6 Effective Ways to Promote Mobile Apps through Social Media

6 Effective Ways to Promote Mobile Apps through Social Media

In this digital world, social media marketing is an effective strategy for the developers to publicize their app and also to make it viral at the same time. Generally, the app developers are making use of social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter etc to promote their overall mobile applications. There is a list of ways to promote an app after the mobile application development.

  1. Strategize your campaign

Initially, before moving on to social media marketing, planning is the most important thing. It is the simplest part and it is also the major foundation of the effective marketing strategy. Always choose the better audience in terms of age and sex. Prefer for the qualified content which is the most suitable one for the target audience. Finally, choose the medium of the social network such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram etc.

  1. Usage of social media sites

The social media sites provide better connectivity to the people. Instagram is the most popular one along with the visuals. At the same time, it can also be used to communicate to the folks along with the pictures. These pictures show each and every detail of the app. One can also interact with the followers and also gain their complete trust.

  • Facebook

Facebook is the biggest social media platform and the app developers can make use of their groups including the pages in order to publicize their respective apps for the promising customers. Promotion of mobile applications can be implemented successfully without any complications.


  • Google+

Google+ works on the ranking process and in case if you want to increase your potential users, it is better to get engaged in the important enterprises on Google+.

  • Twitter

Twitter is well known for its efficiency and also to help the folks to build the trust along with the reliable relationships. This one automatically extends to both of the app developers and the users.

  1. Creation of reward programs

Generally, the entrepreneurs can increase the audience along with the usage of the virtual currencies along with the digital rewards. Thus there will be a great increase in the major element of engagement. In the field of marketing, there should be a reliable connection with the app and also maintain the trust just by publishing the valuable contents.

Eventually, the mobile web developers have the benefit of the potential user base. There is a list of new apps which are at the top-notch level. It is better to download the app and go for the incentive option in case if the users refer their friends in order to use the app. In case if there is a growth in the user experience, then it indicates that the number of shares has been increased.

  1. Choose the option of long-term commitment

The social media marketing strategies are cost-effective one and they also require some time to attain the success peak. Then and there should be some frequent updates, only two to three interesting posts is an ideal one and posting of too much will surely annoy the users.

  1. Creation of landing page for a mobile app

Creation of the website is not a difficult process and buildings of the sites have become simpler. It is always best to get for a professional and it should not be a complicated one. There are many people who are specialized in designing of the websites. What do you mean by landing page? It is nothing but a unique one which is linked to the website that will convince the folks to click on throughout the project. Do not ignore the importance of the landing page and you get help from the others in order to create an effective landing page.

  1. Go for automation

Most of the app developers do not have time to operate a well-enhanced social media account, but it can be handled in an efficient manner. There is a list of efficient and economical tools to automate all the activities and also it should be published in the advance. You, need not worry about anything several social media management tools are available to just schedule the social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook post in advance.


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Dipanwita Murabayashi is a leading Content Marketer at Doxtar, where they work in developing mobile apps and websites for many services like e-commerce. She is an expert in Content Marketing and Content Developer, the mobile app development by covering all platforms of it. Doxtar is a web and mobile app development company, which develops e-commerce platforms for both desktop, tablet and mobile devices.


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