6 Funniest Myths about Logo Designing

6 Funniest Myths about Logo Designing

Logo designing is considered to be one of the most creative work as it requires a great deal of imagination and artistic nature to create a perfect logo design. Apart from the unique thoughts and inventive brain, a lot of designing skills and knowledge are also required to create a classic logo design. It is unlikely that a person just woke up one day and decides to become a logo designer. In the real world, things don’t roll like this; a professional logo designer becomes an expert by following a proper channel.

There are many logo designer agency Dubai that only hires the best and the professional logo designers to work them; someone who has the vivid knowledge about logo designing. It is hard to find a single non-talented logo designer working in the reputable logo designer agency Dubai. Just because the big companies are aware of the significance of the logo designing they avoid hiring the rookies to do the important job.

Myths That Revolves Around About Logo Designing

In spite of logo designing being a very strong pillar of the graphics designing realm, it is still followed by so many myths that are indeed very interesting to read or hear about.

Following are some of the most amusing myths about the logo designing.

1. A Logo Design Must Be Able to Tell The Working of The Company

It is believed that the logo designs must have the hidden message in it or must have to tell the story of the company, whereas in reality it is not needed at all. There are many famous brands that are too simple to say anything about the nature of business of the company.

2. A Logo Design Must Be Pictorial or Symbol Based

Many people have this thought that the logo design should have any picture, shape, or symbol in the design to make it notable among the public, which is also a false story. There are a lot of huge brands that are either wordmark or lettermark logo designs but still they manage to hit the market well and have the customers flooding in.

3. A Logo Should Be Designed Following the Industry Styles

Another misconception about the logo designing is that it should be created following the usual industry trend to make it a count. This myth can only be acceptable to the extent where the colors or typography is involved because there are some colors that are limited for some particular industries and their use in any other industry would be considered incorrect. Other than the colors and fonts aspect there is no other limitation of following the typical industrial style to design a logo.

4. A Logo Design Should Be Adored By Everyone

People or many companies, in fact, expect that the logo that is designed for the branding has to be likable by everyone, which is not even faintly possible, as there are critics out there as well, and where there is competition there is certain animosity as well.

5. A Logo Design Must Be Created to Exist Forever

Some companies or people individually have this impression that a logo has to be timeless, and must work out for eternity. Apparently, they haven’t observed that even the most prominent companies like Apple Inc. and Coca-Cola have their logo designs changed and modified from time to time. The theme of the design has to be the same, but it surely needs alteration and revision after a certain time period.

6. A Logo Design Does Not Have a Very Significant Role In Creating the Name of The Brand

Most of the companies, especially the small startup business have this delusion that a logo design is only the important factor in building up the reputation of the brand, and that a perfect logo design will have tons of customers rolling in and it will help to increase the conversion rate of the brand. All of this is nothing less than a big fallacy. Quality is equally important to create the worth of the brand rather than just relying on the logo design of the company. It is true that logo design attracts a person, but the quality is something that makes them a customer and helps the brand to gain more profit.

Ways to Design a Logo That Leaves a Lasting Impression

Ways to Design a Logo That Leaves a Lasting Impression

Logo designing has become a matter of immense creativity. Nearly every brand is focusing to build a logo, and the best ones are looking for ways to create a logo that stands apart from others. In case, you are seeking to build a logo for your brand, then there are some ways to create a memorable logo design. You need to understand that logo design has become more than just drawing circles and coming up with something out of it. If you really worthy money, then you will be doing much more.

Undeniably, a large number of people in the industry are creating tedious logo designs for different websites. So, how do you build a professional logo design that stays ahead of the curve and makes your business thrive among the competitors. Read along to discover more:


Color & Uniqueness

Among the vital considerations for a logo design is the usage of any specific color palette. It is not a shallow decision, as color can carry ideas and concepts. Many times, a person is attached towards a particular color of a brand. However, people have freedom to choose any color. For instance, the red color in Coke instantly pulls attention, brining life to the bottle and providing its theme with a lively essence. Having said, a logo designer should remember that a great logo is often versatile, meaning that it will be impactful even in the grayscale.

You need to remember that a logo design can be utilized for different purposes. In addition, a designer should focus to avoid any cliché. He should stay updated with the modern trends revolving around the logo design. Creating a great logo design can boost your digital marketing strategy. In essence, it is quite frustrating to utilize similar logo design ideas over and over again. Interestingly, coming up with a design that no one else use can help you in creating a lasting impression among the audience’s mind.


The Double Entendre Technique

Some logo designers leverage the power of technique called visual double entendre. It is serves as a fancy way to describe that a logo includes a couple of images blended in one clear interpretation of an idea. This technique can come into handy in making a wise and memorable logo design. Viewers simply love the mind game that a designer plays with this type of logo design, as the logo can represent different things from different angles, creating more suspense.

Apart from this, a logo should be Ownable. Having said, a logo design should emit traits of a specific brand. Instead of following a herd and utilizing the same design, you should come up with something unique and exclusive to your brand values. For instance, the Apple’s logo has an Apple, but with a byte at the corner. This makes the logo memorable for the audience.

As you design a logo, you should consider that whether you should make is unique or common like others. It is obvious that many competitor will try to create something similar. You should understand that the initial ideas that you come up might be similar to other logo designs. Thus, you should fetch a paper and start sketching multiple logo designs before settling on one.


Custom Logo Design & Simplicity

Since logo designers are on the verge to be distinct, nothing can provide a logo design with a distinct feel other than the custom lettering. We might view logo design as a trip to font menu to ensure what typeface makes the company name appear best. In case, anyone is paying you to design a logo, then you should put in more efforts.

In reality, not everyone can create a fantastic logo design in few moments. Just because a person is a designer does not makes him/her magician who can bring a Custom Logo design with a stoke of wand. If this is the case for you, then nothing can stop you from creating a fantastic logo design.

The best thing you can do is keeping everything simple as possible. You can prove to be the best icon in the test of time by bringing up a simple logo design that is powerful by nature. For instance, consider the Audi’s logo; it doesn’t have any super car, engine, or headlamps, but simple 4 circles. It is yet unforgettable.


Final Words

In this article, we have revealed the best ways to create a logo design that creates a lasting impression among the audience’s mind. If you have any other way for creating a great logo design, then feel free to mention and add value to this article.


Author Bio:

Gerry Wilson is a technology freak and a passionate blog writer who loves to write about technology/Apps/Business related articles. Follow him on Twitter for further details.


Logo Designing

Design Options for Outstanding Logo Designing

A company who wants to have an effective logo design should choose to do a thorough research on logo designing. Same goes for the people who are skilled with graphic designing tools and want to have a career in logo designing. Designing a logo needs you to be creative, critically aware of what works in the market, and have the understanding of technicality of logo designing. With all three of these, business owners can make their own designs online with designing tools available on the web.

There is a range of characteristics and types of logos that can be chosen to represent a business. However, the designer have to make suitable choices according to the trends, business suitability, and other specifications and priorities of the brand for which they are designing. Inspiration for a logo is the first thing that is needed for a design and this is the inspiration that drives your decisions in logo designing. There are several resources to have inspiration and online browsing is one of them.

If you are designing individually by using an online app, you can check out templates on the online designing apps before getting started. You can look for specified logo designing apps for suitable designs. Example given, if you are willing to have a logo for your sports team, you can look for sports logo maker by putting in this as keywords in the search bar.

After having an idea or inspiration in your mind you need move ahead and start the real work. Here is a list of characteristics that you can keep in mind while designing your logo for coming up with an amazing design.

Simplicity is the Key                                     

Simplicity is one characteristic that makes a logo appear decent and well-grounded.  The temporariness of notorious and trendy designs can be balanced with the simplicity as it makes the design elegant. The designs with cleaner look appeal the eyes and draws attention as they are easier to be comprehended.

Illusions and Conceptuality of the Design                                    

When a designer chooses to design the logo with extraordinary creativity, they automatically enhance the brand identity. Creative designing make the audience associate many positive traits with the logo and the brand such as intelligence and assertion. Visual illusions in design are one way of exhibiting creativity and conveying the ideas with more proficiency. Visual illusions are eye catching as well as classy in their appearance and this is why many brands choose this design.

Designs that Make Negative Space Advantageous

Using negative space to add value to your design is a witty idea and many designers do that. FedEx is a good example as the logo of FedEx has this forward arrow formed with a blank space between the letters ‘E’ and ‘X’. This strengthens the concept and brings more power to the design and the brand identity simultaneously. There are many creative ways of using the negative space effectively in order to keep the design simple and conceptually magnificent.

Designs with Overlapping of Shapes and Color Hues

Logos are small in size and yet they are needed to be filled with concepts and ideas to be effective. Logo designers have invented designs that will express abstractions and complex ideas of the businesses in an effective manner to the audience. Overlapping of different basic shapes and color hues provides designers with an opportunity to fill a simple logo design with layered ideas. Significant combinations of colors and shapes can deliver complex ideas in a minimalistic, elegant, and engaging way.

Color Logo Trends

Colors are considered one of the most influential aspect of a logo design. The first thing that our brains perceive when looking at a logo design are colors. Imagine seeing a blurred version of a logo of Mc’Donald or KFC. Will you not be able to recognize it? Most people will easily recognize it because of the fact that our brain remembers color combinations more effectively than it does the design itself. However, colors are needed to be utilized with effective techniques to create first-rate outcomes.

One suggestion that you should follow while picking colors for your logo design is to choose minimum colors, unless and until picking multiple colors has something to do with the concept that you want to convey. Too many colors can be distractive and thus, can cause a logo failure. Mono-colored logos are also a good choice as they are elegant and associate the brand with the color.

These are a few tips regarding logo designing that you can use for creating effective logo designs. Remember not to overdo your logo design and make sure that your designs are scalable and versatile. That is, they are easy to fit in at different marketing platforms including your product packaging and brand’s websites.


Best Logo Design Software

The Best Logo Design Software to Use in 2019

The success behind various businesses depends on multiple factors such as superior quality standards of a service or product. A brand needs a unique identity that should be recognizable anywhere. The brand identity can be built through a fantastic logo. Let it be the Audi, McDonald, or any other brand, all have a distinct logo.

Best Logo Design SoftwareIf you want to build a logo for business, then different graphic packages can help you with superior logo creation experience. To design logos, you can utilize the preferred the vector graphic, as it allows a logo to be scaled to different sizes, without facing a compromise on quality. With the right program at your side, you can create a logo that looks stunning on a business card and billboard.

Following are some of the best logo design software that offers a fantastic logo creation experience. Read along to reveal everything:


Affinity Designer

Logos are designed through utilizing vector graphic editors as they allow the graphics to be scaled without facing compromise on quality. However, at many instances, you will require to create elements in a logo utilizing the raster editor. Affinity Designer is the preferred solution.

When talking about the best features of this tool, it can switch between the vector and raster environment instantly. You can apply layers of adjustment, through utilizing different blending models, without leaving the software. Be it the illustration, icons, or concept art, Affinity Designer works best for many things. The software supports nearly every formats, profiles, and vivid glamor.

The software features a well-built pen tool that allows you to create curves with astounding skills. In addition, the software provides a user with different customizable shapes. The window stabilizers help in building smooth curves through using different freehand tools. You can combine different shapes through utilizing Boolean operations.

This tool supports the leading image and vector files, counting on the full-layer PSDs. More features have custom workspace, asset management panel, spell check and much more.


Adobe Illustrator

Adobe’s solutions are adapted as the superior standard tool for image creation tasks. If you are seeking for the superior logo design tools, then you can rely on the Adobe Illustrator. Packed with modern-day features, the Adobe Illustrator enables you to not only build enticing logos, but also create icons, and do much more. Keeping in view that Illustrator is a vector based graphic editor; logos are created in the software through using superior scales as per specific requirements.

The type tools can be used to include textual elements in the logos. You can add styles; edit characters, and effects for better controls. You can create your own logo free through using Adobe Illustrator. The software is considered as the best logo builder. Illustrator enables you to expand anchor points’ size and handle for hassle-free editing. You can blend data through using CSS files. The Puppet Warp feature enables you to create and modify graphic without adjusting the specific anchor points.

This software supports SVG OpenType fonts including the multiple transparencies, gradients, and colors. You can build different artboards, and choose as many as you can.



CorelDRAW has come a long way since its release. The software stands among the leading logo design tools. The vector editing tools enable you to design quality-rich logos; however, it is only one of the features. The program provides a user with a lot more than just the layout, graphic, illustration, and much more. The Symmetry drawing mood offered by the CorelDRAW allows you to build a broad range of symmetrical logo designs including plain shapes to kaleidoscopic effects.

The Block Shadow tool offered in the CorelDRAW enables you to include vector shadows to different objects. Moreover, you can align and distribute various nodes through utilizing the box for bounding of a particular selection or point. Through using the CorelDRAW pointillizer, you can create quality-rich vector mosaics in less time. The PhotoCocktail makes the creation of photo a breeze.

Among more features in CorelDRAW, there are color palettes, advance OpenType support, and a pre-built collection of royalty-free content along with a touch-friendly User Interface.



The AI is rapidly being adapted to build everything through using smartphone to virtual assistant. Logojoy utilizes the AI to help users in building a fantastic logo with least of the efforts. All you need to do is provide basic information about you, choose from the already created logos, and Logojoy will deal with all other things.


7 mistakes you should definitely avoid in Logo Design

7 mistakes you should definitely avoid in Logo Design

The most successful logos can be drawn by children freehand, because they are so memorable. Surely you want such a logo. But designing the best logo is anything but easy. If you avoid the following mistakes, you already have half the battle. Your logo will certainly not be a failure.

Error No. 1: Overloaded design

Many people, especially at the start of the business, think it’s good and include as many elements as possible in the logo design. The basic idea behind it is understandable: you want to address as broad a mass as possible and show what you can do. A fatal mistake, because the more the viewer has to remember, the harder it will be for him to remember it. So be sure to avoid an overloaded logo. The simpler the design and the less details it has, the better it can be memorized.

Error No. 2: Similarity to existing logos

Of course, there are countless logos, so there is the temptation to imitate a well-made and well-functioning logo. Do not succumb to this lure, because too similar a design or even a copy can lead to confusion and warnings. Freeloaders rarely have much success in this area and are also at great risk. If a logo is already registered as a trademark, the imitation can be expensive!

Rather, focus on uniqueness and stand out from your competitors.

Error No. 3: Wrong color choice

Often the assumption is wide, the more colors a logo has, the more noticeable and memorable it is. It may be more obvious, but not memorable. What remains in the minds is that the logo was colorful. Only a few can actually remember the individual colors.

The more colors are used, the greater the danger that the colors will not harmonize or form too weak contrasts. This can be fatal, because a good logo design must be well visible in black and white, but strong contrasts are important.

If you test your logo on different backgrounds, besides white and black also on colored and colorful, you can be sure that the logo will always be easily recognizable. Maybe the color logo cannot always be used, but the black and white version. Therefore prefer to use only one color. If there is no other way, please take a maximum of two more muted colors for support.

Moreover, you can try some of the best online logo design tools to make a finest logo with perfect color transitions.

Error No. 4: Unreadable font

Of course you want for his logo one, or even several, unusual fonts that stand out clearly from others. But beware! If a font is too playful or crooked, the text becomes almost unreadable. That can have devastating consequences, because what brings you the most beautiful picture mark, if no one can decipher the company name?

Even using several fonts seems rather restless than serious. So just choose a font that fits the logo, the company, the target group and the industry. That alone is a difficult task. Should a slogan also be integrated into the logo design, another easily legible font can be used. You should not use more than two fonts.

Also choose the font size fitting, i.e. in the correct proportion to the logo – if available. Here it is important to hit the narrow line between too small and too big a font.

Error No. 5: Logo design without concept

Just make it to your heart’s content. So you get the best ideas and can let the creativity run wild. That may be true, but if the end result then transports the desired message and appeals to the target group optimally? Think better in advance exactly who your target group is at all. Do not try to appeal to the masses, it rarely works.

Also determine which message you want to carry with your logo and which emotions your design should trigger. If you have defined your message and target group, you can search for a suitable symbol if a logo is desired. The emphasis is on “one” (see error No. 1).

Now it can finally start with the brainstorming and design. The best way to design a logo first only in black and white. Because as we now know, the logo must look good anyway.

When the design is up, color can come into play. Here you are spoiled for choice. Choose the color not only to your own taste, because each color has its own effect.

Error No. 6: Designing the logo as a layman

Now you know the grossest mistakes and can start to design your own logo design. Are you sure? Knowing the mistakes is one thing, the knowledge also professional to implement, a very different. Even if the budget is tight, which is just the case when starting to work independently, let me help you. There are many dos and don’ts in logo design. But knowing the basics is still enormously important. Otherwise you cannot judge the quality of the designs.

Error No. 7: Wrong format

Created in PowerPoint or Photoshop and saved as a JPG, the logo is completely sufficient. Wrong thought! Even if you cannot (yet) do anything with some formats, they are still necessary and useful. Because you probably do not know now, where you want to use the logo later everywhere. At the beginning maybe only on the website, the business cards and the stationery. But eventually there will also be a billboard or vehicle label. To be able to adapt the logo lossless to the required size, or even to be able to make changes, a so-called vector graphics, so an EPS or AI file is necessary. Even for the website, the JPG file alone will probably not be enough. More useful is a PNG file, because the logo in this format has a transparent background.


You now know the most important mistakes and can avoid them from the beginning, or at least in the future, to get a successful logo design or a successful redesign.

But before you storm the market directly with your logo, get more opinions. Ask next to your circle of friends and acquaintances directly with the target group, whether the logo design is well received. You can seek help from a free online logo maker and create a logo all by yourself in a much more professional manner. Be sure to take the feedback seriously. If the design is not appealing, it can greatly dampen your success. Although many may say that logo design is not critical, it does affect us unconsciously.


Logo Design is an Important Feature of Marketing Services

Logo Design is an Important Feature of Marketing Services

Even if the name of the brand weren’t incorporated in the logo, I’m sure 99% of the people population could recognize and name the brand. However, if worldwide recognition and global authority in your industry aren’t enough for you, here is five more reason why a logo is an essential feature of marketing service.

  1. Logo reveals your identity

Remember those days where cowboys branded cattle? They did that to imprint their ownership. Your brand logo should do the same thing. Embedded on your business card, products, and website, your brand’s logo imparts ownership. It should be like that it could tell the customers what type of goods or services you sell, who you are and what services you offer to your customers.

  1. 2.Logo invites new customers to get to know you

Time has changed; we don’t live in a black & white world anymore. People are more drawn towards compulsive design and color. The logo that imprints your package or enhances your shop front should be designed to hold interest and intensify the curiosity of your potential customers, encouraging them to look at least, and hopefully buy your product

  1. It separated you from competition

Particular logos come to portray specific industries.  A good logo defines who you are; however, it should differentiate you from everybody else. A good logo shall presume to be different.

  1. Accelerate brand loyalty

A company redesigns its logo from time to time, perhaps to overhaul their look or indict some corporate alteration.  As a customer, I never liked it. When I have become used to my most loved brands’ logo, and they decide to change it, I feel a little deceived. Brand loyalty is massive, and every business needs to boost. A familiar and recognizable logo has a more significant effect on establishing brand loyalty

  1. Putting your logo on all your marketing, social media, products, websites, helps in advertising your brand and information invariably. If you have established your brand message and successfully attached it to your logo, everything you do and produce becomes linked with the brand and the logo.

Logo design India is the best website for logo design as well as mobile app development in Jaipur. They specialize in designing logos, flyers, business cards and brochures. As a highly respected logo design company in India, they provide services at the most affordable rates.


How can a Custom Logo Digitizing Impact the Overall Identity of your Business?

A custom logo digitizing is made with the help of computerized designs and this process includes the artistic skills of digitizing in any designer. These logos are made by the people who are specialized in arts and who can prepare the professional digitizing logo easily.

In today’s time customized and embroidery design services are being very famous in corporate society. As these entrepreneurs are using such kind of custom logos for making their business identity. Despite the embroidery machines many of the organization are demanding the customized logo which is created with the help of digital designs. Most of the techniques that digital makes of logo use are imprinted from different designs booklet.

The Customization of any logo makes the identity for your business and distinguishes your name in the market. This digitizing of the logo makes your brand different and unique from your competitors. This is why it is important to implement such kind of strategy to make your business identity strong, with a flow of some important message in it. This customization of the logo makes your brand identity look different and convey your message directly to the customer. The daily usual uniform can bore the employee and as well it is not affecting the customer or brand in any way. Therefore it is important to implement some message or logo that will attract people and convey some kind of message in it. The brand identity of your business is portrayed in a strong way and also exhibits the values that your company is holding.

However, these logo designs make your business accepted in the society and will increase the awareness of your brand name. These kinds of logos make your business enhance with a good reputation. Digitizing is an answer that every customer ask for, as it consists of some message that builds integrated values between brand and customer.

These digitizing logos will refine the parameters of any product and it is created with the help of different digitizing software. This digitizing software will make the logo design with a constructed message in it. This makes the identity of any business become prominent and refines the reputation within the market through expanding the advertisement message in consumer’s mind.

The early organization and people used to demand the embroidery digitizing logo which makes the uniform become attractive but in today’s time, many of the business entrepreneurs prefer using custom logo digitizing for their products. The millennial entrepreneur loves to implement such kind of logos in their work and make their work prominent in front of their customers.

For this reason, many of the business prefer having these custom logos digitizing that exposes the work they do and also interpret the type of nature they implement while working. These logos represent the work that any organization is doing and how they are carrying out there work. These logos also carry some of the advertisement and marketing benefits that make the business identity grow rapidly.

Wrapping Up

EmPunch is an embroidery digitizing shop that offers the Professional Custom Logo Digitizing Services in USA.  Our company truly believes that custom logo digitizing is an art and can reflect some of the businesses with this art.

How To Choose The Right Logo For Your Business

How To Choose The Right Logo For Your Business

Are you someone who is embarking on a new venture, or someone who is thinking of venturing out on a business then my friend you have come to a right place. Answer this simple question to get going with the development of the business, what is the first thing that you notice about a product or a service? Is it a logo, right? A logo is arguably the most important part of the business. It showcases the business identity on every single platform it is displayed. Whether you are a start-up or an established organization, having a strong logo that promotes the business idea and the offerings you aim to make.

  • Striking Visuals

The logo in the present era is regarded as the cornerstone of the businesses. It is because it exhibits out the potential enclosed in it through the visuals. Choose a logo that grabs the user’s attention and intrigues them to read more about the brand. Focus on a logo that leaves an imprint on the individual’s mind, such a logo not only withholds attention but infinite potential as well.

  • Innovative Concept

If you think critically about the successful brand logos, we will notice that it is not the pictorial representation every time but the idea behind the logo, which has inspired and intrigued the individuals. Create a story to personalize it, and exhibit that story through the logo. People are attracted towards business who portray out a personal aspect of the business, as it helps to build a connection. Introducing a story behind the logo increases the attractiveness and helps create a lasting impact on the customers.

  • Balanced Color Theme

A logo which has been bombarded with color is often found to lack the cohesiveness of the business. Having a balanced color theme assist the business in enhancing the color which we feel is associated with our business. Balance the colors so that every color incorporated in the logo are blended smoothly portraying a positive business image. The color theme nurturance can also assist in choosing the right set of colors for the business logo.

  • The Right Font

Embody a font in the logo which completely compliments it. Having a clumsy logo not only mitigates the impact which the logo is supposed to have on the customer but also the business image. Be clear about the words you want be incorporate, the font style, size, and the alignment give every detail exceptional attention as it is the business identity we are talking about. Keep in consideration that the same logo is to be used in other mediums of the business such as invitation cards, business card and more, therefore make a decision with consideration to these as well.

  • Associate Emotion

Form a single cohesive image with exhibits out the emotion or sentiment you want your user to experience. A logo that affects the subconscious mind of the user is said to be more successful s these users are subconsciously inclined towards a certain logo which increases the probability of their association with the product.

Wrapping it up

A logo is the visual representation of the business identity. Being neglectful towards its can significant impact the progress and the sales it generates. Therefore, a logo design company should aim for a logo which grabs the user’s attention in an instant and communicate the business message effectively to the target audience.

Aliza is a professional logo designer working for the logo design agency in UAE. She designs logos and website for clients. She is associated with this company for 2 years and has 8 years of working experience as a designer in the market. You can follow her on FACEBOOK | TWITTER | LINKEDIN


logo design ideas for business

10 Creative Logo Design Ideas to Boost Your Business

If you want people talking about your business forte, then you need to focus on the logo design as it is the primary element that speaks about the organization with its visual appeal. It holds an important position from the business perspective. Innovative logo design will break the regular convention that will make it trendy. The most modern techniques in the art field can bring out new parameters that will stretch the boundaries of creativity. It will make an everlasting impression on the audience.

The trending creative logo design ideas that can make your business stand out from others are:-

  1. Line Art

A professional logo design can look stunning with the line art that is drawn using the pen tool in the Illustrator. It will create a clean and thin shaped logo design that will make your brand appealing to the customers.

  1. Impossible Shapes

If you have a think tank or creative house, then you can integrate the impossible shapes to your logo design. It is an edgy design that will give infinity to your logo style.

  1. Negative Space

The negative space is a simple touch that can transform the elegance of the logo design, so it is implemented widely by designers to create marvelous logos.

  1. Gradient Mesh

Gradient mesh can provide richness and depth to your logo as it will provide a gradient touch to your design.

  1. Dynamic Letterpress

While thinking about creative logo design ideas for business, you can implement the dynamic letterpress that gives shades to the design. It is a technique that gives immense depth to your brand logo design.

  1. Dual Impact

If you want your logo design to have complex, then you can opt for dual impact. It gives the double impression that will make your brand have a sophisticated appeal.

  1. Geometrical Designs

The geometrical abstract polygon style is adopted by many companies to design their logos.

  1. 3D designs in Two-Dimensional

The creative logo design ideas that are sweeping today is to have a 2D shape that has an impact of a 3D design.

  1. Overlap Technique

The logo design in Jaipur can use the overlap technique to create a stunning logo that can make the business look distinctive from others.

  1. Blends

Using the blends is one of the most trendy design ideas for a business as it will make the logos look classy yet elegant. In the technique, several lines are conjoined together to create an impressive shape.

As your business logo is an extension of what your business is and its mission, you need to create a masterpiece. Breaking the shell with out-of-the-box thinking can create masterpiece designs that are simple yet consistent. It will make the brand easily recognized as people can relate to it easier. A great logo is memorable that will give a good boost to your business venture. The creative logo design India will aid in branding your company that is considered as the valuable asset. It will build your brand among the customers to make it memorable and attractive. So, you can attract more customers to the brand and boost customer loyalty.

best logo design for educational institutes

3 Factors for the Coming up with a Great Logo Design for Educational Institutes

There are several factors that work in favor of a company for making it a successful one. The marketing aspect is one way through which companies can raise awareness about their product and turn them into a brand. Just look at the recent examples of big companies who have made sure to tweak their logos just a bit to make them look considerably good. VISA is a very good example of this so let me explain the changes to you.

best logo design for educational institutesIf you have noticed the old logo of VISA, it was VISA written in quite a dull blue color and the top left of V was yellowish in color. They have made sure to replace it with a simple VISA written in a bold blue that now give it a much fresher look.

What Good Logo Design can for Educational Institutes in Dubai?

There are many world-class educational institutes in Dubai with many international universities too. Students in Dubai can receive world-class education in many disciplines like computer science, arts, medicine, etc. In fact, the market here is crowded with institutes from all over the world and it is now the battle of survival and attracting students for the majority of such institutes.

Apt marketing is required from these educational institutes and their web design and logo design one of the important aspects along with good social media presence. A logo for an educational institute must be memorable and easy on the eyes. No gimmickry in design would work for such institutions as their target market is millennials who are the ones which can’t be fooled by a tweak in a famous logo.

Following are the top 3 aspects in this regard and any educational institute with the help of a Dubai Logo Design Company can come up with a logo successfully conveying its philosophy and message.

  1. A Simple Design

For any high school or university, a simple logo will always work as the design is for an institution rather than a product. A complex logo which is not easy to look at will not gel well with the image of an educational institute. Lots of colors and design that is complicated in nature will simply not work.

  1. Unique and Memorable

Just like the logos of famous brands of the world like Apple and Facebook, an educational institute must get a logo that is memorable. Ever wondered why people recognize a brand and all the related products to it by just looking at a logo? Because it is very memorable and offer something unique in design, topography and the overall message.

  1. Good use of White Space

White space is a design element that is helps a design stand out in the crowd. There is an element of surprise and for the viewers in such logo. Educational institutes do have the liberty to choose a logo with ample amount of white space and can experiment as their target market is not that large like a consumer product. Use of whitespace for high schools and universities can make a logo look innovative and not run-of-the-mill kind.

Final Word

I hope you will learn quite a few things from this blog about logo designing. Please use the comments section below for any feedback.

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