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Best SMS Marketing Tools To Grow Your Business

Mobile based messaging apps just like WhatsApp might have brought down value proposition of the age old Humble SMS, but the current ubiquity continues to remain unhindered for sure. Multiple studies and from so many sources have recently pointed out that text messages are always best performing from of marketing channels with over 98% of open rate and with around 36% of the click through rate. If you ever compare this with email marketing where even a mere 25% of open rate is considered good, then you might understand the difference involved.

But even though almost all forms of businesses will engage in email marketing, there are fewer options, mainly the local ones, which will take SMS marketing to be quite serious in this regard. One major reason is always the lack of awareness related to the kind of software tools available and used for automating SMS based marketing needs. The online market is proud to address best ever SMS marketing tools, which are available in the present market now.

First chance is the Hubbion:

The first tool which might catch up your mind has to be Hubbion. It is also stated to be a multi channelized marketing based automation tool, designed for smaller and medium businesses. This tool will always let users to reach out to contact list over multiple platforms like MMS, SMS, fax, email, voice and even postcards for a change.

  • Apart from the noted multi-channel aspect of this tool, there are some other reasons on why you will find this automation tool to be at the top of the SMS marketing list.
  • At first, this tool comes with a sophisticated form of automation system, which will help the buyers to customize the outgoing response and engagement, depending on the incoming text messages.
  • On the other hand, it is always easier on wallet and will not require any monthly subscription, which is another plus point of Hubbion.
  • Users have the right now to buy credits, which will not expire and it will cost you somewhere between 2 and 3 cents for sending one message out in the market. You can further use the tool to create text to donate and grow your charitable firms in no time.

Enger is the next one to deal with:

Enger is always stated to be a pure play SMS based marketing tool. It is vital for businesses, which are mainly looking for ways to create some of the best SMS marketing lists.

  • It will help the businesses to embed lead capture forms on the said website and can also schedule future messages to the said audiences.
  • On the other hand, this tool comes handy with the art of mobile web customization. Furthermore, it comes with easy un-subscription services and even real time analytics.
  • When compared to Hubbion, there are two major differences you will come across. At first, this is always stated to be a dedicated MS marketing platform, which is not the case with Hubbion. On the other hand, users might have to subscribe to monthly subscription fee. It will start from $10 per month.

Next is the Texting Base:

The main aim of the SMS marketing tool for the small businesses is to create an establish connections with the said target groups and follow up with a proper personally until they are almost ready to buy.

  • The features of these items comprise of scheduled messaging, personalized form of SMSs and even contact management.
  • This tool is designed to help you keep proper track of the birthdays of the contacts, along with their anniversaries and holidays to wish them on the specified days. It helps in establishing a connection at the personal level.
  • On the other hand, you can further categorize them by their said locations for sending out some of the location based messages to the needful people out there for sure.
  • This tool is made to be suitable for the sales executives and will have a starting price of around 4 cents, noted for every message sent.

Time for the First Hive:

This form of SMS marketing tool is suitable for those businesses which have larger opt-in lists, in thousands. The service will help the customers well in crafting email SMS and even social media based marketing campaigns, through some of their platforms.

  • Other than helping you out in creating and sending social messages, email or SMS, this First Hive will also come up with basic reporting dashboard. It helps in understanding the current effectiveness of the said campaigns.
  • Apart from the free trial which comes with 30 days’ time, this source will cost users somewhat around $2 per month, when billed annually, and makes it rather possible to reach out to multiple subscribers, in 10,000.
  • If you check out the annual bill and the larger base of subscribers, the product is only your value for money with lots of opt-in subscribers for the current SMS marketing based channel.

Mozeo by your side:

Mozeo happens to be one of the relatively and popular example of the SMS marketing tool as available in this current market today. This tool is more or less similar to Hubbion and will let users to buy some credits to send SMSs.

  • But, you need to commit in buying certain volume of messages for getting them right at some cheap prices.
  • The field of SMS marketing with this tool starts at 3 cents per message.
  • Other than the ability to broadcast messages, users will have ability to send email messages and even filter mobile keywords for the field of automation and some landing pages.
  • However, you should remember that Mozeo will focus on the USA and Canada regions and will not cover global sector like other tools as mentioned in list.

Going through these discussions might have given you the proper information on the best SMS tools you need to use for the SMS marketing services for smaller businesses. You need to know more about it.


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