Two significant advantages of Android over iOS for users

Two significant advantages of Android over iOS for users

On the BGR portal, there was a publication in which the user told about his experience of using the iPhone from Apple, and named two significant advantages of Android over iOS. So, he shares that after using the Symbian and BlackBerry mobile devices for many years, in the early 2000s he bought the first original iPhone model a day when it was released more than a decade ago. Then the first-generation iPhone was far less efficient than Nokia’s Symbian smartphones and did not outperform BlackBerry devices. But from the point of view of user experience, it was quite obvious that from the moment you took the iPhone into the hands, it was much ahead of its competitors. Market leaders at that time could not see what was clearly obvious to Apple and end users, and this led to the fact,

These smartphones finally became interesting again almost two years after the first release of the iPhone, when the first Android smartphone was released. It was launched under the name HTC Dream, or T-Mobile G1 in the US. It combined the basic elements from the iPhone with the basic elements from the BlackBerry and Symbian. Android was much more versatile and more flexible than iOS (or as it was originally called the iPhone OS) even then, but it could not be called so refined and elegant.

Much has changed over the years in both mobile platforms, but these initial advantages are still unchanged. So, Android is still much more versatile, while iOS is more refined and elegant.

The author of this publication shares that until now remains loyal to the iPhone, during these many years, but Android has two key advantages over the iOS platform that make it envious of Android users.

So, the first significant advantage of Android in front of iOS, the author believes, is a great choice. Apple sells more iPhone models now than ever, and this year they are sold at least as much. Now available for purchase are eight different models of the iPhone from Apple – the iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6 and iPhone SE. Four of them are likely to be discontinued this year, but four new models are expected to debut, including the upgraded version of the iPhone X, the iPhone X Plus, a similar model with an LCD display, and the iPhone SE 2.

They will look like many iPhone, but in fact, they will have a number of differences. Four of the eight available iPhone – the previous generation, and the iPhone SE – it’s a budget iPhone. Next, there are the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, which have modern specifications, and design. Finally, there is a new iPhone X, which the author gave preference to, and enjoys using it.

On the other hand, there are a large number of different Android smart phones, and in this case, it’s not just about a few new models and versions of the previous generation. As you know, Google allows other hardware manufacturers to license Android for free, so there are many options available for Android users.


Another big advantage of Android over iOS, according to the author, which prompted him to actually write this post – this is a small elegant application for Android, which fell into his sight thanks to the topic on Reddit. It was she who reminded the author that some limitations of Apple for third-party applications are inconvenient.

This is the application of Flutter for Android. This is a simple but quite useful utility available in the Google store for free. In fact, it is more an extension than an application, and it serves to add special overlays to Netflix pages that display ratings of open movie databases. Thus, when you click on any show or movie on Netflix, you can get a detailed view of the material and the reactions of people before you start viewing. It would seem that this is so simple, but it’s still an unpleasant reminder of how limited the developers of iOS applications are at some points. In general, according to the author, Apple’s limitations give users a smoother, more consistent, and more sophisticated experience than Android. However,

Android User always can download android apps from play store or Apks from any website.

The ability to see the users’ evaluation of a material when browsing on Netflix is ​​simple and useful, and this is just one of a million examples of how developers improve the application for Android. So, despite its simplicity and usefulness, Flutter cannot be installed on iPhone devices.

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