How to Design Premium Business Card:

How to Design an Effective Premium Business Card

How to Design Premium Business Card: Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners (2018)


A business card has been always important and still is a vital asset representing a person’s business details. Of course, there are websites from where people can identify your business and offerings. But people tend to remember things mostly when personal experiences are involved. Imagine you are having a face to face meeting with a client. To make him remember you, the most important thing to offer is a business card. Now the success and failure of that person calling you again all depend on the impact of your business card including its design, font, and most importantly its print. Printing plays a key role when it comes to making premium business cards. And, if you want to have a smart, stylish, and memorable business card, why not consider customized option so you can design cards in your own way and get them printed by a leading printing service provider? In the following ways, you can come up with a great business card:


Size and Shape

You need to start with the size of the business card.  2″ x 3.5″ is the standard size for business cards which can be used either vertically or horizontally. Some perks related to using the standard size is that it costs you less as it’s common and is easily available. One major benefit is that the size makes it a recognizable business card when presented to a person. Also, it easily gets fit into most business card holders. But the options are not limited and one can go with custom shapes and sizes right from traditional rectangular cards, rounded corners, and die cut cards to folded cards. The creativity has no end! Besides, over-sized and undersized cards are majorly growing popular these days. Just stick to what kind of shape will go with your business which depends on the design and feel of the business card.


Materials to Consider

The kind of papers used in business cards possesses a greater importance as you think. A solid good quality paper will talk in your favour which otherwise can go unnoticed. Therefore, the selection of material is a crucial step. Mostly, business cards use paper card-stocks for printing purpose which comes in a variety of textures, colours, and weights. Usually, its weight lies between 50 and 110 lbs. Also, note that its thickness in points like 10 pt. is 0.10 inches thick.


Apart from the size of a business card, picking a colour and texture is the next big thing. Majorly, businesses print information on either white or cream paper. However, you can select from a wide range of colours exist in the world. How nice! Access paper texture during the print of the business card including options like smooth or rough, matte or glossy, or others. For a luxury business card printing, you need to pick amazing material and a good printing service platform. You can also see what sort of coating is required. For example, you can go with a water-resistant or UV-protective coating. Note that these come under additional and not essential and adds to the overall printing cost.


Don’t forget to include your logo or monogram embossed on the business card. Embossing process is done to raise a particular area in the business card. That needs to be inked well for a highlighted and eye-catchy look.


Consider all these variations that will affect the printing outcome of your business card and eventually the growth path of your business.  


Information on the Business Card

Do not forget to ponder on the most significant part of your business card i.e. your contact details. What, when, where, and how will be placed in the card must be decided by you. Show the details which are important as well as useful for your clients. This process is very much dependent on the design you choose. For some businesses, it’s only the website which matters the most, while others like to mention the basic information like your name, company name, phone, and email. Based on the graphics, colour, and look of the paper, choose the information you want to convey in a sorted manner possible.


Designing your own business card can both an exciting and detailed task. You have to be creative plus patient for coming up with a great business card design. You can also take help from printing services that will guide you towards selecting the best design, material, and print quality. Business cards are one major asset to grow your network and make a mark by communicating with the physical world. Pay attention to the design elements and have a beautiful business card.

Best Free Graphic Design Tools

Ten Useful Tools and Software for Graphic Design Projects

Like an artist demands a canvas, a graphic designer demands essential tools and softwares to get the ball rolling. A plethora of softwares and tools are essential when it comes to churning that workout which has timeline constraints. Let’s take a look at the top ten graphic design tools list and the essential softwares for graphic design companies in india which can be used to accomplish their projects.

  • Photoshop: Be it a beginner or a professional designer, the graphic design software list is incomplete without Photoshop. Not only it is one of the most popular graphic design tools and equipment, but also allows the advantage of editing those videos, performance and fixing the images just as easy as it could get.
  • Illustrator: Another flagship product from the house of Adobe, download this graphic design software online for an extensive experience. Not only is the touch type feature a blessing for beginners but the transformation tool makes it the most used graphic design tools for beginners. If you have been taking those graphic designing courses in Jaipur, ask for a licensed version of the tool for an enhanced experience.
  • GIMP: The GMU Image Manipulation Program is a perfect alternative to the Photoshop. If you are looking for an alternative tool which has features that are user friendly, GIMP gives you a secure playground to experiment. Use it in a full screen or a single window mode, it is definitely bound to become one of the most used applications on your desktop.
  • Inkscape: If you are an adventurous graphic designer who loves options and illustrations, Inkscape could be the software you have been looking for. A professional tool that allows sketching, colouring and modelling, it is hard to miss when it comes to curating a list for professional graphic designing tools.
  • Indesign: If you are someone who is interested in designing a layout for the desktop and that mobile application, Indesign is one of the softwares that should be on the top of your list. Getting creative has never been easier. Indesign is flexible, user friendly, interactive and has a lot of features that can help you get started with the ordeal in no time.
  • Xara: The Xtreme version of the software is one of the best illustrating softwares in the market. Use the inbuilt tools and features to resize and reinvent the images that suit your style and ideas.
  • Serif Drawplus: Graphic Designing is not limited to editing photos and videos or creating logos. It can be used to enhance the quality of web pages that form the basis of content marketing as well. Throw in a couple of 3D animations and vector imaging processes to make your designs stand out.
  • Corel PhotoImpact: Easy and compatible across all operating systems, PhotoImpact offers an Express Fix feature that helps you fix every defect that your images or artefacts might have. Create a visually captivating image which can boost the appeal of the picture.
  • PaintShop: Be it a photo management tool or a video editing tool, graphic designers need softwares to make the job easier for them so that the streak of creativity does not stop. PaintShop, even if compatible with Windows only, supports multiple batch processing which helps you get the work done faster.
  • Google Sketch-up: If you are just starting out with nary an experience in the field of Graphic design and have a couple of graphic design projects, Google Sketch-up is a decent start!


is graphic designing a good career in india

Career opportunities in India for graphic designer with graphic designing courses

If everything across was textual, the world would have been more than monotonous. Adding a bit of life and spark to those regular words are the graphic designers who collaborates the beauty of art and content into a single unit which we commonly call graphic designing.

Graphic designing can be technically defined as a method of establishing visual communication through symbols, art forms, layouts and even a miniature composition. Even if we tend to underestimate the job scope for a graphic designer, it’s them we turn to when we have to finalise that design for the magazine or a logo for the start-up or even modify one for an existing multinational corporation.

Touted as one of the most challenging careers in the Indian market, Graphic Designing is not everybody’s cup of tea. In spite of a constricted range, a graphic designer’s job salary is comparable to that of other jobs.

Sign up for those graphic designing courses in Jaipur who offer the best possible education and training, allowing you to thrive in a competitive world.

If you are good at looking at things differently and have an aptitude for spatial reasoning, design and art, sign up for the graphic designing courses in Jaipur because it is most definitely your calling. The major graphic designer skills can be segregated into various units. You need to ace that problem solving ability, analyze the information, and convey the solution in a form that even a layman understands it easily.

Not only is the scope of graphic designing in India limited to a limited number of enthusiasts, but also is looked down upon due to the compensation range in the market. However, if you scrutinize the scope of graphic designing in India, they have the highest privilege of working in a diversified sector such as printing, advertising, sales, web designing, etc. Moreover, you get to explore more options on your own instead of relying on an exclusive team which is involved in an information technology domain.

Channelize your creative side with graphic designing as aesthetics of art are absolutely personal. A workspace that allows you to materialise your explicit ideas and put it out on paper is something everyone practically dreams of in the design industry. As a graphic designer, you need not bother about jobs security or job satisfaction. Even if there are limited opportunities, you can always start off fresh on your own and even start off as a freelancer for those coveted roles.

As a graphic designer you can contribute to making the user experience a fruitful one. Users demand an interactive interface that is convenient to use and doesn’t involve raking of brains to get the job done. Few websites can be complicated which can contribute to an obviously lower traffic. That is when the graphic designer is roped in to save the day! Throw in a couple of interactive blocks and designs that appeals to a generic audience. If people love the website as it is, it contributes to traffic and enhances your portfolio as a graphic designer.

logo design india and graphic design companies india

Top 10 Logo Design India and Graphic Design Companies in India

Here is a list of Top Best 10 Logo Design India & Graphic Design Companies in India.

Graphic design is the process of visual communication and problem-solving using one or more of typography, photography and illustration. The field is considered a subset of visual communication and communication design, but sometimes the term “graphic design” is used synonymously.

These are the best companies and service offering include printing, logo designer in india, logo design, development, flex printing, digital printing, branding, digital marketing etc.

Create custom logos for your company and products. One of the top quality creative design branding agencies. Here is a best graphic design agency providing brand, interactive, identity, and print design services for our best in class clients.

Check Out Leading Best Logo Design & Graphic Design Company in India

1 | Digiwebart- Digitize Your Brand

Business – Graphic Design, Branding, and Logo Design | Website – |

Digiwebart are a Jaipur based Indian Graphic and Logo Design Company, that offers business development consulting and specialize in the design of graphic and digital tools for businesses and non-profit organizations. FInd areas of expertise are Corporate and Brand Identity, Logo Design, Brochure Design, Stationery, Websites and Web Marketing.

Please call us on: +91 9529294652.

2 | Logo Design India

Business – Logo Design and Graphic Design Service | Website – |

Logo Design India Graphic Design. A India graphic design company. Creating art, web and graphic design. Focusing on giving our clients peace of mind.

3 | Vervelogic

Business – Logo Design, Internet Marketing & Web Designing | Website – |

Logo designs India- Vervelogic, the best logo design company in India located in Jaipur, that provide custom logo design services in India and global.

4 | Logopie

Business – Logo Design, Website Design | Website – |

Logopie is a India branding agency offers Logo design, Graphic Design, Website Design & Internet marketing services in India & surrounding areas. Professional website designers will provide you unique and creative design.

5 | LogoPeople India

Business – Logo Design, Brochure Design & Packaging Design | Website – |

LogoPeople India is an India based graphic design studio. Ggraphic design studio provides branding, logos, website design, packaging, print collateral, such as brochures, promotional items, annual reports.

6 | Niyati Technologies

Business – Branding & Creative, Digital Solutions, Web Solutions & Mobility Solutions | Website – |

Niyati Technologies, talented team of logo designers in India will work directly with you to create a unique logo that works for your business. It’s easy and affordable.

7 | WebGuru

Business – Website Design and Development, Mobile App Development & Ecommerce Website | Website – |

WebGuru a creative bunch of Graphic & Web Design Brampton,Canada, Web Development, Branding with Logo, Brand Design India & Logo Design Company India.

8 | CrowdStudio

Business – Logo Design, Business Card Design | Website – |

CrowdStudio provides Digital Marketing services to grow your company: Social Media, Logo Design, Web Design, WordPress, SEO, Adwords, and Graphic Design.

9 | Nextscreen

Business – Website Design, Website Development & Online Marketing | Website – |

Nextscreen, India graphic design studio Swerve specializes in engaging online experiences that move people. We do 3 things: Website Design, Print Design, Logo Design.

10 | iMedia

Business – Logo Design & Website | Website – |

iMedia is a top rated Custom Logo Design & Graphic Company in India. We provide affordable and professional logo design services to clients.


Best Logo Design Services by Custom Logo Design Company in India

Best Custom Logo Design Services by Business Logo Design Company in India. Get New Company Logo Design in India for your Corporate logo from our Professional Logo Designer. Professional logo design service in India. Get creative concepts, 100% money back guarantee and dedicated design team.

Affordable and Professional Logo Design Company in India – Get a custom logo design for your business by the top logo designers with unlimited revisions from One Logo Design.


Digi Web Art believes in rendering quality logo design services packed with creativity, dedication, and perfection. With resounding experience and innumerable recognitions we hold a premium spot as a leading online creative agency that does not just make logos but brands! Our logo designers can help you create a superbly crafted logo with their designer skills, a complete responsive website, mobile application and other marketing collateral. We do not have logo designers but complete digital branding professionals to help you attain a glowing spot on the internet.

Graphic Designer Portfolio

How to Make a Graphic Designer Portfolio

How to Make a Graphic Designer Portfolio: Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

The graphic design is a communicative design that uses art, colors, and text to communicate an idea with visually appealing effect. It is a visually stunning art with purpose that involves systematic planning to achieve an objective using the images, symbols and graphics. The aesthetic expression of the concepts in used widely in various industry to capture the attention of the people. The graphic design institute in Jaipur aims to find the people with creative mind and nurture them to become great graphic designers.

Creative Mind with Artistic Inclination

People who have keen observation skills along with artistic penchant can become good graphic designers. The analytical thinking is one of the essential qualities to study graphic designer. The graphic designing courses in Jaipur will take care of the rest. It provides complete freedom to the students to tap their creativity and use the physical tool to create an impressive visual. The students will learn various methods to combine art and technology to create a stunning piece of work that can allure people. They use the following tools to bring life to an idea;

  • Sketchpad: It is the traditional tool to sketch the ideas roughly with the pen.
  • Tablet: The improvement in technology has paved way to the modern tools like tablets that expands the creative horizons of the designers and maintains the sketchpad feel.
  • Software: Software like Photoshop and illustratorcan add special effects to the art to enhance the effects of the photographs.

Uses of Graphic Design

The graphic designers have a myriad of options as there are countless opportunities available in the industry. The graphic designing courses will equip the students with skills that will enable them to venture into different fields in the industry like;

  • Creative Director: Students with focused mind can become the creative director of a team that creates visual for product branding and advertising.
  • Art Production Manager: The graphic designing courses in Jaipur will give necessary training for the students to manage the production area of art to lower their cost effectively.
  • Art Director: The art directors manage the illustrators and production artists to ensure timely completion of projects.
  • Package Designer: A package designer creates designs for packaging of product to market them successfully.
  • Visual Image Developer: Exclusive designs are created using the 3D modelling, image editing, and photography.
  • Logo Designer: Company/ brand logo is the identity of a business, so it is designed to carry creativity and message.
  • Illustrator: The graphic design institute in Jaipur will cultivate skills in students to represent the ideas through 2D and 3D images.
  • Multimedia Developer: They can add images, sounds, and design to create animation videos that can blow people’s mind.
  • Web Designer: They are an integral part of the internet business world as they integrate layout, graphics, and information pages to create high-quality websites.

The graphic design institutes in India will enhance the skills of the students to make them adept to the industry standards. The graphic designer portfolio of students will have eye-catching works that will entice everyone. The graphic designing training courses will help the student make a niche in the designing industry with the latest courses that suits the needs of the industry.

Graphic Design Companies in Jaipur
Graphic Design Companies in Jaipur

Top 10 Best Graphic Design Companies in Jaipur

Here is a list of Top 10 Graphic Design Companies in Jaipur

These are the best companies and service offering include printing, logo & graphic designer in India from Jaipur, web design, development, digital printing, branding, digital marketing etc.


✓Agriculture & Farming ✓Apparel & Fashion ✓Atomobile & Auto Parts ✓Ayurvedic & Herbal ✓Books & Stationery ✓Chemical Website Designing ✓Computer & Electronic ✓Education Website Designing ✓Entertainment ✓Energy & Power ✓Environment ✓Food Products & Beverages ✓Furniture Website Design ✓Gifts & Handicrafts ✓Granite Business ✓Health & Beauty Website ✓Industrial Supplies ✓IT & Telecom Services ✓Hotels & Restaurants ✓Jewellery Website ✓Kitchen Utensils & Appliances ✓Leather Goods Website ✓Machines & Equipments ✓Medical Website ✓Marble Business ✓Milk Products ✓Metals, Alloys & Minerals ✓Natural Stones Website ✓Office Supplies & Stationery ✓Paper Products ✓Printing & Publishing ✓Security Products ✓Sports Goods Website ✓Tours & Travels ✓Transportation & Logistics ✓Telecom Equipment & Goods ✓Textiles & Fabrics ✓Toys & Games Website.

Best Logo & Graphic Design Services Company, Agency and Famous Logo Designer companies in Jaipur are listed here. Graphic Design & Logo services for all your various needs. Explore more!

1 | Digi Web Art

Corporate Office – Jaipur, Delhi, Mumbai, Varanasi, Meerut

Business – Graphic Design services, Digital Marketing, Web Design & development | Website – |

Digi Web Art is the professional brand consultants & graphic design company in Jaipur, India that offers Wall Art,Logo Design, Visiting cards design, Conceptual Designs, Digital Artist, Catalogue design, Wedding cards design, Book Cover design, News paper Ad design, Packaging Design, Banner Design, Standee Design, Stationery Design, Flyer Design, Restaurant Branding, Real estate Brochure Designing and Product Presentation by best experienced graphic designers in Jaipur.

2 | Sacred Fig Design

Corporate Office – Jaipur

Business – Logo Design and Graphic Design Service | Website – |

Searching for best Graphic Designer in Jaipur? Sacred Fig Design is the Graphic Design Company of Jaipur, India for you. See Graphic Design Portfolio itself explains about Graphic Designing services.

3 | Dot ‘N’ Dash Graphics

Corporate Office – Jaipur

Business – Logo Design, Internet Marketing & Web Designing | Website – |

Dot ‘N’ Dash Graphics is a Graphic Design & UI Design Services Company providing artistic and professional graphic and UI design that focus on visual communication.

4 | Graphicstudio

Corporate Office – Jaipur

Business – Logo Design, Website Design | Website – |

Garphic Studio is a graphic design studio in Jaipur that works with organizations of every kind. Graphic Studio functions like a workshop – projects are opened up, examined, problems identified, serviced, modeled and then presented in a compelling manner.

5 | Kool Studios

Corporate Office – Jaipur

Business – Logo Design, Brochure Design & Packaging Design | Website – |

Kool Studios, Graphic design can often make or break a good communication concept. Therefore we build our creative services around your needs, specialising in graphic designs for small-medium businesses.

6 | IMG Global Infotech

Corporate Office – Jaipur

Business – Branding & Creative, Digital Solutions, Web Solutions & Mobility Solutions | Website –|

IMG Global Infotech is Jaipur based Web Design & Graphic Company, offering best Web Designing, Web Development, WordPress, eCommerce, Logo Design for low cost in Jaipur, India.

7 | Xpert Net Technologies

Corporate Office –  Jaipur

Business – Web Design &  Development, Mobile App Development & Ecommerce Website | Website – |

Xpert Net Technologies is one of the leading Graphic Designingn Company offering Mobile App, eCommerce , Google AdWords, Software Development & SEO services in India.

8 | Dreams Soft Technology Jaipur

Corporate Office – Jaipur

Business – Logo Design, Business Card Design | Website – |

Dreams Soft Technology-Graphic Designing Company in Jaipur, delivers all brand designing solutions including Package Design, Logo Design, shop branding and brochure designing.

9 | Mr. P Media Works

Corporate Office – Jaipur

Business – Website Design, Website Development & SEO, SMO Marketing | Website – |

Mr. P Mediaworks is a leading digital advertising and marketing consultancy of Jaipur, Rajasthan, offering unparalleled services in Social Media Marketing, Branding, Graphic Design & web.

10 | JPR Infotech

Corporate Office – Jaipur

Business – Logo Design & Website | Website – |

JPR Infotech : Best Graphic Designing Company and Agency in India, Jaipur. are the leading service providers of Creative Graphic Design in Jaipur. Offers professional Website design, Web development, Graphic designing, Internet marketing & SEO Services.