7 mistakes you should definitely avoid in Logo Design

7 mistakes you should definitely avoid in Logo Design

The most successful logos can be drawn by children freehand, because they are so memorable. Surely you want such a logo. But designing the best logo is anything but easy. If you avoid the following mistakes, you already have half the battle. Your logo will certainly not be a failure.

Error No. 1: Overloaded design

Many people, especially at the start of the business, think it’s good and include as many elements as possible in the logo design. The basic idea behind it is understandable: you want to address as broad a mass as possible and show what you can do. A fatal mistake, because the more the viewer has to remember, the harder it will be for him to remember it. So be sure to avoid an overloaded logo. The simpler the design and the less details it has, the better it can be memorized.

Error No. 2: Similarity to existing logos

Of course, there are countless logos, so there is the temptation to imitate a well-made and well-functioning logo. Do not succumb to this lure, because too similar a design or even a copy can lead to confusion and warnings. Freeloaders rarely have much success in this area and are also at great risk. If a logo is already registered as a trademark, the imitation can be expensive!

Rather, focus on uniqueness and stand out from your competitors.

Error No. 3: Wrong color choice

Often the assumption is wide, the more colors a logo has, the more noticeable and memorable it is. It may be more obvious, but not memorable. What remains in the minds is that the logo was colorful. Only a few can actually remember the individual colors.

The more colors are used, the greater the danger that the colors will not harmonize or form too weak contrasts. This can be fatal, because a good logo design must be well visible in black and white, but strong contrasts are important.

If you test your logo on different backgrounds, besides white and black also on colored and colorful, you can be sure that the logo will always be easily recognizable. Maybe the color logo cannot always be used, but the black and white version. Therefore prefer to use only one color. If there is no other way, please take a maximum of two more muted colors for support.

Moreover, you can try some of the best online logo design tools to make a finest logo with perfect color transitions.

Error No. 4: Unreadable font

Of course you want for his logo one, or even several, unusual fonts that stand out clearly from others. But beware! If a font is too playful or crooked, the text becomes almost unreadable. That can have devastating consequences, because what brings you the most beautiful picture mark, if no one can decipher the company name?

Even using several fonts seems rather restless than serious. So just choose a font that fits the logo, the company, the target group and the industry. That alone is a difficult task. Should a slogan also be integrated into the logo design, another easily legible font can be used. You should not use more than two fonts.

Also choose the font size fitting, i.e. in the correct proportion to the logo – if available. Here it is important to hit the narrow line between too small and too big a font.

Error No. 5: Logo design without concept

Just make it to your heart’s content. So you get the best ideas and can let the creativity run wild. That may be true, but if the end result then transports the desired message and appeals to the target group optimally? Think better in advance exactly who your target group is at all. Do not try to appeal to the masses, it rarely works.

Also determine which message you want to carry with your logo and which emotions your design should trigger. If you have defined your message and target group, you can search for a suitable symbol if a logo is desired. The emphasis is on “one” (see error No. 1).

Now it can finally start with the brainstorming and design. The best way to design a logo first only in black and white. Because as we now know, the logo must look good anyway.

When the design is up, color can come into play. Here you are spoiled for choice. Choose the color not only to your own taste, because each color has its own effect.

Error No. 6: Designing the logo as a layman

Now you know the grossest mistakes and can start to design your own logo design. Are you sure? Knowing the mistakes is one thing, the knowledge also professional to implement, a very different. Even if the budget is tight, which is just the case when starting to work independently, let me help you. There are many dos and don’ts in logo design. But knowing the basics is still enormously important. Otherwise you cannot judge the quality of the designs.

Error No. 7: Wrong format

Created in PowerPoint or Photoshop and saved as a JPG, the logo is completely sufficient. Wrong thought! Even if you cannot (yet) do anything with some formats, they are still necessary and useful. Because you probably do not know now, where you want to use the logo later everywhere. At the beginning maybe only on the website, the business cards and the stationery. But eventually there will also be a billboard or vehicle label. To be able to adapt the logo lossless to the required size, or even to be able to make changes, a so-called vector graphics, so an EPS or AI file is necessary. Even for the website, the JPG file alone will probably not be enough. More useful is a PNG file, because the logo in this format has a transparent background.


You now know the most important mistakes and can avoid them from the beginning, or at least in the future, to get a successful logo design or a successful redesign.

But before you storm the market directly with your logo, get more opinions. Ask next to your circle of friends and acquaintances directly with the target group, whether the logo design is well received. You can seek help from a free online logo maker and create a logo all by yourself in a much more professional manner. Be sure to take the feedback seriously. If the design is not appealing, it can greatly dampen your success. Although many may say that logo design is not critical, it does affect us unconsciously.


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