how to gain followers on instagram in 2018

Here, How to Gain Followers on Instagram in 2018

How to gain followers on Instagram in 2018

Instagram is one of the most powerful social media platforms. The popular channel has attracted not only common people to post their amazing pictures but also a range of businesses to get visibility and recognition amongst a larger audience. This is the reason, with 50% following brands, Instagram has more than 1 billion monthly users. That’s a pretty impressive number! Having a significant number of followers on your profile is the proof of you being a reliable name the industry. Your followers reflect the quality of the content you post and the brand engagement you possess. However, with the ever changing algorithm of Instagram, getting more followers and maintaining them has become a difficult task for the users. To conquer more followers on the channel, you will be needing more efforts and tactics. Indeed there are sources which offer real and cheap Instagram followers beneficial for business expansion, you must also have an idea to attract more followers and eventually potential customers. Below are some effective ways in which you can get real Instagram followers.


Storytelling Never Fails


To be honest, a social media platform like Instagram is about communicating with the audience through pictures and stories. The audience there is least interested in noticing and reading any long message you want to convey. Thus, your account should be inspiring enough to make the viewers take actions instantly. Captivating images and videos must be posted. Embrace a storytelling approach to connect better and increase your brand engagement. Besides, you can also share user-generated content that resembles with your brand and connects well with your purpose.

Convey Accurate Message through Video Subtitles


Video has become a popular and more acceptable method to impress people with their offerings on Instagram. Numerous users now prefer video with subtitle as most of them don’t enable sound while watching a video. This is why more and more marketers are using subtitles to establish the right connect with the audience. People like more stuff where the visuals along with subtitles are used. According to a research by Facebook, 12% more views can be achieved by using captions on videos. So next time, don’t forget to add subtitles for improved engagement. Try out this to get real Instagram followers increasing the engagement.


Make Your Account Work for You


Before jumping to advanced techniques for attracting more real cheap Instagram followers, pay attention to the basics. Core areas like your profile, images, brand tone etc. must be maintained. A critical thing is to offer clarity, consistency, and creativity for effective brand awareness. Start with a roadmap that includes important practices and processes for creating brand awareness. Make sure you follow a pattern in your images that reflect a unique style of the brand. Interact better with fresh images and clear hashtags. Delivering quality work is the key! Do it and then see turning your followers’ numbers.


Hashtag Game on Point


A right hashtag use is as important as the post you are showing with your audience. One must use the best hashtags to come top in the search bar. If you are using common hashtags like #fashion or #photography, it is going to sink your post to the bottom. To get real Instagram followers, kickstart your creativity by using a mix of hashtags to connect with the targeted audience. Play with hashtags that are trending and go well with your niche-specific values. Also, don’t stuff the area under a caption with many hashtags while Instagram only allows up to 30 hashtags. Ample of hashtags are unnecessary and will make you look unprofessional. One great way is to look at the hashtags and their volumes your competitors are using. You can make some changes in them and can make your brand visible.


Tie up with a Market Influencer  


This is a great step to creating brand authenticity via Instagram. You need to contact an authoritative voice with which you can spread your message to a larger audience. Influencer marketing is becoming a great support to establish yourself as a key player on social media. Partnering with independent voices to help your brand authenticity is get real Instagram followers. However, it is not going to be an easy task. Make sure that you create an influencer strategy for effective outcomes. Run a short trial campaign for getting to know about the results. You must know what tools, resources, and guidance are needed by the influencers that can stand you at the top.


Timing Matters the Most


With the changing algorithm of Instagram, it is recommended to stay updated with your offerings plus know timings when to post and how often should you post pictures on your account. Running with the right timings, you can attract much crowd and increase the engagement. The best time to create a post is much dependent on the type of audience you are targeting. According to recent studies, 2 am and 5 pm EST is the common time when most of Instagram users stay active. Thus, it’s an ideal time to post if you are targeting the international audience. On the other hand, between 9 am and 6 pm EST is the worst time to share your pictures which will affect your brand engagement. Besides, for targeting the local crowd, go for posting before working hours i.e. 9 am or after 5 pm. Post on right timings and attract the right audience.


Collaborate with Other Accounts to Post Your Content


Value your audience and you can have more. When talking about increasing Instagram followers, it’s vital to be present in front of their eyes and interact with them. Try not only being available on your Instagram but also in others accounts too. Co-marketing plans and marketing collaborations to share your content with their audience is a great idea. You can start with Instagram contests to make your brand visible to the wide audience. Also, you can sponsor user-generated posts to get your name in the user’s feed and catch their attention. Make sure your content has value and everything else will follow easily. With much visibility, make the audience take interest in your brand and you can have a strong support of followers.


Social media is powerful. With the right content, the right attitude, and best timings, you can establish your name as a strong player in your niche. A platform like Instagram is there to build followers and offer an engaging content to them. Whether you use the platform for getting personal recognition or a business profile looking for attracting potential customers. Buy1000Followers is the perfect place to get cheap Instagram followers for variable business size. Besides, with the insights mentioned above, acquire more followers and build a reliable name on Instagram.


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