importance of responsive web design

Importance of Responsive Web Design, Why it Matters

Have you heard the word ‘Mobilegeddon’? The chances are that if you have not heard it, you will definitely have experienced it.The term is used to refer to the changes that Google made to its search engine ranking algorithm in 2015. Webpages which were not responsive began to lose their rankings in Google’s search engine. It also ushered in a new era for website design.

People associated with website design in Dubai and elsewhere began to study the change in the algorithm. They concluded that webpages that were not mobile friendly would suffer in rankings on Google search index. Therefore, they had to redesign their websites and make them responsive.

Before we progress further, we need to know what is meant by ‘responsive’?

Responsive Websites – What Are They?

Most of us would recall when we opened certain websites on our mobile phones or tablet, and the pages would drastically shrink. It was certainly not a comfortable viewing experience. Such websites were not responsive, i.e. the webpages were not optimised for viewing on mobile devices or tablets.

Therefore, Google began giving more weightage to websites that were mobile friendly in its search index. It was doneto accommodate the growing number of users accessing websites through their tablets and smartphones.Simply put a responsive website must react to the size of the user’s display screen.The website had to be:

  • Readable without requiring zoom in or zoom out;
  • No horizontal scrolling; and
  • Accommodate touch screen functionality.

Now that we know what a responsive website is, we need to understand why a responsive website is essential apart from its role in search engine ranking.

Increasing Mobile Usage

In late 2015, the percentage of traffic coming from mobile devices surpassed the traffic coming from desktop computers. It was not just a remarkable feat in termsof technology but also in terms of marketing and the World Wide Web. A recent survey also shows that individuals spend up to five hours a day on their tablets or mobile devices.

Therefore, to accommodate the ever-growing mobile users, a website design must be responsive. Otherwise, you risk going down in the search index, losing existing and potential new customers as well.

Improved User Experience

In today’s world, user experience or customer experience is the only thing that matters. It helps to drive your revenue and acts as an advertisement mechanism as well. A responsive web design improves the user experience and enables you to achieve your targets with regards to website traffic and advertisement.  

Research has shown that the click-through-rates increase 21-24% for websites with a responsive design. Moreover, users are likelier to recommend websites that are user-friendly to others as compared to non-responsive websites.

Low Maintenance

Previously, website designers had to design two websites – one for desktop viewing and the other a dedicated mobile website. This not only increases the cost but also brings added headaches like ensuring security and maintenance of the website. Another choice was to create a desktop site which would be viewable in mobile as well without zooming in or out.

Both the above options are unfeasible. Instead, a responsive website allows you to serve both types of users – desktop and mobile- under a single website. It saves not only the cost but also valuable time which can be invested elsewhere.

Speeds Up Website Loading

How quickly a website loads factors heavily in Google’s search engine ranking. Therefore, if your website takes less than one secondto load, then your website will be highly ranked. If your webpage takes longer than 1 second to load, your ranking is bound to take a hit.

Responsive webpages allow for faster loading, thereby, increasing your site’s ranking. It is so because a responsive web design will enable Google to efficiently discover your content and index for its users to access easily.

Future is Secured

A responsive website is only a recent development in the world of technology. There are little chances of change in Google’s search algorithm or web design. Therefore, if you invest in redesigning your website to make it responsive, you are making an investment which will ensure long-term benefits as well. Consequently, it is one investment from which you are guaranteed a high return.


The future is mobile! Mobile phone and tablet sales already outpace desktop PC sales around the world. Therefore, investing in your website design is the need of the day if you wish to remain relevant.

How the Future of Website Design is Being Revamped

The future of website design and development is expected to face many transformations and that is already happening. Some experts predicted the use of animations in user interfaces while some have different perceptions. The advent of the internet brought to us websites but websites are no longer information mediums but they now have multiple purposes.

The constant changes in website design are now being observed on a global scale and that is an exceptional advancement for the website industry. The trends and techniques of website development are now moving towards the future and the perspective of website surely seems bright to us. Here is why:

Incorporation of data analysis with design

The predictive outlook on the future of website design suggests a fusion of data and design. This incorporation of data and design will lead to the success of not only how websites are built but it will also bring a positive impact on business and work operations. The notion of merging these two allows you to create website interfaces that bring innovation to the user experience. User experience needs to be simple and friendly but it also should be customized to the preferences of the user and that is exactly what this approach to website design gives you.

Animated website interfaces

There is no significant difference between the importance of content and visual design. However, the trends and design approaches to website interface creation never stay constant and one such design style is to rely on animation. The use of motion graphics surely leads to an animation wonder as users are allowed to associate, interact and connect to your website and its features instead of simply reading content or viewing static visuals. UI animations are now gaining popularity in both website design and mobile interfaces and this trend is surely expected to stay for a long time.

Tools and development methods are upgrading

The traditional website design and development tools can never be completely replaced but the possibility of upgrading developer tools exists. It is not entirely true that native and progressive apps will take over websites or browser-based applications. Website design is constantly changing and developers are exerting their efforts to form user experiences that are simply impeccable. The demand for quality websites, software, and development tools has increased. For that reason, developer tools have been upgraded to make the task of website design simpler for developers and designers.

Websites will be based on AR and VR technology

Who thought that AR and VR experiences will be a part of website design but it no longer a far off possibility instead it is a reality now. The field of website design is now demanding for design skills that are based on 3D techniques. However, that is not only limited to 3D as web experts are looking to incorporate both virtual and augmented reality to website interfaces. Some design trends are seasonal fads while some stick for decades. Nobody knows for how long VR and AR would be a part of website design but the constant advancements in this technology are suggesting this not a seasonal trend.

User interfaces are made to be interactive

You might create an appealing website but it is also important for you to know what your users want to see, need and what do they think about the website itself. The technologies and trends in both the website design and development are changing constantly so you should be well versed about your users’ needs beforehand. Professional analysis has suggested that designers and web experts should rely on interactive interfaces. The traditional methods for interface creation are expected to be replaced by interfaces that allow the user to navigate and scroll through the website in a conversational or interactive manner.

Web Design

3 Step Guide to Create a Flawless Web Design

The process of web design consists of formulating, upgrading and coming up with the basic structure of your organizational website. This includes features such as colors, fonts, icons, and images etc.

Its importance is just too great. In the intensely competitive online business scenario, you will never be able to reach out to your target customer base without designing a flawless website at first.

The process of website design has got a very wide scope. But it mainly consists of how effectively you can formulate the various pages of your organizational website. It should be absolutely perfect if you want to maximize the generation of your user traffic.

When you are creating a web design, the two main factors which you should focus on is the way in which your website looks like to those who access it and your web content. The latter should be tailor-made to suit the requirements of your target customer base.

Your web content is the most important aspect of your website design. Your target customers should easily be able to access it. It should be formulated properly and should be useful to your target audience. Otherwise, you cannot win them over and create a lasting positive impression in their minds.

Design your website in such a way that visitors are immediately interested in your products/services and decide to purchase the same. You can use various strategies like coming up with new features like fonts, graphics etc. to get your message across.

Moreover, your website design should leave absolutely no doubt in the minds of your customers about your efficiency etc. They must be made aware that your intention is genuine and your products/services are specially meant for their specific needs.

So, to achieve a flawless website design you must invest in the same. Hire competent experts in this field for bringing in lucrative dividends in the future. For your convenience, we have provided a simple 3-step guide with the help of which you can achieve perfection in this direction. Please read on to find out more about the same:

  1. Acquiring essential know-how and coming up with innovative strategies for initiating the web design project

Firstly, be aware that the process of website design is the most vital component of creating a successful website for your organization.

It is the means with the help of which you can reach out to and win over the loyalty of your target customer base. Given the mind-numbing competition which exists in this area, achieving perfection has become a must for your success nowadays. Though it can be very difficult to execute, it can be possible if you are dedicated enough.

At the very beginning of the entire process, you have to start by acquiring data which is important to meet your specific project requirements. This stage is of paramount importance for executing the project successfully.

For this, you must have a crystal clear and sound conceptual base regarding the nature of your organization. You must have a clear-cut idea about what exactly your company wants to achieve. Not only this you must be sure about who your core customer base is and what are their personalized needs which you are working to satisfy etc.

You should know the basic aim of your website regarding the type of products or services that it wants to sell or advertise etc. Also, you have to be clear about the range of operations of your specific project, it’s limitations etc. You must know all your project requirements as well as your own personal vision about the project etc.

Having a sound knowledge base of all these requirements is essential to give you a head start over your competitors. Try to use as little time, money and other vital resources for maximizing your return-on-investment. So, this is the pre-requisite for creating a flawless web design.

Also Read , 8 Responsive Web site Design Tips to Improve Performance and UX.

Then, after you have got all the necessary data, the next stage is to come up with some innovative or unique strategies for implementing your project goals. For this, firstly create a set of prototypes for your design ideas. Choose the ones that look the most viable to you from this list.

When you formulate the prototype design ideas, be sure to create it according to the individualized requirements of your core customer base. Put yourself in their shoes and think from their perspective to arrive at the desired set of design prototypes. Only after this can the list be finalized and get the go-ahead for the next stage.

  1. Creating the final website plan and the various visual-design elements through effective wireframing

After arriving at the desired list of prototype models for your website, formulate the best possible website design strategy. For this, come up with a 100% accurate inventory of every component or feature that will be seen on your website.

It should contain a precise overview of the web-content that is going to appear on the various web pages of your site. Then, wireframing will provide the basic website outline which will make you aware of its core structure.

With the help of these wireframes, you will be able to decide where to put which design element and feature etc. These will assist you to get an idea about the nature of your website content as it will appear on each and every web page of your site etc.

These can also give you access to additional details and attributes about your website like various log-in buttons etc. that you would like to feature on your web pages etc. Finally, these play a key role in pointing out certain mistakes which you might have made in your design project before and enables to rectify those in time.

Then you can use more advanced types of wireframes to include features that your earlier wireframes may have overlooked. These wireframes can effectively design a website model for you which will look just like the end product or the final website as it will appear to your visitors.

These wireframes will help you to effectively understand the various details and functional areas of your website. They can point out how easily your visitors can access your company’s website and other specific details regarding your website content appearing on your various web pages etc.

3. Coming up with the final visual design for getting a clear idea of how your website would look like to your target customers

In this phase, you have to create the final prototype of your web design just like it will appear to your online visitors.

Here you can make use of the most advanced technological tools in the form of the latest software varieties etc. These will effectively create a website outline that can accurately point out all the features and visual design elements like font-sizes etc. It will also give you a clear view and idea of the quality of your upcoming web content etc.

While designing your website keep the various factors like the scope of your project and how long it should take you to finish it etc. in mind. Formulate your design strategies accordingly. So, go ahead and create the perfect web design to generate maximum user traffic and enhance your business prospects by leaps and bounds.


Author Bio

Derek Luise is working as a Jr. content writer and blogger with Ethane Technologies. He can be seen blogging about digital marketing, web design, SEO, SMO, PPC, etc.

Website Development

Website Development – An Essential Asset for Startup Business Firms

We are living in the midst of a time of digitization – the time has been changed, and individuals wound up modernized. They are not enthused about watching tight on the old standard things – particularly the business firms. The catch of things (IOT) has influenced like what we do and how. It may cover for fewer perusers that other than uber attempts – over the long haul explicit business firms are profiting the relationship of objectives and verifiable it’s ahead among the most skilled choices.


As appeared by the examination and study, there are constantly 45% free organization firms who have a site closeness.


Why they can’t benefit from this open zone when they grasp individuals encounter over 5 hours dependably on the Internet.


Research dependent on 2016 by WordPress development in Dubai, over 38% of affiliations have explained that they needn’t sit latent with a page for their business – which drives only that they are feeling the loss of the splendid positive conditions of a web zone for new alliance firms.


A Better Business Integrity

Understanding the site invigorate benefits in the UAE and entire over the world has changed into an exceptional structure to exhibit your association’s data to the clients. It is the place an extensive some segment of your clients can discover your business on the Internet.


Like an “About Us” page pass on a reaction to the traffic about your business or association’s appreciating. “Introduction page” exhibits the checked respect – and to wrap things up, an “Interface with Us.” It tells clients, how they can associate with you to benefit the things and affiliations your business is progressing.


It builds up your business and strengthens and accommodating unflinching quality among the social occasion of onlookers. It demonstrates the character and demand of the closeness of an affiliation.


Never feel that having a Facebook page for your business is great to upgrade faithful quality among the social affair of observers. A survey had appeared, over 80% of customers see by owning a site page for your business is continually solid in isolating and web supervising pages.


A web will give you an unequivocal space and the messages which contain a district name which is more productive than the generics.


Make Business Stronger

On the off chance that we complete a look on 2004, the region was utilizing for basic appearing and data purposes – only for the web closeness. Individuals were utilizing goals for lucidly like checks, presents, and flyers. Business firms were benefitting it to arrive a condition on the prompting edge concerning a market. Notwithstanding, it didn’t contain that much purposes and examinations behind that content.


By a dynamical invigorate of the Internet – the effect of online life and remote contraptions gain web creation and ground relationship to make a business more grounded.


In like manner, a site is a critical instrument to share your triumphant stories among a swarm of people. Let them know, why you began, whom you regulated it, what are your work strategy and the dreams other than. A site is a place you can demonstrate your experience and ability to general society.


Lift an Online Presence

Interface with me to begin it from the quantifiable feelings which may daze you,


Over 45% of individuals (around 3.25 billion) use regions dependably. They are seeking after down the solutions for their energy on zones, share substance electronic life and do shopping through an online business website page.


The pros in like way said this number would increase as the clients will get amazingly subject to remote contraptions. Today the world has analyzed PDAs – regardless of names will develop generally in 2020, and the standard number will hit to 6 billion.


On the off chance that the affiliation’s new arrangement does not pass on a site, it’s to an extraordinary degree clear and straight that it is dropping down a few wages.


Bits of learning have other than passed on a report that over 62% of online traffic begins from the telephone contraptions. A versatile neighborly site can be gotten to through PDA contraptions will enable the business to firm to do considers with their compensation structure.


The more crucial piece of our clients treasure us, and we are certain that you’ll like us other than. Our predictable get-together of substance producers reliably rotates your point and the objective of client changes and commitment. So experience the assertion of authentication and interface with us starting at now to oversee on the enunciations your clients need to look at.


Effective to Promote a Business

In the event that paying little regard to all that you’re utilizing those standard systems to make payments then you will dependably get to some degree measurement of pay of pay and always bound behind your enemies.


It doesn’t have any sort of impact in the event that you’re lauded – the standard systems and structures will always be costly and restore a low element of pay. Additionally, electronic indicating is always awesome and essential approach to manage pass on pay and paying little identity to pass on business more grounded.


Wrapping Up

Things are to a staggering degree clear after to confining this article; a site is key whether it’s near to nothing or super business firm. Distinctive individuals feel that understanding the site refresh benefits in the USA won’t pass on them a basic stream of central focuses – yet they are mixed up and every so often, these working environments or affiliations will dependably join to the grounded place.


Author Bio

Marilyn Delvin has obliged an article. She is an extraordinary maker of California and made the total out of substance on different explicit characteristics. In like way, she is a specialist in partner with isolating substances – unequivocally is a senior author at Xperatech.

Responsive Website Design Tips to Improve Performance and UX

8 Responsive Website Design Tips to Improve Performance and UX

8 Responsive Website Design To Improve Performance and UX

Responsive design has become a necessity rather than a luxury in today’s world where the majority of internet traffic is being driven through smart devices. An individual starting a blog for ice hockey fans in Canada must hire a firm for responsive website design in Vancouver in order to be able to reach a large number of people. With the blog being rendered perfectly on mobile devices, it will provide a satisfying user experience to visitors. This will have a positive effect on the overall traffic of the website. For the design to be effective, it is essential that the responsive website development firm based in Vancouver uses the best practices. Let’s take a look at some tips which if used by the agency will enhance the overall user experience of the ice hockey blog readers.


1. Employ A Simple Design Strategy

All owners want their interface to have a unique look but an unplanned usage of unconventional design elements will result in an unsatisfactory user experience. A simple design strategy must be implemented which uses a limited colour-palette and easy to read typography elements. Leave some white space to provide some visual relief to readers and keep the attention focused on the message that is being conveyed through the website. Media and graphics are good tools to increase engagement but they must be used only if necessary.


2. Implement A Visual Hierarchy On The Website

One of the basic principles of effective responsive design is to ensure the implementation of a visual hierarchy while creating a page. Positioning and structuring elements according to their use and importance is the key to creating an effective visual organization. The most important elements are placed at the top of the page and bold colours and fonts are used for their creation so that they stand apart from other elements. For instance, the Vancouver-based web design company while designing the sports blog must know the usual scanning pattern of users while looking at a text-heavy page. This will be helpful in knowing where exactly to place visual elements to provide relief from the text.


3. Ensure Orderly Website Navigation

Website navigation is one of the most vital factors which affect user experience. Orderly and intuitive navigation can be immensely helpful in keeping visitors engaged with an interface for a long time. Designers must keep a limited number of navigation options in order to minimize confusion for users. Websites with a lot of content must include a prominently visible search bar and the major navigation options must be placed in the footer also.


4. Optimize And Resize All Images

Many website owners use images to enhance their content and increase the visual appeal of their websites. It is a good strategy but it can backfire easily if the images are used without any thought or planning. The professionals at the firm specializing in responsive website design in Vancouver hired by the ice hockey fan blog owner must ensure that all the pictures, GIFs and animations placed along with the posts are optimized. The visual elements must be resized and proper file formats must also be used. Not doing so can bloat the website and affect its loading speed.


5. Remove Unnecessary Page Elements

Web designers must keep only those elements which solve a purpose or add value to the website. They must assess and remove all unnecessary elements in order to provide a better user experience. The Canadian blogger would like to place forms to build a subscriber base but including them in three locations will be wasteful tactics. Not all forms will provide the same productive results and therefore at least one should be removed. It is important to know beforehand the manner in which visitors are likely to use page elements and choose them accordingly.


6. Design Buttons For Human Hands

Call to actions are vital components of any website which help in improving its conversion rate. The buttons used for these functions must be designed in such a manner that a person accessing the website on a mobile device does not encounter any difficulty in using them. Choosing a finger-friendly size will be sensible as it will be helpful for even differently-abled people to click them. Moreover, shapes that are easy to target with fingers like rectangle or circles must be used for designing these buttons. Adding shadows or gradients to impart dimensional effect will also help in targeting the buttons.


7. Adopt The Mobile First Approach

Responsive web design experts insist that the mobile first approach is adopted by professionals to ensure satisfying user experience. Creating a design for the mobile screen first will always make it easy to adapt the template to larger screen sizes. This will also ensure that the pages will render perfectly on all types of devices. Moreover, using this design approach will result only the most important and necessary design elements and functionality being included.


8. Include Keyboard Triggers In Forms

Forms have become vital components of modern interfaces. They help in enlarging the user base of an organization besides improving the website’s conversion rate. Responsive design will ensure that forms are rendered perfectly on all screens but including keyboard triggers can take user experience to another level. Incorporating triggers which are activated whenever a person starts using an input field will be a convenient feature. Users will like it when the numeric keypad appears as soon as they touch a numeric field or the ABC keyboard pops up on reaching a text input field.



The Canadian sports blogger will get a high-performance website providing optimum user experience if the firm offering responsive website design in Vancouver, hired for designing the interface employs the above-mentioned tips.

Best Web Design Company in India

Top 10 Web Design Companies in India

Here is a list of Top 10 Web Design Companies in India.

These are the best companies and service offering include Internet marketing, website development, Search engine optimization, Social media Optimization, Google Adwords, Mobile App Development, Adsense, webmasters etc.

1 | Mandy WebDesign

Corporate Office – Chandigarh

Business – Web Design & Development, Logo and Business Cards | Website – |

Mandy Web Design is the leading Web Design Company India that has served various niches of clients and has an experience of developing over 7500 websites in a small span of 6 years. The company specialises in Creative Web Design, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Business Card Design and Internet Marketing.

2 | Website Developers India

Corporate Office – India (Mumbai), USA, UK, Australia

Business – Website Development, Web Designing, Mobile App Development (Android, IOS), Digital Marketing | Website – |

Website Developers India is an award-winning, ISO certified expert Web Development company in India with years of experience of delivering 1000’s of websites for businesses globally. They have a 360-degree approach for your project that starts by understanding your requirements, your audience and your business objectives/goals. They identify the right development tools and technologies, create a project plan, make a schedule and deliver on time. They develop high-performance Websites and Mobile Application to deliver best Goal Conversions. Their project management team ensures timely deliveries for all small and large projects alike. They specialize in managing online businesses who need regular monthly updates with zero downtime.

3 | Acodez

Corporate Office – Gurgaon, Delhi NCR

Business – Web Design & Development | Website – |

Acodez is an international award-winning web design company & SEO agency based in India. Contact us now for website design and development services!

4 | Sparx IT Solutions

Corporate Office – Noida

Business – eCommerce Web & Development Services | Website – |

at Sparx IT Solutions, one of the pioneered web development companies,offer efficacious and effectual eCommerce web design, plug-in & module development solutions for small and medium level enterprises. Having intense love for web designing and development, our skilled and talented professionals remain abreast with the current industry trends to deliver prolific results. With the ineffable experience, our competent developers create customized e-commerce website to promote your brand effectively while bringing success as well as online sales.

5 | TIS India

Corporate Office – Noida

Business – Web & App Development | Website – |

TIS India is one of the leading digital agency in India. Hire us for creative website design, web application development & digital marketing. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

6 | First Point Web Design

Corporate Office – New Delhi

Business – Web Designing, Internet Marketing | Website – |

First Point Web Design a Web Designing Company in Delhi, India. We are centrally located in South Delhi Zone of Delhi in India. They offers website design, web development, mobile website, software development, internet marketing, graphic designing to the both domestic and international clients.

7 | World India

Corporate Office – Mumbai

Business – Web Design, SEO, Web Hosting | Website – |

World India is a leading Website Designing Company in mumbai India. Provide all IT services – SEO, website design, PPC & web hosting, web site development in mumbai India.

8 | Yoginet India

Corporate Office – New Delhi

Business – Website Design & Development Services | Website – |

Yoginet India – A team of experience and energetic professionals expertise in all sort of web designing, web development, e-commerce and SEO marketing services.

9 | Niyati

Corporate Office – Chennai

Business – Web & Mobile App Development | Website –  |

Niyati offers enterprise application development, website design, user interface design and branding services to customers across the world. How can we help you? . Delivering a richer digital experience for your Audience.

10 | Sopan Technologies

Corporate Office – Noida

Business – Web Design & Online Marketing | Website – |

Sopan Technologies is a leading offshore web development and software applications development company in India. We specialize in PHP development, Cake PHP development, Joomla development and Java based web applications development.

Accounts You Can Follow On Instagram For Web Design Ideas

Accounts You Can Follow On Instagram For Web Design Ideas

The internet is completely full of web design and UX inspirations, coming from so many directions. Right from most popular social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter to some of the more focused mediums like Dribble and more, you won’t even get limited in terms of web design ideas. With around 500 million daily active users if not more, IG is a popular platform for developers, artists and even future web designers to get some endless inspirations from the pros. Through this image based platform, you can get a sneak peek into lives of professional web designers and follow their thoughts and ideas for your upcoming web designing future. Make sure to check their real Instagram followers first and then be one of them.


  • Michael KorwinPiotrowski:


An art director by profession, he is a well and self-proclaimed art, pug and tattoo enthusiast. If you ever visit his profile, you will come across curated selection of the most promising design inspiration, right from stunning photography to some amazing selection of the graphic designing experiences. If you really want to sample his amazing UX works, then just log online and click his account for some more details.


  • Jessica Robbins:


A creative and UX designer by profession, she loves to run an IG account during her spare time and keep her followers updated on the latest changes in UX design thoughts. She makes sure to write her concepts on sticky notes and share those on her IG account for the people to look at and get some inspiration from. If you are planning to look for some new ideas, you might want to give her a follow.


  • Kevin Mercier:


This is another IG account that you have to follow for your web designing ideas. He focuses on the interactive forms of posts and UX designs, and shares those concepts in his IG account. In case you are looking for some design inspiration for your app or website, following his account can definitely help you out a lot.


  • Sander Crombach:


He is a freelance UX and product designer with a serious passion towards art and design. A lot of his IG profile comprises of intrigue travel photography. However, you are further going to find some links for inspiring articles that he writes on UX design and product. He is further known to share some of his design projects and processes for you to follow. So, following his account is a great way to procure some new inspirations for your web designing job later.

Always make sure to follow those accounts, which are showcasing clean design pictures and inspiring micro-animations. The field of web design is always on the change and it remains flexible. So, unless you are sure of the latest norms taking place you won’t be able to succeed. Following these IG accounts will solve your issues for sure as you will start getting inspirations from time to time. Just be sure to check these accounts at regular intervals if you don’t want to miss out on updates.

Author bio –

Daniel Mattei is a Professional writer. He has written many articles on Social Media. He is quite experienced in the field of web marketing as well as website designing. He can help you to get more real Instagram followers to increase the revenues of your business.

How to create a hotel price comparison app or website like Trivago-DWA

How to create a hotel price comparison app or website like Trivago

How much does it Cost to build a Hotel Travel App like Trivago


In this smart world with smarter people things are getting fast and faster, we are just a blink away from tons of information. Trivago is one of the companies which allow its users to search for hotels in the specified area and conditions.

People mistook it as a booking platform but it is actually a metasearch engine which displays you all the hotel’s pricing and you can sort them according to price. It is quite impressive how Trivago shows the hotels and their reviews in seconds which helps people to book affordable rooms to stay.

If you are really attracted by the work it does and wants to create your own app or website like Trivago then let us how can it be possible for us to get succeeded in this task:


  • Craft your idea


Now you have an idea about making a price comparing website or app but are sure that it will work like this? Maybe no, because of all the big fat companies already in this competition. So, what will it need to break the wall between you and your competitors?

The answer is by a having an idea which can impress anybody. Take your basic idea and craft it by thinking about its weak and strong points.



  • Features and Services


Your idea is solid and you want to begin building your website or app. In this phase, we will write down all the features and special services which will be provided to the visitors and users. Mobile application should also have rich features or you can consult it with amobile app development company in jaipur. It is necessary to include functionalities which are better than the others if staying in the competition is your motive.

Like trivago you can add following information of hotels to your website and app:

  1. Hotel’s name in the title
  2. Location of the hotel
  3. Ratings and reviews
  4. Special facilities provided by the hotel
  5. Price of the room
  6. Name of the booking platform



  • Build partnerships with sellers and booking platforms


It is time to go out and talk business. This is the most important and complex stage of all because if the talks don’t go as planned then the whole project can become a failure. So, take out your communication and presentation skills impress them with your out of the world ideas.

Booking platforms are the services which will provide information about hotels and rooms to display on our website or app. Whenever a user wants to book that hotel then he/she will be redirected to the booking site.


  • Gain technical expertise

A price comparing website or app will need professional work to be done, without proper knowledge about the technical aspects you even cannot start that you were dreaming of. To develop a website and an app, programming and designing are needed. You can learn various programming languages like HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript etc. for website and Java, XML, Swift etc. for app development.

If you are not planning to do this hard work, then you can hire a professional programmer and mobile application developers in Australia. They will charge you to do all the programming.

Our Indian app developers have enough efficiency to work on multiple technologies like Android SDK, Apple iWatch, iOS, AR and VR, PHP, Location based API and much more. if you are looking forward to hire the best development resources in Canada and Toronto, Digiwebart is the best address. Contact us now to explore more business opportunities with us.

How to grow your business through TriCity web design company

How to grow your business through TriCity web design company?

The problem with the web at this point is that it’s so large that getting anyone’s attention while browsing the web is becoming increasingly difficult.

We have such splintered attention and limited attention spans now thanks to instant gratification and social media access 24/7. People just don’t stop to notice things when their first impression doesn’t make a dent in their psyche.

Web Design Is the Answer

When a website isn’t designed well, it doesn’t stand out. When it doesn’t stand out, visitors fail to notice much of any significance on the site. They look, and they click away in a couple of seconds.

If the website layout is confusing or unclear, then they don’t take the time to figure out something that’s new to them. They prefer to go and run back to something they’re already familiar with to avoid putting the effort in. This is a sad reality of the times we live in.

A website has to be simple and easy to use, while still providing sufficient depth to interest visitors beyond their initial fancy free first minute of their visit.


Web Design Done Right

If you’re thinking about designing your website yourself, don’t. The reality is that Tricity web design company spend all day, every day, producing new sites for businesses just like yours. They know from experience what works and what does not. Have you got that same experience? Likely, you don’t.


The layout is important. The logo must load fast and look good. It must be clear what the business is all about within the first few seconds of arriving on a website. If it’s an industrial-based business, the site has to give that sense within the design. If it’s a gallery website for a local art gallery, again, the site has to give that clear impression within the first few seconds just from the design, graphics and layout.


You don’t get that kind of design specificity by buying a cookie cutter approach or using a template that you use yourself. These solutions are deployed on millions of websites, they look alike, and they don’t suit your specific business. The design has to match the industry or business type that you’re running, or it will look out of place, the visitor will get all confused and likely click away as quickly as they arrived.


Web Usability

Web usability is important too. When a site is difficult to navigate and find what a visitor wants, then they don’t stay long. Making sites easier for visitors to use is a higher priority for a quality web designing company. Especially, in this age of limited attention spans; you don’t usually get a second change to impress the first-time visitor.


Site Loading Speed Matters Too Now

Designing a website and optimizing it to load fast is also important. Tests show that the longer a website takes to load, the more people hit the ‘Back’ button. A web design company is going to be experienced in ensuring websites load as fast as they can on the web hosting that’s being used.

Web design skills to check while hire a web designer in your company

Web design skills to check while hire a web designer in your company


If you are a web design company Toronto, you must have a team of expert designer working for you. These must be the expert f their trade, having knowledge about the latest and critical technology and tools of web designing and more. While it is easier to say, the many job requirements of a reliable web designer often intimidate companies hiring them. In order to ensure that you have the best workforce asset in your organization, here are some important skills to assess in an expert web designer:Coding with CSS & HTML:

Coding with CSS & HTML is one of the basic skills that a web designer must have. How to read, edit and troubleshoot basic HTML should be the first requirement that a web designer must fulfill in order to qualify as a professional. In fact, this is something a web designer must be able to do even in his sleep. Substituting styles in CSS, working on font size and style on HTML are some of the basic exercises.


Photo editing:

A typical day in designing can end up working with images all through the day. Manipulating images is a core competency of an expert web designer. Cropping, resizing and playing with the image quality are a few common tasks that you are expected to perform without second thoughts. Check out whether the contender has the skills to make the most out of a photograph.

Making a print:

The printing applications are an integrated part of the web designing realm. A web designer must be ready to play with designs and make them print ready to sort the specific purposes. A core understanding of printing resolutions for different media types and color is a must along with the color code knowledge.

Ability to navigate a website through any device:

If the web designer is a pro, he/she must be able to work on any sort of devices- computer, mobiles and more. the client might ask you to help with any device. In order to understand what the client wants in the first place and how you can help, a designer must first have a basic understanding of variety of devices.


Understanding website design frameworks:

While making things from the scratch is commendable, a web designer must also have knowledge about design frameworks available on the web. The client can anytime ask you to make an instant website using a basic framework of his choice. This is also beneficial in case the client wants to take care of the website by himself once you hand over it to him.

Knowledge about latest trends:

Web design industry has the most fluctuating nature. As a website design company Toronto, you must be able to deliver projects that are feature rich and implement latest technologies. This is only possible when your workforce has all these talents in them. Check out whether the candidate is abreast with what is up and floating in the market or not.

Knowledge of design theory:

While a web designer Toronto must be able to explain the Color, flow, balance and proportion, spacing, he must also be able to narrate the design theory. Understanding what to do, why to do and how it affects the overall website aesthetic, is a very important aspect of web designing. A candidate that fails to explain the design theory is always at a losing point.

As a website design company Toronto, you must be able to locate these key aspects of a web designing in a candidate to ensure you hire the best one.