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Different Linux Operating Systems Which One Is Suitable For You

The Best Linux Operating Systems

There are different Operating System, for example, Windows, Linux, and others. But if we only talk about Linux, then there are also different operating System in Linux. We will see Top 5 Different Linux Operating Systems and tell you Which One Is Suitable For You. Ubuntu, Linux is nowadays is used by many users. Windows 7 at that time was one of these best Operating System used. As time passes, Windows users move towards the Windows 10. , we would recommend to visit Windows technology for more about linux and other Operating System.


On the other hand, there are many fans of Linux and users move to one version of operating system to another version of operating system.

List Of Different Linux Operating Systems

Here we have the list of the different version of operating system in the Linux.

  • Ubuntu
  • Debian
  • Fedora
  • PCLinuxOS
  • Mandriva
  • Linux Mint
  • openSUSE
  • Sabayon/G

Ubuntu Operating System?  What are the Advantages of Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is one of the best, operating systems and used in many ways. If you are doing ethical hacking then Ubuntu is a platform where you can experience your abilities. The best thing is, Ubuntu is an open source Software System that has a proper graphic user interface. Moreover, you can use the console for opening the specific programs. Commands in the console create the power of the Operating System.

Security is the other fundamental favorable position in the Ubuntu. A few whitehat programmers have added to the general security of Linux, and by making the source accessible to anybody, security specialists can help recognize any fundamental security blemishes in the working framework.

Ubuntu is for IoT devices:

Ubuntu is best known as the platform for performing different IoT projects. for example, if you are doing Home Automation System and you using technologies like raspberry pi 3, then it is for you. Moreover, Ubuntu is, in this case, is much better.

  1. There is no cost of Linux Operating System.
  2. For registration or activation, there is no need to pay the price to activate.
  3. 1 GHz x 86 processor
  4. User facilitate is the best advantage and many software are already installed in the Operating System. Which means you don’t need to install basics to start.
  5. We all know, nowadays for ethical hacks, Ubuntu is powerful and famous Linux Operating Systems.
  6. If your RAM is 512MB, it will also work on that.
  7. Ubuntu is a standout amongst the most secured working framework and characterizes the largest amount of security as looked at another working system.IT does not require excessively of specialized aptitudes to deal with it as the past adaptations of Linux OS. Ubuntu can be effectively introduced with some other working framework as well.

Why Fedora? What are the Plus and Negative points of Fedora operating System?

Fedora is a Linux Operating Systems which has a minimum requirement of 1GB ram and Must have 1GHz Processor. However, it is more user-friendly Operating System. There is much reason to use Fedora like:

  • Fedora is a bleeding-edge software which means that there are many bugs which automatic fixes. GNOME 3.22 is used by Fedora 25.
  • Fedora repositories are highly large which helps in providing different packages.


Dependability And Reliability in Fedora:

In our experience, Fedora 15 is greatly strengthened. Furthermore, it appears to adapt well to flakey equipment and any application disappointments are kept to that application.


Mandriva Linux was distribution by Mandriva. Recently, there is a release of Mandriva Operating System from Linux. Integration in the Application is much easier than ever Operating System which means that Mandriva is an Integrated Operating System. Here are the few advantages of Mandriva Linux Operating Systems:

 Smart desktop: Mandriva has taken KDE and scaly and become more flexible on the desktop than the Ubuntu and Fedora.

Installation is easier than other Systems: Installation of Mandriva System is easier means you just have to figure out what actually you have to do is easy.


Conclusion for Which One Is Suitable For You?

Here we have discussed three different Linux Operating Systems names: Fedora, Ubuntu, and Mandriva. We recommend you the Ubuntu because of it more reliable and easy to use than other systems. If your Operating System requires the 512 MB then still you can choose the Ubuntu. User Interface, integration and the installation period of Ubuntu is easy than other different Linux Operating Systems.

In the final analysis, If you feel any Confusion in above Operating System and Decisions. Furthermore, Let us know in the comment section. Tell us your experience of different Linux Operating Systems.