How a Good Hosting Provider Can Help You to Grow Your Blog

How a Good Hosting Provider Can Help You to Grow Your Blog

How a Good Hosting Provider Can Help You to Grow Your Blog?


In today’s time having a blog is one of the very essential factors for growing your business worldwide. It is amazing to know that today around 10 millions of blog are present on the internet and still growing day by day. Why is the reason that blogging has become a trend today?. The reason of having a blog is that it comes with a number of benefits such as be it your business or your idea, you have an enormous potential to interact with users from all over the world as this generation is of technology.

A blog is a place where you share information, idea, services, products etc. You are not limited within an area or region to grow. However, the most important factor in growing a blog is its hosting provider. If your hosting is not suitable for handling large traffic, speed, database management.

Imagine you have designed an attractive blog for interacting and planning to grow your business but you have chosen a cheap web hosting plan because you didn’t have any idea what to look web hosting plans. then you start noticing that your blog is loading very low,  most of the time your blog is down and because of this you are not getting the results you expected.

So let me clear this why it is very important to choose the right and best web hosting provider to benefit your blog to grow. Here I will tell you why it is important to select the correct hosting provider. So, stick till the end.

Web hosting Factors Affecting the growth of a blog

There are certain things which affect the growth of a blog and they are listed below.

1) Bandwidth:  who don’t know what is bandwidth is the let me tell you. bandwidth is the limit of traffic a web hosting server can hold easily on your blog. If you choose low bandwidth then when your blog is getting huge traffic then the servers fails to hold that much load and result in your blog down. So I recommend you to choose an unlimited bandwidth plan for your blog to keep it alive and provide the great user experience. I’d personally recommend you HostGator because it’s one of the cheapest hosting providers out there and on top of their regular prices & charges, you can go and grab this exclusive HostGator Coupon Code 75 OFF!.

2)  Storage: Storage is the other factor affecting the load time of your blog.  If the storage is less on your plan then you will have limited space to store data of users, blog data any other kinds of stuff. Many of the good web hosting providers offer unlimited storage space which is very great for your blog to store data on the server.

3) Type of server:  In web hosting, there are few variations in the plans and servers. they are shared hosting, VPS hosting and cloud hosting. You have to choose your servers according to the requirement of your blog. If your blog is for small purpose and believe you will not get huge traffic then shared hosting will be okay for you, and if your blog gets monthly traffic more than 100k then you should choose VPS or cloud hosting. Today cloud hosting is becoming the best choice for every business companies for their blog.

4) customer support: Just selecting the right plan is not enough in the field of technology you will definitely face any problem in your hosting servers or maybe some other reason then you will need to the customer support team to solve your issue. So it is important to look for 24×7 customer support.

5) SSL certificate: SSL certificate is a certificate of trust of your website or blog which is provided to your website after verification. Nowadays many hosting providers offer free SSL certificate with the purchase of any basic packages.

6) Cpanel: You will need to manage your site every-time so you need a user-friendly management system which will be easy to use and the interface should be simple.

7) site builder:  Today most of the hosting companies provide site builder to build your site in just a few minutes and can choose from 1000 of free themes for your blog. This feature has now cut the need of doing programming for building your website theme and now you just have to choose your favorite theme and then your site is ready to go live.

So, now you know which are the important factors for a blog and mow we will see how a good web hosting is essential for the growth of your blog.

A good web hosting package will provide many benefits for your blog .you will have unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage, so then you will not need to worry if your blog will hit huge traffic and to store the user cookies on the servers because of the unlimited plan. And on the other hand, if you had chosen a cheap 1GB bandwidth and 1GB  storage which comes with basic plans. then I am guaranteed that when you will face errors even if you put lots of efforts on your blog.

Other factors are SSL certificate which is costly if you buy from the registrar and it will have to renew it every month. The benefit of a certificate is that whenever anyone will come to your blog then it will show privacy protected lock icon on the left side of the address bar. But when you don’t have one and someone access your blog then it will show warning of privacy and this is a turnoff for users as well as to the reputation of your blog. So this plays a very important factor in the growth of your blog.

So, you know why a good web hosting is important to grow your blog. I recommend you to buy HostGator web hosting which provides unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage space with a 30 days of Hostgator free trial and some extra features.

So here was the article on why a good hosting provider helps to grow your blog.

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