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Compare the Best Power Pressure Washers Using Reviews

Allowing you to compare pressure washers before you go ahead and buy. You can then rest assured that you can purchase power washing equipment that is the best in your price range, and ideal for your specific needs.

Pressure Washers to Buy for High Pressure Cleaning

Pressure washers are one of those power tools that are invaluable to have around the home for domestic use, and in industrial settings. They can be used for numerous situations, such as cleaning cars, garden furniture, brickwork, fences, and driveway cleaning and can save both time and energy from manual cleaning. Furthermore, they are very common in construction, agriculture, farm equipment, and automotive industries.

You may have already realized the wide variety of brands and models of pressure washers and accessories available on the market. This of course is good in terms of choice, but can be overwhelming when not knowing which to buy.

Power Washers – How to Choose One

Best Pressure Washers are usually categorized as either electrical, hydraulic, diesel or gas powered. With an electric power washer you can presume that they aren’t as portable as the gas models, although they are usually much quieter in operation. In addition, gasoline washers may maintain a higher pressure when in use. This being said, electric washers can still be very useful for those that require home power washers that are more powerful than the average garden hose.

Cold Water vs. Hot Water Power Washers

Pressure washers are capable of exerting a spray that is powerful enough to break down grime and stubborn stains, especially in hard to reach places. In fact some jet pressure washers are so powerful near the nozzle that they can take skin from the body, so should be used with caution. You can buy pressure washers in either cold water or hot water models. The hot water types are generally more expensive to purchase, but do a better job of removing dirt and power cleaning.

Cold water pressure washers are easy to use as no water needs to be heated by the equipment, and as a result are cheaper to run. Although for a more thorough clean you might want to invest in heated power washers.

When searching for these types of power tools many people tend to buy cheap power washers. Although this might save you money upfront, you should certainly make sure you are buying a quality product that is going to be more than adequate for the jobs you have in mind for it. There are plenty of affordable power washers, and no better place to find them than online. Websites selling hundreds of models are available in there plenty, so take the time to check out several to find the best deal. Doing so can often result in finding discounted power washers.

Types of pressure washers

Gas Pressure Washers

Because gas powered, portable pressure washers use increased flow rates and greater pressure, they are meant to be used out in the open. This makes them useful for industrial applications. These machines must be used outdoors only, due to the production of carbon monoxide, which, even in the smallest of concentrations, can be toxic.

Best use: Heavy-duty applications, industrial applications, regular use. Flow volume and pressure are adjustable, high-power, and portable. Requires fuel to operate, noisy, costly to maintain, expensive

Electric Pressure Washers

The total power output of electric pressure workers is limited; they can however, be used either outdoors or indoors. The noise level is usually less than that of a gas washer, and they still have enough power for the majority of commercial uses, although they are not the best choice for industrial applications.

Best use: Applications, both outdoors and indoors, that require light usage. Less moving parts, easy to maintain, lower noise levels, efficient. Safety precautions must be taken due to proximity of water and electricity, expensive, designs tend to be bulky and non-portable, the length of the cord limits usability.

 Hot water pressure washers

The use of a heater or boiler is used by hot water pressure washers in order to increase water temperature before mixing with the solution of soap, which is then dispersed at high volume and pressure. A larger motor or engine is required to operate the heating element and the pump. When compared to cold water washers, they are expensive, although they do use less soap solution.

Best use: Heavy-duty use, washing home exteriors, and patios. Better efficiency with less expense, high-powered. Due to the high temperatures, caution must be used when handling, because of the added heating component, there are increases in repair costs, expenses

 Cold Water Pressure Washers

GPM rating these pressure washers often run using a small electric motor and are the cheapest available. As a rule, there is very little maintenance because there are fewer parts, which in turn, allows these units to last longer. They are less expensive to maintain as the cost of replacement parts is usually low. They do, however, consume more soap solution, and have lower pressure as well as a reduction of their GPM rating.

Best use: Light applications, washing furniture, and car interiors. Usually portable, less maintenance, inexpensive, run on electric motors have smaller tanks, consume a great deal of soap solution, not as efficient as hot water pressure washers.

A very useful high pressure washer

High pressure washers are useful for many cleaning tasks: removing graffiti on a wall, removing paint on a deck, washing aluminum siding 30 feet in the air, or just a car. Previously, you had to spend more than $ 1000 to get a product powerful enough to perform these tasks properly.

Innovation: The very low price of this washer makes this technology accessible to homeowners. It has a power of 3000 lbs of pressure per square inch, which is enough to pierce a piece of wood.

Other features include a 30ft (9m), semi-translucent, stain-proof hose for good travel. Its 1.75 gallon detergent reservoir with integrated 3.78L container holder makes the use of detergents more convenient. Washing with detergent can be done quickly with rinsing with water and then back to detergent. It uses a very durable Subaru industrial gasoline engine. The product is sold with many nozzles for various applications and easy to change.

There are sophisticated models with two tanks, to house the detergent and the degreaser. Other models of pressure pumps are equipped with water heaters to degrease the motors. But in my case, I wanted a simple model where soap is near the tool in a bucket. Power and efficiency, but nothing complicated.

Electric model

You can choose a quiet, eco-friendly, but less powerful electric model. Much like chain saws or commuter electric lawn mowers. For these low-end models, their pressure varies between 1550 and 2000 PSI (pounds per square inch) or 105 to 140 bar . The pump of these models will typically generate between 1.25 and 1.5 GPM (gallons per minute) equivalent to 5.7 to 6.8 liters per minute. These pressure washers are affordable, but fragile and should only be used for occasional light work such as cleaning garden furniture or bicycles.

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