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How to get Insane Traffic from Reddit

How to Drive a FRIGGIN TON of Traffic with Reddit

From much of the internet Reddit is the gateway to everything interesting going on in the world, checking is like reading a daily newspaper except the fact that Reddit is Timelier, Interactive, Personalized, and Engaging. Basically Reddit is a website in which people submit links, blog posts, or images, and Videos or other stuff on the Reddit and other peoples Up vote or Down vote those links based on their Preferences it’s a simple idea but it’s make Reddit into a list of best stuff that audience are reading or watching on the internet. Every link posted on the Reddit goes to a Sub-Reddit which is related to that particular niche, subreddits are more niche communities that you’re subscribe to there are various Sub-Reddits for almost anything, when checking a subreddit you may notice that posts with the highest votes may not always rank to the top this is due to Reddits Time Decay algorithm which simply makes it easier for a newer post to Rise. To find a relevant subreddit you have to search on reddit and once you do a search on this you’ll find the results and use those Sub-Reddit which is more relevant to your content which you’re trying to submit.

5 Effective Ways to Use Reddit to Drive Traffic

1. Participate:

While starting on reddit to get huge traffic to your site firstly you have to participate in the Reddit community if you’re not Participating in this community you don’t really know what is trending i.e.. What audience on the reddit likes or what this audience don’t like by which you got an idea that what content works and what type of content don’t works.

2. Join Sub-Reddits:

It is the most important thing because the Sub-Reddits are the sections of the Reddit in which the audience talks about everything out there be it the subsections of fashion, digital marketing, travel, or the most trending one and many more. But once you join sub-reddits be participative in this as you got to know that what the audience on the Reddit liking or not.

3. Be Transparent:

This is an important point because redditers can smell and found marketers from even a mile away and that’s the main reason most Redditers struggle away while monetizing and getting the traffic from the Reddit through their website, if you’re not transparent on the reddit then audience are not going to like your content and none of your content does going to do well.

4. Replicate the Trending Content:

If your some content doing very well on the Reddit, create better content like the content which doing well on the reddit, but 10 times more better than the previous content out there because reddit prefers the more latest content as compared to the previous one due to its Algorithm.

5. Submitting:

When you submit and you have Participated, you have this community and you have the following on reddit you’ll going to find that they’ll start voting your content by which it’ll start generating you traffic and after some time you’ll get more visitors to your site by submitting your links, posts, images, and videos etc.

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