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The 4 Big Benefits of Having a Digital Marketing Career


Digital marketing is the preferred choice of every business worldwide. Digital marketing industry is projected to be worth anything from US$ 103 billion to US$ 306 billion by 2020 according to estimates by various research companies. According to Statista, digital advertizing spend is expected to touch US$ 335 billion by 2020.

There are several reasons why digital marketing is on upswing. It allows businesses to evaluate customer response, measure success of marketing campaigns while tracking and monitoring consumer search and purchase patterns in real time. Increasing Internet penetration rates worldwide and rise in access over smart-phones and tabs is also spurring growth of digital marketing.

What This Means

These trends clearly indicate digital marketing is here to stay, a least for the next several years. Newer, innovative technologies that enable businesses to reach clients faster and provide efficient service delivery will be rolled out increasingly as competition gets hotter. Likewise, a corresponding, worldwide demand for professional digital marketers is expected to grow exponentially. These facts augur well for anyone keen on making a career in digital marketing.

Consequently, anyone looking at making a career in digital marketing will benefit immensely.

Benefits of Digital Marketing Career

A career in digital marketing holds distinct advantages. Here we look at four major benefits of a digital marketing career.

High Median Salary

Median salaries for digital marketing professionals worldwide differ. In the US, digital marketing professionals are paid between US$ 48,000 to US$ 96,000 per year depending upon role and designation, state various sources. These pay scales are expected to rise as increasing number of businesses step up and diversify digital marketing or enter the fray.

Furthermore, digital marketing is no longer limited to countries in North America and Europe: it is increasingly used in Asia, South America and Australia too. Hence, digital marketing experts would be able to find adequate employment opportunities within their geographic location, without need to relocate.

Digital Skills Gap

Boom in digital marketing has caused a major gap in demand and supply of professionals with adequate skills. A shortfall of about 150,000 digital marketing professionals already afflicts companies in the US. Globally, this number is much higher. Number of vacancies for various digital marketing professionals that appear on any reputed job portal is a clear indicator of this demand and digital skills gap.

This translates as excellent opportunities for persons interested in making career in digital marketing. Jobs are available from fresher level to highly qualified and experienced professional positions. You can even start your own blog and start earning extra in your free time with these skills.

Indubitably, digital marketing is not everyone’s proverbial cup of tea or cake walk: it requires passion and perhaps innate inclination for this profession. This is the right time to enter digital marketing career for fresher as well as professionals looking to diversify from existing IT careers.”

Free Online Courses

Internet giants Google, Facebook and Microsoft, to name a few, offer free online courses for digital marketing fresher and IT professionals looking to diversify skills. Additionally, paid online learning is available from Udemy and myriad other providers to acquire necessary skills in digital marketing. Every digital marketing course- free or paid- offers certification of skills that are required by businesses small and large.

Being online courses, anyone eyeing careers in digital marketing can learn during spare hours, without the need to disrupt daily routine. These courses are presented in easy to learn and user friendly modes that makes learning enjoyable. This also allows fresher and professionals to practice skills from home or at work.

Excellent Career Options

Digital marketing consists of multitude of functions. These include Search Engine Optimization, Data Analytics, Social Media Management, Digital Content Creation, E-Commerce Management, Brand Management, Online Security and myriad others. Hence, anyone with passion for specific role can enter this profession.

For example, people with excellent language and writing skills can work as content writers while those proficient in mathematics will find great jobs in data analysis sector.

A career in digital marketing is not as complex as several falsely believe. Indeed, it is a field where anyone who possesses specific skills can succeed. Consequently, fresher and experienced professionals will find it easier to enter digital marketing in a role that better suits their interest and inborn skills.

In Conclusion

Cumulative data from Statista and other sources project, e-commerce worldwide is expected to cross the US$ 4.5 trillion mark by the year 2021. Going by current trends, this figure appears quite modest and actual volumes could be much higher as Internet penetration increases in developing countries around the world.

E-commerce giants like Amazon and eBay as well as Business-to-Business service and product providers have already stepped efforts to expand into newer markets in Asia, Middle East and South America.

To maintain continuum of these digital marketing initiatives, a surge in demand for professionals is imminent. Statista’s estimate about digital advertizing spend worldwide crossing the US$ 335 billion mark by 2021 is clear indicator about projected surge in digital marketing and its significance for a career.


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