Boost Your Organic Traffic and Rankings with High Quality Backlinks

Boost Your Organic Traffic and Rankings with High-Quality Backlinks

Quality over quantity!

Google goes by that mantra. Your website better has high-quality backlinks for it to be ranked better than others by the search engine. Google has been long known for prioritizing websites that have backlinks added to the content. In some instances, Google has even hinted that the search engine drops the rank of those websites that fail to provide backlinks. Following this, the businesses have been extra cautious when adding any backlink to the website or a webpage. I was going through Frontier Package deals on the company’s website recently when I came across a link. On clicking it, I was redirected to a page that displayed an error. Instantly, I realized that the company would need to eliminate this link so that the ranking does not suffer.

Here is how you can have access to high-quality backlinks to avoid the traffic on your website from suffering:


Content is Key

Original and unique content is the key to earning quality backlinks. There are numerous users present online who are sharing millions of tweets, memes, and videos at any given minute in time. Under such a scenario, what will make you break through the clutter is the crisp and new content. This does not mean that you start posting things that are out of context or do not relate to you. Posting ‘just for the sake of it’ content will not get you anywhere as well. Relevance matters as much as quality does. Apart from that, make sure you update your website on regular basis. Don’t be afraid to write unusual or unorthodox content, if the experiment fails, you still learn. No one is interested in reading what he or she already did a month ago. If you do not have anything new to offer to the readers, do not be surprised if Google drops your ranking.

You have been warned!


Infographics Here to Rule

According to studies, individuals tend to share infographics more than articles with nothing but solid text. Infographics are attractive and catch people’s attention more than the boring text does. Moreover, you are able to convey your message and any statistics in a very concise and eye-pleasing manner. It is for this reason that infographics help you to generate more backlinks (quality ones of course). However, infographics should incorporate some eye-catching designs and verified statistics. Without the striking details, infographics lose their essence and the sole purpose dies.

My suggestion: infographics over text anytime!

Put Your Socializing Skills to Use

The more the merrier!

Yes, this holds true. The more the people will know you, the more will be your chances to get access to high-quality backlinks. Remember that you need to tell people that you exist. No one trusts an unpopular website or brand with its backlinks. You need to build a certain level of trust before people start recognizing your ad that will not come to you if you confine yourself to the four walls of your office. And this requires hard work apart from patience. You cannot expect to introduce yourself one day and have a million followers the other (unless you are Beyoncé of course). So, keep trying and reaching out to people. Gradually you will build relationships with some of the giants in the market. But the key to this is to be very active on social media. Another way is to get yourself or your website cited on online platforms. This is what they call the modern day publicity tactic.

Don’t be Shy to Collaborate

Collaborations do for you what others cannot. They earn you the recognition and followers that would have otherwise taken ages. You should consider pairing or teaming up with a famous blogger or influencer and get the game going. These famous personalities already have a very high fan following and people listen to their word. So, if you can get to collaborate with them (as in be a part of their story or get a shoutout from them, for instance), half your job is done. This technique is adopted by many newbies who wish to get links to some of the celebrated websites. And it works every time.

Apart from employing any of the above-mentioned techniques, you can always resort to tactics like performing experts’ interviews and stealing competitors’ links. All these tricks will help you in getting high-quality backlinks that will automatically increase your ranking on the search engine. Frontier Cable and Internet is a renowned cable service provider but still, the company gives it all when it comes to adding backlinks that will earn them an even better ranking.





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