline and due to the intention behind its development, it is seen to be such a high implementing app. Where two yoga fitness professionals who shared a common aim to get the general population acquainted with the benefits of mindfulness. They wanted the world to be a much more loving, healthy and friendlier place for people to live in.

It is found to be one of the most accessible apps that also offer a reasonable amount of catalogs where some are presented with and some without background narrations. Presented in sessions that length from three to thirty mins long as well but can be personalized to each and every individual’s requirement.

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