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5 Tips For Blog SEO Optimization Being In Position 1 Google

Getting the top spot in the King of Search Engines in a keyword is the dream of almost all of bloggers in the world. But many who despair because it is difficult to put all their blogs in the ideal position.

Honestly, I do not think too hard, not too easy and essentially just takes hard work and patience.

Let’s follow the top 10 tips collected by seo magnifier for blog SEO optimization for being in position 1 Google, let us refer to my review below:

1. The Right Keywords and Long Tail
To make a friend more articles on search engine friendly and user-friendly, my friend will probably need to target tail keywords for the article mate.

Competition long tail keywords are quite low and it would be very easy for my friend to get a good ranking in Google.

Buddy will get organic traffic with long-term targets and long tail keywords low competition.


  1. Create Unique Articles and quality
    The next step is to write unique and quality articles. In addition to keyword, placement is perfect place also need to write unique, lengthy, quality and user-friendly content.

    Google and other search engines like unique content and many tools e.g paraphrasing tool free which help you to find the related phrases that describes the real value and very helpful and satisfied the people/readers.

    3. Added Keywords In The Right Place
    Placement of the perfect keywords is imperative in order to allow search engine robots know about the targeted keywords. Buddy needs to include targeted keywords in the following phrase: 

Title: The page title is the most important SEO factor. Include main keywords in the post title is a must to make it SEO friendly and get good rankings.


Meta Description: Meta Description is what often appears as a snippet of text under the title of the article in Google’s position, so it will also help my friend to get a good ranking If These include the main keyword.


SEO Friendly URLs: My friend should also include the main keyword in the URL of my buddies to the URL of this article domain.com/keyword example. It will also help my friend to see about search engines relevant keywords.

4. Backlink Building
The backlink is one of the things that are important in today’s SEO optimization and every effort should be made to find backlinks from reputable sites or high quality.

Pal should know that the most important quality backlinks to get better rankings in the search engines, not quantity. NO QUANTITY, QUALITY YES

Relevancy: Relevance is very important links and search engines like Google will not hesitate reluctant to impose penalties on your blog if your blog has a number of backlinks that redundant or irrelevant. Here are some effective methods to build backlinks:
Guest Blogging: is one of the most effective methods to build backlinks after Google algorithm updates (Panda and Penguin).

Comments on DoFollow Blog: Commenting on the status of do-follow blogs very well for the development of your blog, because we link that will be followed by a Google Robot and is another effective way to increase keyword ranking in Google’s pal.
Participate in Forums: Participate in the forum link is also a good tactic in building backlinks. If my friend participated in high PR forums and traffic/visitors is high, your blog may be sprayed backlinks and visitors.

  1. Use Main Keywords As Anchor Text
    Use targeted keywords as anchor text when my friend Guest Blogging on any blog. This helps to tell Google about whether a robot buddy’s blog.

    Do not look for too many backlinks and using the same anchor text, because it could be classified as SPAM by Google.


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