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Use Instagram To Increase Website Traffic To Your Fashion Site

Find out the Best Ways to Use Instagram for Traffic Generation to Fashion Website

Some things when used incombination can boost your fashion website traffic to such a great extent, that the traffic only can act as an important ranking factor for you in the following days. Often it happens that you rank for traffic. And if you get it the other way that the traffic gets higher and higher with social media site support, then you may soon get an improved rank for the high amount of traffic too. To try this in another way, you may use one of the strongest social media sharing services, which is Instagram.

Get to know Instagram soon

If you are new to Instagram and know little about this beautiful social media platform, then now is the time you gather as much information about it as possible. The world is running mad about Instagram these days, and people of almost any background, age, and demography have one Instagram account in case they have a computer or smartphone and are internet savvy. It just needs you only to acquire a smartphone to get an Instagram account. And the account can be operated via the mobile app or the computer desktop site.

What is Instagram?

Instagram in simple words is a photo sharing site, which is treated asa rich social media sharing platform these days for its rich features and advantages. Features in Instagram like filters to apply on photos to enhance their beauty, comments on each photo that helps users interact and talk about it, chat feature just like the comment feature, sharing feature to share a picture from one account to another.

Parallel sharing of the content on other social media sites connected to the Instagram account profile, following option for users, and lastly the tagging option which denotes or marks the photo with a niche or group, makes Instagram one of the smartest photo and video clip sharing social media app.Unlike Pinterest which also is a photo-based social site, Instagram has a text supported photo sharing system, where you may add a few lines comment on this, add links and so on.

How to plan to use Instagram to bring traffic to your fashion website

Fashion directly relates to pictures and photography. And a fashion website obviously will have photographs on it. Pictures, images, posters, photos, etc ona fashion site, which makes it informative, engaging, entertaining, and colorful, can all come together on the Instagram account of the site owner. If you have this fashion site, then you can put those photos and images in an organized way on the Instagram account of yours. And then you can tag each photo with appropriate tags to connect to the relevant group. This helps highly in online marketing and sends information to the search engines that you have tagged the pictures with the such and such a niche. Moreover, you can get lots and lots of Instagram followers through multiple tips and techniques.

How to use your Instagram account to generate website traffic

When it’s about the traffic to your fashion website, you can try some of these lovely techniques to drive traffic from your Instagram account to your site. Followersand visitors will surely make their way through these paths when you implement them in the right direction.

Using the Bio section in Instagram

In your Instagram account profile, you will get a Biofield. In this field, you can put a link. You can put your fashion website link here. And then you may attract users or followers coming to your shared images by advertising about clicking on that link. This you may do by promoting offers or discounts on your products through the photos shared. The right image will bring users to the bio section and make them click the link to reach your fashion website.

Instagram Ads

Just like ads area big hit on Facebook, it’s the same on Instagram too. Ad campaigns on Instagram get clicks like hot cakes. And you can use attractive images and slogans onads to make users click on them. Excitingrebates, sales, offers and coupon codes, etc on ads can drive massive traffic to your website.

Hashtags speak for you

When you post an image on Instagram, you get the chance to tag the image with hashtags. Hashtags must be chosen with proper effect, and they must be unique. The right usage of hashtags will help you connect to the right groups of people interested in the term used in the tag.

Instagram Stories

This is a new rich feature the social media site introduced a few days ago. With a verified Instagram account or a business account, you can relate your posted pictures to form a pictorial story. And when a user slides up against your picture ina story, then the user is taken to the link you had embedded in that image. However, this is not that simple, and you must have a business account or a verified regular account.

Connecting to influencers

Influencers are people who have a firm hold on social media, and people listen to them and follow them in huge numbers usually. If you are desperate to get instant traffic from Instagram, then youwill have to connectto the users. Influencers can talk on your behalf if you approach that way.

Concluding notes

To start with the whole thing first, you should learn Instagram and delve into Instagram, see how much you understand and how soon you may begin posting. Before that, you must configure the account somewhat. And the methods described above are a great success in bringing the pure real traffic from Instagram from your website. Instagram can help boost site traffic in a short time.

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Daniel Mattei is in social media marketing, and researches on all new and most preferred platforms to see how much he can make out of them. His new finds are on increasing the Instagram followers. He is trying to figure out how the average life of people in the region is.

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