Accounts You Can Follow On Instagram For Web Design Ideas

Accounts You Can Follow On Instagram For Web Design Ideas

The internet is completely full of web design and UX inspirations, coming from so many directions. Right from most popular social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter to some of the more focused mediums like Dribble and more, you won’t even get limited in terms of web design ideas. With around 500 million daily active users if not more, IG is a popular platform for developers, artists and even future web designers to get some endless inspirations from the pros. Through this image based platform, you can get a sneak peek into lives of professional web designers and follow their thoughts and ideas for your upcoming web designing future. Make sure to check their real Instagram followers first and then be one of them.


  • Michael KorwinPiotrowski:


An art director by profession, he is a well and self-proclaimed art, pug and tattoo enthusiast. If you ever visit his profile, you will come across curated selection of the most promising design inspiration, right from stunning photography to some amazing selection of the graphic designing experiences. If you really want to sample his amazing UX works, then just log online and click his account for some more details.


  • Jessica Robbins:


A creative and UX designer by profession, she loves to run an IG account during her spare time and keep her followers updated on the latest changes in UX design thoughts. She makes sure to write her concepts on sticky notes and share those on her IG account for the people to look at and get some inspiration from. If you are planning to look for some new ideas, you might want to give her a follow.


  • Kevin Mercier:


This is another IG account that you have to follow for your web designing ideas. He focuses on the interactive forms of posts and UX designs, and shares those concepts in his IG account. In case you are looking for some design inspiration for your app or website, following his account can definitely help you out a lot.


  • Sander Crombach:


He is a freelance UX and product designer with a serious passion towards art and design. A lot of his IG profile comprises of intrigue travel photography. However, you are further going to find some links for inspiring articles that he writes on UX design and product. He is further known to share some of his design projects and processes for you to follow. So, following his account is a great way to procure some new inspirations for your web designing job later.

Always make sure to follow those accounts, which are showcasing clean design pictures and inspiring micro-animations. The field of web design is always on the change and it remains flexible. So, unless you are sure of the latest norms taking place you won’t be able to succeed. Following these IG accounts will solve your issues for sure as you will start getting inspirations from time to time. Just be sure to check these accounts at regular intervals if you don’t want to miss out on updates.

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