Top 7 Referral Traffic Sources for 2018

Top 7 Referral Traffic Sources for 2018

A virtual presence is indispensable for any modern day business and enterprises spend considerable resources in improving their visibility which will be helpful in generating better returns on investment. Most of the traffic to a website may come from search engines but a lot of visits are generated through other avenues also and this referral traffic is valuable not only for bringing in potential customers but also for the purpose of optimization. Let’s take a look at some of the best referral traffic sources.

1. Social Media Brings Large Number Of Visitors


The area of influence of social networks has expanded considerably over the years and people are using it for activities other than connecting with their loved ones. There are a variety of platforms and we are mentioning the top three of them based on their ability to generate high number of visits.


Facebook : Probably the most popular channel with a mammoth user base which can be used for creating a good following by posting useful content regularly.


Twitter : The microblogging platform needs constant updating for promoting something but is immensely helpful for popularizing a product in a very short span of time.


LinkedIn : Aimed at the business community, it is ideal for B2B promotion and is a very good place to find serious consumers.

2. Providing Solutions On Q&A Sites Is Helpful


Large number of people access the internet searching for solutions related to various topics and this has given rise to Question & Answer (Q&A) sites which are frequented by users who provide precise answers to queries related to their industry in order to build reputation of their enterprise. Two of the most popular sites are listed below.


Quora : It covers a wide range of topics and interests and has a community of dependable experts which helps in bringing a lot of users that are ripe for referral traffic.


Yahoo Answers : Another very well known website with a large subscriber base that has solutions to millions of queries in a variety of categories.

3. Guest Blogging Boosts Online Reputation


One of the most well known referral traffic sources and a good way to build up the image of a service as a credible outlet is posting high quality and well researched content on other blogs and websites. Identifying topics related to the business domain and writing insightful articles with useful information for posting on websites with impressive domain authority always brings large number of interested visitors that can be converted into customers, through backlinks.

4. Video Sharing Sites Have Great Marketing Potential


Content being shared on the internet is not just limited to text but with the growing popularity of smart devices, visual content has become hugely popular and so have video sharing sites. These avenues are no longer limited to amateurs posting for fun but are being increasingly used by marketers for promotion of products. Creating and uploading engaging video clips with links and call to action buttons helps in directing potential customers to the website.


YouTube : Arguably the best known name in the category, its massive reach and the fact that it is also a search engine means that it is a great platform for promotions.

5. Blog Commenting Is Truly Advantageous


Commenting on blogs can be a huge driver of traffic to your site if done the right way. WordPress has made blogging very easy and it is the reason a lot of owners convert their websites from other formats like PSD to WordPress Theme. Every blog has comment forms consisting of many fields with one specifically for link posting and posting meaningful comments with a reference to a related post on your own blog will help you to get noticed.

6. Infographics Can Grab Eyeballs


Visuals are great for explaining complicated data and providing infographics with links on various platforms apart from inserting them in relevant posts will also help in attracting people towards your product. These images can be shared on social networks like Instagram and Pinterest too but there are specific sites for sharing them and two of them find a mention here. : it has analytics tools for finding out the performance of your post and you can create, publish and even sell your infographic on the platform.


Slideshare : a service for publishing and sharing of presentations and PDFs and has a good following among professionals belonging to different fields.

7. Email Newsletters Are Still Productive


People do not pay much attention to this form of communication as compared to other recent marketing tools but it still is very effective and can drive good traffic to a virtual location. There are a lot of tools that can be used for newsletter creation and the most popular one is listed here.


Mailchimp : It has a great variety of templates that can be used for creating attractive campaigns apart from the capability of integrating with ecommerce platforms.



Most of the time owners keep focussing on search engines only, forgetting that other avenues can be equally if not more beneficial and these referral traffic sources can always be banked upon for getting more visitors to a website.

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