How to create a hotel price comparison app or website like Trivago-DWA

How to create a hotel price comparison app or website like Trivago

How much does it Cost to build a Hotel Travel App like Trivago


In this smart world with smarter people things are getting fast and faster, we are just a blink away from tons of information. Trivago is one of the companies which allow its users to search for hotels in the specified area and conditions.

People mistook it as a booking platform but it is actually a metasearch engine which displays you all the hotel’s pricing and you can sort them according to price. It is quite impressive how Trivago shows the hotels and their reviews in seconds which helps people to book affordable rooms to stay.

If you are really attracted by the work it does and wants to create your own app or website like Trivago then let us how can it be possible for us to get succeeded in this task:


  • Craft your idea


Now you have an idea about making a price comparing website or app but are sure that it will work like this? Maybe no, because of all the big fat companies already in this competition. So, what will it need to break the wall between you and your competitors?

The answer is by a having an idea which can impress anybody. Take your basic idea and craft it by thinking about its weak and strong points.



  • Features and Services


Your idea is solid and you want to begin building your website or app. In this phase, we will write down all the features and special services which will be provided to the visitors and users. Mobile application should also have rich features or you can consult it with amobile app development company in jaipur. It is necessary to include functionalities which are better than the others if staying in the competition is your motive.

Like trivago you can add following information of hotels to your website and app:

  1. Hotel’s name in the title
  2. Location of the hotel
  3. Ratings and reviews
  4. Special facilities provided by the hotel
  5. Price of the room
  6. Name of the booking platform



  • Build partnerships with sellers and booking platforms


It is time to go out and talk business. This is the most important and complex stage of all because if the talks don’t go as planned then the whole project can become a failure. So, take out your communication and presentation skills impress them with your out of the world ideas.

Booking platforms are the services which will provide information about hotels and rooms to display on our website or app. Whenever a user wants to book that hotel then he/she will be redirected to the booking site.


  • Gain technical expertise

A price comparing website or app will need professional work to be done, without proper knowledge about the technical aspects you even cannot start that you were dreaming of. To develop a website and an app, programming and designing are needed. You can learn various programming languages like HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript etc. for website and Java, XML, Swift etc. for app development.

If you are not planning to do this hard work, then you can hire a professional programmer and mobile application developers in Australia. They will charge you to do all the programming.

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