6 Funniest Myths about Logo Designing

6 Funniest Myths about Logo Designing

Logo designing is considered to be one of the most creative work as it requires a great deal of imagination and artistic nature to create a perfect logo design. Apart from the unique thoughts and inventive brain, a lot of designing skills and knowledge are also required to create a classic logo design. It is unlikely that a person just woke up one day and decides to become a logo designer. In the real world, things don’t roll like this; a professional logo designer becomes an expert by following a proper channel.

There are many logo designer agency Dubai that only hires the best and the professional logo designers to work them; someone who has the vivid knowledge about logo designing. It is hard to find a single non-talented logo designer working in the reputable logo designer agency Dubai. Just because the big companies are aware of the significance of the logo designing they avoid hiring the rookies to do the important job.

Myths That Revolves Around About Logo Designing

In spite of logo designing being a very strong pillar of the graphics designing realm, it is still followed by so many myths that are indeed very interesting to read or hear about.

Following are some of the most amusing myths about the logo designing.

1. A Logo Design Must Be Able to Tell The Working of The Company

It is believed that the logo designs must have the hidden message in it or must have to tell the story of the company, whereas in reality it is not needed at all. There are many famous brands that are too simple to say anything about the nature of business of the company.

2. A Logo Design Must Be Pictorial or Symbol Based

Many people have this thought that the logo design should have any picture, shape, or symbol in the design to make it notable among the public, which is also a false story. There are a lot of huge brands that are either wordmark or lettermark logo designs but still they manage to hit the market well and have the customers flooding in.

3. A Logo Should Be Designed Following the Industry Styles

Another misconception about the logo designing is that it should be created following the usual industry trend to make it a count. This myth can only be acceptable to the extent where the colors or typography is involved because there are some colors that are limited for some particular industries and their use in any other industry would be considered incorrect. Other than the colors and fonts aspect there is no other limitation of following the typical industrial style to design a logo.

4. A Logo Design Should Be Adored By Everyone

People or many companies, in fact, expect that the logo that is designed for the branding has to be likable by everyone, which is not even faintly possible, as there are critics out there as well, and where there is competition there is certain animosity as well.

5. A Logo Design Must Be Created to Exist Forever

Some companies or people individually have this impression that a logo has to be timeless, and must work out for eternity. Apparently, they haven’t observed that even the most prominent companies like Apple Inc. and Coca-Cola have their logo designs changed and modified from time to time. The theme of the design has to be the same, but it surely needs alteration and revision after a certain time period.

6. A Logo Design Does Not Have a Very Significant Role In Creating the Name of The Brand

Most of the companies, especially the small startup business have this delusion that a logo design is only the important factor in building up the reputation of the brand, and that a perfect logo design will have tons of customers rolling in and it will help to increase the conversion rate of the brand. All of this is nothing less than a big fallacy. Quality is equally important to create the worth of the brand rather than just relying on the logo design of the company. It is true that logo design attracts a person, but the quality is something that makes them a customer and helps the brand to gain more profit.

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