WordPress Tutorial - How To Make A WordPress Website Step by Step
WordPress Tutorial for Beginners

WordPress Tutorial – Learn more about WordPress and how to use it

Beginner’s WordPress Tutorial to learn A to Z of WordPress

What is Word Press?

WordPress is widely used resource for creating blogs and aids in creating numerous website either big or small. CMS WordPress is free, flexible and is grounded on PHP. HTML and CSS are not required while you craft any website. PHP takes 6 or more months for crafting a website.

What are 10 Beautiful & Free Responsive WordPress Themes to Build Awesome Websites?

WordPress or CMS is a widely used online platform for building different websites for free. It creates blogs, corporate, personal and portfolio sites. Let’s take a look at some of the Best WordPress Themes that you can choose for your site.

Shapely: It is one of the most popular themes that you can select for creating your web page. Shapely can be attuned with Android and Window phones, laptops, iPhones, iPad and desktop computers. With the help of high-resolution Retina, you can experience high-end graphics, shrill text, and innovative vector images and signs. Shapely is quite helpful in enlightening the WordPress Development Procedure.

IIIdy (Trending): If you are looking vibrant, colorful and well-designed web page then IIIdy is the perfect option. It is free of cost and can be accessed quickly. IIIdy is well-suited for Smartphones, Laptops, desktops and other devices. It is flexible and considered as the original and adaptable theme for various websites.

Tyche: It is among one of the most liked Free WordPress Themes for owners of personal online clothing stores. It helps to promote your products via online banners and ads.

Ascendant:  This versatile theme is perfect for creating the website for small business via WooCommerce. It aids in creating potent short codes for crafting a customized menu for the webpage. Various forms and styles are available including subscription, free, pro and you to try.

Newspaper X: Newspaper X theme is used for online downloadable magazines and is easily adaptable. It is free and can be created thru Bootstrap. Newspaper X is divided into four groups such as editorials, latest news, events, and international news. You can build incredible pages for blogs and customized media buttons on top of the page.

Blaskan: You can choose Blaskan for creating pages for lifestyle blogs. It offers different groupings for the post and is based on Bootstrap. Blaskan is free theme WordPress option for writers who want to create their website for displaying their works and posts.

Activello: Activello is used for creating various pages for blogs related to food, fashion, travel, photography and online magazines. This theme is based on Bootstrap technology and offers best WordPress plugins such as Gravity Forms, Yoast SEO, Contact Form 7 and much more.

Sparkling: This innovative theme is well-suited on mobiles, iPad, and iPhones. It comes with variable striking features and supports various WordPress plugins such as Yoast SEO, W3 Total Cache, and Gravity Forms.

Brilliance: Brillance is among one of the best WordPress Business Themes and is suitable for all types of business and professions. It’s dynamic and energetic layout is perfect for building templates for online shopping, various modes of payments, shopping cart and product list.

Breviter: Breviter is popular among bloggers and artistic professionals. You can customize the web pages and content as per your requirement. This theme provides imaginative designs for galleries, images, and videos.

How to Make a Website: Step-by Step Guide for Beginners

If you are a beginner for WordPress and do not know How to Make a Website Using WordPress then let us learn WordPress Step-by step:

Step#1: Choose Your Website Platform

Decide in advance which platform you want to choose for creating your website. CMS platform is the best available option for creating websites including Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress.

STEP #2: Get a Domain Name and Host

For building any website via WordPress, you will require a Domain Name and a WordPress Hosting service provider.

Where Do I Get a Domain Name?

There are numerous free WordPress Hosting service providers whom you can hire and register your domain name. After registration, you can sign-up on the particular website and check out the domain name.

Any additional tips for choosing my domain name?

Before selecting any domain name, you should consider the following

1.The name should be attractive and easily memorable.

2.Selection of the domain for defining for a job.

STEP #3: Let’s Set Up and Tweak Your Website

1.Select WordPress (Or Joomla and Drupal) for creating a website by using one click installation. You can check online WordPress Tutorial for installation.

2.Or you can opt for manual installation by searching online WordPress Tutorial for Beginners.


Choosing a theme/template for your site


WordPress Theme Tutorial will help you in choosing the right theme for your website.

Here’s how to find a theme you like:

1.Log into your WordPress dashboard

2.Access Free themes for your web page.

3.Install your new theme and click an Active button.


How do I add content and create new pages?


For adding contents and editing new pages, you need to check sidebars of WordPress dashboard for ‘Pages’ and Click on New Page.

For adding Pages to the Menu, you need to access navigation bar. Click on ‘Updates’ for saving changes and Click on ‘Appearance’ for new page addition in Menu.

For adding and editing a post, you just have to create a blog post and Add New.

Customization & Endless Tweaks

This portion will aid you in how to customize and Tweak your Website.

Changing Your Title and Tagline

To make changes in your Page Title and Tagline, you can access several web pages on how to make a WordPress website

Disabling Comments on Posts & Pages

For disabling comment for Posts & pages, you need to Untick ‘Allow Comments and Discussion.”

Setting Up a Static Front Page


To set up a static front page:

  • Edit Sidebars
  • Installing Plugins to Get More out of WordPress
  • To know more about WordPress, you can search WordPress Website Tutorial.


What is a plugin?

A plugin is a software that is required for creating a WordPress website. You can add new features via the plugin on a website. PHP programming language is used for writing plugins.


How Do I install a new Plugin?

Click on ‘Plugin’ and add ‘New.’  For further details, you can search various websites on the topic How to Build a WordPress Website for beginners?


To save time, a list of the most popular plugins that are useful for creating WordPress website are:

  1. Contact form 7:  Yu can fill Contact Form 7 on the web page. To know more, you can check online for WordPress Tutorial for Beginners StepbyStep guide.
  2. Yoast SEO for WordPress: This plugin is necessary for adding more content to your website.

4.Google Analytics: If you want to know how many users are visiting your web page then installation of a plugin is the must for your website.

Congratulations-Now, your website, is ready to use

What should CMS/Website Platform I use?

CMS or Content Management System provides the platform for creating different styles of a website. With the innovation of new technologies, three kinds of a platform are available for creating websites including:

  • WordPress
  • Drupal and
  • Joomla


If you are new and do not have knowledge of WordPress, then Learn WordPress Online is the best option for you. Several websites offer online courses on WordPress for Beginners. You can also buy several books on How to Create a WordPress Website. Read them and keep yourself updated about WordPress.

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