Measure your website accurately with WooRank

Measure your website accurately with WooRank

Describe the company – the elevator pitch …

WooRank is a super fast and easy-to-use technical SEO audit, reporting and keyword tracking tool. It works for both digital marketers and business owners alike, regardless of expertise.

WooRank is a fast-growing internet startup that is intent on providing businesses, online marketers and SEO experts a state of the art solution to optimize, promote and measure their websites instantly and easily.

How are you different?

Unlike other SEO audit tools, our report provides a dynamic score on a 100-point scale that is very easy to understand. This point system represents how well prepared your site is to get you results from your digital marketing efforts.

Our review is based on 70+ factors that range from keyword use and usability to social monitoring.

Even more valuable than the score, though, is the actionable insights and tips we provide to fix the issues with your website.

We have a customer success team and a large network of accredited experts that work round-the-clock, no matter what time zone you are in! That way, there is always a WooRanker ready and willing to help you if you have questions. This will ensure you obtain the biggest return on investment to your online marketing.

Because the score we provide is dynamic, our tool is essential for digital marketers to keep tabs on how their website is doing in the long-term. Google is constantly changing its ranking factors, so it’s important to know how these changes are impacting your score.

Additionally, our investment into the innovative startup WordLift has assisted us in preparing for a focus on context based search, or more broadly, the semantic web. We absolutely believe that this will be the focus for the industry for the next few years. We are working closely with WordLift to develop new tools and strategies to prepare ourselves and our customers for the Artificial Intelligence Revolution.

Why will you do well?

The reason behind our continued growth and success can be attributed to our hyper-talented team and the obvious need for an affordable product like ours.
We offer free website reviews (without the bells and whistles of our paid tool) to anyone looking to get a quick glimpse of how their site is doing. For our members, we provide uptime notifications to alert you if ever your site goes down. With this, we help our customers avoid a potentially disastrous situation.

We believe the actionable advice we offer to our customers is invaluable. The constantly evolving world of SEO can be perplexing, and we simplify the daunting task of optimization for users at any skill level.

Our company culture is the dominant reason for success. The brilliant minds behind our keyword tracker and site crawler make WooRank stand-out against other SEO audit tools.

The entire team at WooRank genuinely loves working here, which translates to enthusiasm and creativity behind all of our projects. You can really see the passion we have for our product in everything we do.

Where are you based?

WooRank is based in Brussels, Belgium – but we have team members all over the world! We are represented in California, India, Hungary, Spain…etc.

When was the company launched?

We launched in January of 2010.

What have been your biggest wins to date?

Since our launch, we have welcomed more than 1 million registered users. We generated more than 22,000 Advanced Reviews in 2017!

A huge win for us was making our service available in six different languages. We have also achieved a 93% customer satisfaction rate.

Who are you trying to attract to your product?

Anyone and everyone! We think one of the greatest attributes of the WooRank tool is its versatility. If you are new to SEO, WooRank is easy to use and understand. If you are a digital marketing expert, our site crawl’s technical analysis can help you identify on-page issues you might not have otherwise seen.

Our content (blog, SEO guides, etc.) is also super helpful to those who are hoping to learn more about search engine optimization and the semantic web.

What tips would you give to others looking to build their business?

You should always focus on the needs and requirements of your customer and aim to help them at all stages. At WooRank, our focus has and always will be on making SEO and digital marketing simple and actionable for our customers.

It is also important to cultivate a great company culture. A happy team is a productive team.

Tell us about your team?

In a word, awesome. We are all over the globe, and yet with modern technology like Slack, it never feels like we are too far away from each other.

The team in Brussels has lunch together every day, and we are all close outside of work as well. It is a very unique in that we are more than coworkers – we are friends.

The development team is beyond brilliant. They work tirelessly to make sure our product is always running smoothly. They are also always striving to improve our SEO audit tool with new features, which are executed collaboratively and seamlessly.

The marketing team is the creative force behind our company. The team is growing and coming up with new ways to market our product on a daily basis.

Our team is built on mutual respect for each other’s talents and strengths, and they make WooRank more efficient and valuable every day.

What are your plans for the future?

As we mentioned earlier, our plans to branch out into the world of semantic SEO is on the top of our priority list.

We strive to constantly innovate and provide our customers with the tools and insight to make their site findable in the ever-changing world of SEO and digital marketing.

What are your favourite tech gadgets?

Anything that makes our lives easier. Specifically, Google Home because you can sync all of your other gadgets! Voice-based search makes everything so much easier.
“OK Google, set a timer for 10 minutes.”
No more burnt pizza!

The WooRank team weighed in on their favorite gadgets, and their answers included both FitBit (we all wear them!) and Chromecast.

What tech gadgets do you wish you could use to help you?

To elaborate on the voice-based search and focus on the semantic web, we would love to use assistants like Google Home and Alexa for business.

The future of SEO is going to focus on contextual information, machine learning and using semantic technology. So, repurposing those home assistants for business would be a welcome evolution.

Anything else you’d like to add/we should have asked?

We absolutely love to get to know our customers and form relationships with other digital marketing experts. Don’t ever hesitate to reach out to us, even if it’s just to chat about SEO trends.

How do people get in touch with you?

Easily. We are reachable through the WooRank Help Center. As mentioned before, there is virtually always someone manning the desk to help with questions. You can also email the team directly at

You can always reach out to us on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn!

How can a Custom Logo Digitizing Impact the Overall Identity of your Business

How can a Custom Logo Digitizing Impact the Overall Identity of your Business?

A custom logo digitizing is made with the help of computerized designs and this process includes the artistic skills of digitizing in any designer. These logos are made by the people who are specialized in arts and who can prepare the professional digitizing logo easily.

In today’s time customized and embroidery design services are being very famous in corporate society. As these entrepreneurs are using such kind of custom logos for making their business identity. Despite the embroidery machines many of the organization are demanding the customized logo which is created with the help of digital designs. Most of the techniques that digital makes of logo use are imprinted from different designs booklet.

The Customization of any logo makes the identity for your business and distinguishes your name in the market. This digitizing of the logo makes your brand different and unique from your competitors. This is why it is important to implement such kind of strategy to make your business identity strong, with a flow of some important message in it. This customization of the logo makes your brand identity look different and convey your message directly to the customer. The daily usual uniform can bore the employee and as well it is not affecting the customer or brand in any way. Therefore it is important to implement some message or logo that will attract people and convey some kind of message in it. The brand identity of your business is portrayed in a strong way and also exhibits the values that your company is holding.

However, these logo designs make your business accepted in the society and will increase the awareness of your brand name. These kinds of logos make your business enhance with a good reputation. Digitizing is an answer that every customer ask for, as it consists of some message that builds integrated values between brand and customer.

These digitizing logos will refine the parameters of any product and it is created with the help of different digitizing software. This digitizing software will make the logo design with a constructed message in it. This makes the identity of any business become prominent and refines the reputation within the market through expanding the advertisement message in consumer’s mind.

The early organization and people used to demand the embroidery digitizing logo which makes the uniform become attractive but in today’s time, many of the business entrepreneurs prefer using custom logo digitizing for their products. The millennial entrepreneur loves to implement such kind of logos in their work and make their work prominent in front of their customers.

For this reason, many of the business prefer having these custom logos digitizing that exposes the work they do and also interpret the type of nature they implement while working. These logos represent the work that any organization is doing and how they are carrying out there work. These logos also carry some of the advertisement and marketing benefits that make the business identity grow rapidly.

Wrapping Up

EmPunch is an embroidery digitizing shop that offers the Professional Custom Logo Digitizing Services in USA.  Our company truly believes that custom logo digitizing is an art and can reflect some of the businesses with this art.

Necessary Skills That Are vital to becoming an Android Developer

Necessary Skills That Are vital to becoming an Android Developer

Nowadays, Web and Application development is one of the leading disciplines across the world. With the explosion of the internet and the advancements in technology, it is essential that the developers today match the standardized skills to keep up with the changing dynamics of the development. The upsurge of mobile usage has increased the demand for Android developers. After exploring the wide range of capabilities and skills of the developers, we have found the vital 6 skills which every developer must be polished on. If you are someone, who is keen on developing his career as an Android Developer then listed below are the few vital ones:


If you are still oblivious to the revolution this language has bought, then my friend don’t belong to the field. It is the main language used for the Android Development. Possessing a sound knowledge of this language makes the development of the application smooth. Through it, developers are aware of the code used, type of data integrated, devices it works on and the memory resources used. Developers need to be careful with the types of the codes used along with the details which they are providing. Nurturance on this skill is important because it makes the decision related to the memory required.


Being a developer and not learning XML, is no option. This language is similar to the HTML as it shares the identical structure of markup language such as angle brackets, types of tags etc. It enables a smooth flow of data and is easy to learn. It allows Android developers to create a layout which serves as a base to the UI for the consistent functioning of Android apps. Through it, the application of Java codes can be modified while they are running.


An inarguably essential skill for developers is to master the skill of interaction to various devices. This interaction is based on the API nurturance, which allows us to distinguish between the two data. It adds the versatility aspect in our development capabilities, essential for survival in this competitive industry. For instance, through Google API we can get track the user location and provide them suggestions related to the outlets, deals and more contained by the application. By studying various APIs, we will be able to explore that difference exists between the two APIs.

Material Design

Being an Android Developer, it makes is kind of obligatory to keep our skills up-to-date. Material Design is one such phenomenon that has resulted because of the evolution of technology to add consistency in UI. Developed in 2014, it allows to integrate various features on the screen and to design it according to our preferred style. The transitions, graphics, surfaces, and the overall design is enhanced through its use in the application.

Android Studio

Android Studio is the name given to the integrated development studio selected by the Android Developer. It holds many features allow seamless interface development. It is created on the software JetBrains’ IntelliJ IDEA which is particularly developed for the Android development. Major PyCharm programming languages are supported on it such as Kotlin, Python, and IntelliJ. The completion of code in it enables the auto-generation of suggestions while we type. It CPU and storage tracking assist the developers with efficient coding and maintaining high performance.

Android SDK

SDK is the acronym of the Software Development Kit, which is a set of the pre-packed codes. These are also termed as JAVA code modules, which make the camera and accelerometer accessible to the developer. Gradle is the main component of the Android Studio which lets the application to integrate with the social media platforms. For this, we have to download the SDK of the social media we aim to integrate, and then tell it to Gradle. Every detail of the Android SDKs can be found in the document which provides us with all the information related to the package and its plug-ins. It is one of the fastest tools for developing an application, and therefore essential for developers to learn.

If you are someone who aims to build his career as an Android Developer, you should possess these must-have skills.

About the Author

Nida Amber is the author of this blog post. Nida works for a development Company in the Dubai and also likes to post blogs for the site EssayWritingAe – Online Essay and Assignment Writing Service. Her blogs are related to the people working in the industry of website development, Education, technology and primarily.

Why was web designing difficult in the past

Why was web designing difficult in the past?

The upsurge of technology and the advent of business with every passing second on the internet, the discipline of web designing and development have widened. Practicing as a designer for the past 6 years, I have discovered many ins and outs of the field. Initially, I had no inclination towards web designing. Nevertheless, based on the emergence of the internet and growth of the website exponentially, I opted to build my career in it. Earlier, it was difficult to progress in the field as it surprisingly exploded into a large industry form a niche. Some of the difficulties which were experienced are illustrated below:

  • Fail at making projections

It is one of the most common problems highlighted by various past designers. Since the discipline was new, we as designers were unaware of forming a coherent outline of the project. The planning was not given the attention, which should have been at that time, which resulted in affecting the project progress negatively. While designing the website the company goals were not taken into account which lacks the reflection of the business image. The visuals were not incorporated because simple symbols and tabulations were included. Therefore, the reach of the website to the target audience was difficult. It was later learned that a written document should be shared between both the parties, where the requirements, need and the estimate of the project was exhibited.

  • Matching the project requirements

In order to make the site innovative and unique, the designers needed to devise new compelling ways. For this, they not only undergo an extensive search but also seek advice and suggestions from the various parties. New to the field, I was unaware, that the site needs to cater to both the market and client need but also the audience for which it is catered. Forming a correlation between the project requirements and the audience is important, though the past designers learned it the hard way. The designers today are aware that both the client demands and the audience demands are matched.

  • Keeping content secondary

The designers of the past use to regard content as a secondary concern. It makes them lack the working on it. Due to this, the ranking of the site devised was affected significantly. The designers when making a proposal to the client did not really mention the content development, which affected the effectiveness of the work produced.

  • Lacking the management skills

Production of the work in an effective and efficient manner is integral for success. Prior designers use to make mistakes in terms of scheduling the time for working on a project. They lack the communication skills as well, which made the clients agitated at the other end usually enduing up not placing order again. However, designers today realize the impact a smooth communication and effective management can bring to the table. Therefore, if you are a neophyte designer be sure to work on these aspects and be in the client’s good books.

  • Fail at determining realistic project cost/time

With the significant growth and the influx of designers in the industry, it was a challenge to determine the cost a certain project would cost. The designers viewing the competition and the potential the industry holds, usually take up on the project without actually estimating the realistic cost which will incur on its time. It was later learned that the project must be planned in an effective manner which takes into account the contingency pay which must be paid by the company along with the additional time for the extra work done on the project.

  • Being Careless

Initially, designers were so focused on expanding their database of clients, they indulge in so many activities, and projects that made them compromise on the quality of the work produced. They use to reuse the templates instead of coming up with a custom design for the website which not only benefited them in terms of a satisfied client but also makes their portfolio strong. Therefore, don’t be oblivious to these facts and consider quality over quantity.

  • The blurring of the actual goals

The desire to excel in the competition was so strong that conventional designers aimed at getting the task done shortly and not attaining the feedback from the client served. This impacted the work, as they were unaware of the factors which could improve the quality of the work produced. The format and structure were not being devised from stretched which made them look bad, as repetition of it made their work mediocre.

  • Neglecting the SEO

Search engine rankings play an integral role in the success of the business. The better the site rank the more notorious ones work becomes. The designers lack the fundamental understanding of it, due to which they lack the gears to improve the site ranking. Better SEO nourishment allows the designers to position their site better, along with its structure, coding and more. The present era designers are well aware of all the basic of the SEO which has made the work easy for them.


Make sure that these are not the mistakes made by you. The work produced by you as a designer must reflect your abilities in the best possible way. My personal piece of advice to all the designers is that since the freelance market is extending and businesses are more inclined towards outsourcing their work, it is important that every web designer makes a portfolio ready to exhibit the capabilities one possesses. The market concentration and the competition in the market have made it imperative for the designers to diversify their options and make room for some passive income. This will allow the designer to establish direct contacts with the client’s essential for his surgical in the ind

5 Top reasons to hire the best mobile app development company

5 Top reasons to hire the best mobile app development company

App development playing extensively crucial role in today’s competitive mobile market. There is no symptom of slowing the development of the mobile app, as well. If you have an idea regarding an app and want it to developed soon, you first have to decide your requirements for app development. Furthermore, you will have to determine whether your business requires an app for a single platform or on several platforms. If you have chosen to develop the app on several platforms, you have to decide if you should go for native apps or cross-platform apps.

There is a lot that goes into developing a mobile app. Thus, it is suggested that you hire the best and experienced mobile app developers. It is always good to give your contract of the project to a reputed app development company. However, if you are planning to hire a freelancer, think again!

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should hire an experienced developer from the best app development company:

1. High-end security

When you form an app from a company, whether contracting out or hiring the company’s developers for a specified time, they take the responsibility of security. Your projects and data will be safe. Moreover, your project will be finished within due time and budget.

2. Availability

When you hire the best app development company, the developer will ensure that your project is finished as it has been guaranteed. If the person who was developing your app falls sick, the company will give away the project to someone else who can complete the project on time. So, no need to worry about the availability of the developer, your project will be done within time.

3. Eyes on the project

The best app development company will provide you with access to keep an eye on your work project. You could see your project’s daily activity, project book of the developer.

4. Resources

You do not have to keep worrying about the resources needed for the app development. The developer hired by you will have all the required resources for the app development which is provided by the company.

5. Professionalism

You might need someone who holds the best skills in mobile app development. Hiring the best developers from an app development company provides you with the ability to bring a skilled person for your project.

A mobile app development company in jaipur has a team of skilful and tech-savvy developers, who are highly skilled in their work.

Important Things

Tricks You Can Rely On To Remember Important Things That You Need To Do

It is common for us to forget many important tasks in our daily routine. It even happens with stuff that is of crucial importance as well. However, with all the burden and tough routine we don’t seem to be doing much about it. But with little bit of planning and by taking the right approach, we can easily get rid of all such hassles. From technological solutions to simple old school methods, there are so many different tricks available today to help you remember important things that you need to do. Let’s try to explore some of the options that you can try out in this regard.

Rely On Reminders Apps

There are quite a few reminders applications available to the smartphone users today and they can pick the best ones to ensure that they don’t forget about anything important in future. Such apps are available both for Android and iOS and you can get the appropriate version according to your requirements. Some of the popular apps include:

  1. Do

It’s a popular to-do list application for android and iOS users. You can add just about any task to the to-do list and the app will remind you of that on the scheduled time and date. There are different task customizations available and many useful features can be taken advantage of.

  1. Google Keep

Though it’s a note taking app, but you can also use it as your reminders app due to a certain functionality that comes built into it. The app allows notes to simply pop up on the screen at a pre-set time and place and that’s exactly what you can take advantage of.

  1. GTasks

It’s a unique reminders app that can be synced with some other apps as well to be more productive than ever. You can set reminders or tasks that you need to accomplish and the app will remind you of that at your desired time.

Take Advantage Of Online Alarm Clocks

For the working class, online alarm clocks serve as a perfect reminders tool that they can rely on even for their most important assignments. A good example for such alarm clocks would be set online alarm as it does the job nicely and comes with quite a few useful features. All you have to do is to set a timer and the alarm clock will start sounding at the specified time. There are different alarm sounds available and the most sophisticated clocks come with other useful features as well like stop watch, counter, countdown timer, etc. Remember, however, that if you want to take advantage of these online alarm clocks, you will have to keep your computer or laptop turned on otherwise it won’t work.

Write Everything Down

Now that’s an old school method of remembering things and it requires you to simply have a notebook in your pocket and note down anything that pops up into your mind and you have to do it at a later time. You can also take advantage of the notepad in your computer system for writing things down but that won’t be accessible all the time. So, it’s better that you take the old-fashioned approach and keep a small notebook in your pocket every time that you can easily check out regularly to make sure that you never miss out on anything.

So, these are a few tricks that you can try out to remember important things that you need to do. Whether you want to rely on just a single approach or use them simultaneously, it’s completely your choice. Nevertheless, they provide a reliable way for you to stay on top of your schedule and never forget about anything important.

Online Calculator

Interesting Online Calculators That You Must Check Out

Today we’re living in a digital world where everything has gone online and can be accessible with a few clicks of a button from just about anywhere in the world. And, with everything going digital, so have the tools that can help us keep our lives on track. Yes, we’re referring to calculators here but not the typical calculators that we use in our Maths class at school. Online calculators are the most sophisticated tools that can help us perform even the most complicated calculations in a jiffy. These calculations aren’t just specific to any particular area of expertise, rather you can find online calculators to calculate just about anything from monthly loan repayments to your pregnancy due dates.

And if you are looking for a single resource with a wide variety of such calculators, you’d find Calculator All to be quite helpful for you. So, let’s check out some of the most popular online calculators that you can take advantage of.

  1. Auto Loan Calculator

If owning a luxury car has been your dream for so long, and you are planning to get an auto loan, you can take help from an online auto loan calculator to get some insights into different auto loan options available. You can use this information to perform a bit of a comparison in order to find out which one suits your needs best. The loan calculator can provide you with details like what your monthly repayments would be, how much tax you’ll be paying over the term of the loan, and how your repayment schedule would look like. Now, that’s quite a lot of information to set up a perfect plan to own a new car.

  1. Mortgage Calculator

Just like buying a car, owning a home is a dream for many. And, most of us rely on mortgages to put ourselves on the route to owning a new home. However, with different mortgage options available, it is important to evaluate them all before putting the bet on one of them. Most of the reliable mortgage calculators around will give you information like monthly payments, necessary down payment amount based on the given percentage, total mortgage payments, total interest that will be accrued, and the mortgage payoff date.

  1. GPA Calculator

This one is a useful calculator for students who often have to find it hard to evaluate their Grade Point Average in universities. They have to maintain a certain GPA in order not to get detained so they want to keep a check on it at all times. A typical GPA calculator would require you to provide information like your credits and grades you have scored in different subjects and as a result you will be presented with your GPA standing according to the provided details.

  1. Body Mass Index Calculator

In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep ourselves fit, we have to maintain a certain Body Mass Index value. It actually determines whether or not we have a healthy weight considering our height and age. Performing calculations with a BMI calculator is pretty straightforward as you just have to provide it with some measurements and hit the calculate button to be presented with the results. The information you have to provide to the calculator includes your age, height, weight and gender. The calculator will calculator your BMI and tells you where you stand according to the recommended BMI range for your body type. Good calculators even suggest how much weight you need to lose or gain in order to maintain a healthy BMI.

  1. Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator

It is normal for women to gain weight during pregnancy. However, how much it should be is a major concern and you really need to keep a check on it. A reliable pregnancy weight gain calculator will give you insights into your weight gain at different stages of your pregnancy. You have to provide information like your current week in pregnancy, your height, the weight before pregnancy and whether or not you’re pregnant with twins. The calculator will provide you information on your BMI before you got pregnant, the current recommended weight range and the recommended weight range at the time of delivery. And, if you are able to find a good online calculator, it will show you an entire table suggesting recommended weight range and gain at during different weeks of your pregnancy.

So, use these calculators for performing different calculations that you might be interested in. In fact, there are hundreds of more calculators that you’ll be able to find online and it’s just the matter of knowing which one you need to use.

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Best Business Apps 2018-19: The best apps for Entrepreneurs and Businessmen

The 8 Best Business Apps of 2018 for Entrepreneurs and Businessmen

VIP Billionaires

Price- $15

Category- Social Networking

‘VIP Billionaires’ is known as the apps for the rich peoples like entrepreneurs and businessmen. It is an app that works like an online social networking app for the wealthy people. Through this app, the rich people can chat with millions of other affluent users. They can send and receive requests from other users, share their activities and much more.

👉 Download link


Price- Free

Category- Travel

JetSmarter is often described as the expensive twin-version of Uber. However, the only difference is that in this app one could search private jets instead of cars. Members of this app can book a private flight all over the US, Middle East, and Europe without dealing with brokers, paper-works or phone calls.

👉Download link


Price- Free

Category- Travel

An app that provides its members accesses to premium vacation rental properties accompanied by on-site attendant services that can organize single detail of specialized routes. The app possesses over 900 accommodations 150 locations. Inspirato partnered up with American Express in 2013 and provided with some additional benefits and discounts on American Express cardholders.

The membership fee begins at $10,000 with $3,400 in yearly subscription.

👉Download link


Price- Free

Category- Lifestyle

It is Tinder for the wealthy people; it is a millionaire dating app that makes matchmaking as simpler as one swipe. Luxy is unlike any other app; it closely examines each member’s financial background by asking them for their yearly income and verifies it by using tax returns. Each Luxy profile is depicted with the user’s net worth and the logos of brands selected by the user.

Above all, the user needs to be Luxy BLACK and Luxy PLATINUM subscriber in order to send messages to others. You will find the combination of executives, CEOs, athletes, supermodels, and celebrities with an income of $200,000 on Luxy.

The memberships price for the Luxy BLACK and Luxy Platinum ranges from $99.99 to $999.99.

👉Download link

Sotheby’s International Realty

Price- Free

Category- Lifestyle

The Sotheby’s International Realty is equipped with a directory of multi-million $ luxury homes. The app provides a virtual look into the property and its neighborhood with a one-click contact with Sotheby’s brokers.

👉Download link


Price- Free

Category- Lifestyle

It offers tap on-demand beauty services wherever you are. The app provides services such as blowouts and styling at $50, haircuts $75, manicures at $35, makeup at $75, one hour massage at $125 and much more. All the professionals in PRIV put up with rigorous training before they are added to the apps directory.

👉Download link


Price- Free

Category- Travel

The wealthy people would care less about their old cars or air travel; this is where Sailo comes. It is an app that provides boat and yacht rentals in locations like New York, Greece & the Greek Islands, the Caribbean, Croatia, Turkey, or Italy. The members can rent for a day or for a week, that too ‘without or with a captain’ option.

👉Download link

VIP Black


Category- Lifestyle

VIP Black is the most expensive apps on iTunes that serves as an all-around lifestyle app. The app proffer surprise gifts, premium upgrades, welcome packages, priority access, exclusive rates, and many unique advantages over international partners. The on-demand concierge service let the users have the world at their fingertips; theater tickets, tables at excellent restaurants, personal trainers, butlers, private jet, personal styling and much more.

Users to become a member must verify net worth of over £ 1,000,000.

👉Download link



indian wedding cards online free indian wedding card matter indian wedding cards design with price indian wedding card designs free download modern indian wedding invitations unique indian wedding invitations free indian wedding invitation ecards online indian wedding invitation website free
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Indian Wedding Card Design : 10 Awesome Card Design for Marriage

With wedding season around the corner, it is only natural that everyone is going bonkers with the ideas. Be it about the wedding cards, that lehenga design, those floral arches design or the regular catering service, weddings are the time when you go big and bold on everything you can lay your hands on. But do we have enough ideas to implement? Probably. How about we recommend the top wedding card ideas and trends this wedding season so that your invitation stands out from the rest?

1)  Calligraphy and greens: Not all wedding cards have to be red and gold. Some can be green and white too. Go majorly stylish on the font which can set it up as a unique proposal for your guests. Wedding card designs, Indian has been a trail blazer and it is essential that it continues to do that. If you have a forest themed wedding or a destination wedding where you intend to incorporate a lot of greens, this one can go out in all boughs and branches and send a sweet message.

2)  Trend it up with water colours: if you like soft, pastel hues and shades, you can always opt for a watercolour shaded wedding invitation card. Currently trending as one of the best Indian wedding card designs, the covers could be detailed in intricate cut outs such that it gives a detailed lace like feel which is equally delicate.

3)  Fonts that stand out: Simple and minimal is the trend and is always classy. So, instead of going bold on the colour, go bold on the font. Choose one that resonates with your style to make it more personalised.

4) How about a balloon inside the card : no, it is not just the balloon. You could have a wedding invitation with a quirky message that is more like a DIY activity for your invitees. A message printed on the balloon would be a fun way to design your wedding invite.

5)  Floral all the way: any spring or autumn wedding calls exclusively for floral wedding invitation cards. It is not just any floral design these days. Top wedding card trends have a lot of designs which border on the verge of contemporary and modern when it comes to wedding invitations.

6) Detailing in gold, silver and even bronze: if you are one of the supporters of monochrome, a minimal detailing in gold or even silver complementing your personal style would bring out the beauty in that wedding card. Be it a wedding cards design in jaipur or even Udaipur, the trends of integrating gold with red and black and silver with white are one of the most popular trends. You could also add a twist of Europe by sending it out as a rolled message.

7) Rustic tags: Rustic is old school and rustic is fancy. Even if it is one of the oldest methods, put those tags on the cards for your groom squad or the bride squad. It is essential that you do because it is them you want by your side and it is important that you make it special.

8)  Travel junkie? How about make a card like that?: if you are one of those couples who loves travelling around the world, why not put that on the card. You could design one of the places you have travelled together and the different milestones that you have achieved to give it a personal touch. It is memories after all and it deserves to be preserved.

9)  Pop Up cards: if it is a destination wedding, theme your cards accordingly. If it is the Jaipur, ensure that the card pop up gives out a subtle message.

10)  Boxed invites: multiple cards for multiple ceremonies in one single box with different accompaniments. Take it up a notch by making an invitation basket which is traditional and classy at the same time.

Best Free Graphic Design Tools

Ten Useful Tools and Software for Graphic Design Projects

Like an artist demands a canvas, a graphic designer demands essential tools and softwares to get the ball rolling. A plethora of softwares and tools are essential when it comes to churning that workout which has timeline constraints. Let’s take a look at the top ten graphic design tools list and the essential softwares for graphic design companies in india which can be used to accomplish their projects.

  • Photoshop: Be it a beginner or a professional designer, the graphic design software list is incomplete without Photoshop. Not only it is one of the most popular graphic design tools and equipment, but also allows the advantage of editing those videos, performance and fixing the images just as easy as it could get.
  • Illustrator: Another flagship product from the house of Adobe, download this graphic design software online for an extensive experience. Not only is the touch type feature a blessing for beginners but the transformation tool makes it the most used graphic design tools for beginners. If you have been taking those graphic designing courses in Jaipur, ask for a licensed version of the tool for an enhanced experience.
  • GIMP: The GMU Image Manipulation Program is a perfect alternative to the Photoshop. If you are looking for an alternative tool which has features that are user friendly, GIMP gives you a secure playground to experiment. Use it in a full screen or a single window mode, it is definitely bound to become one of the most used applications on your desktop.
  • Inkscape: If you are an adventurous graphic designer who loves options and illustrations, Inkscape could be the software you have been looking for. A professional tool that allows sketching, colouring and modelling, it is hard to miss when it comes to curating a list for professional graphic designing tools.
  • Indesign: If you are someone who is interested in designing a layout for the desktop and that mobile application, Indesign is one of the softwares that should be on the top of your list. Getting creative has never been easier. Indesign is flexible, user friendly, interactive and has a lot of features that can help you get started with the ordeal in no time.
  • Xara: The Xtreme version of the software is one of the best illustrating softwares in the market. Use the inbuilt tools and features to resize and reinvent the images that suit your style and ideas.
  • Serif Drawplus: Graphic Designing is not limited to editing photos and videos or creating logos. It can be used to enhance the quality of web pages that form the basis of content marketing as well. Throw in a couple of 3D animations and vector imaging processes to make your designs stand out.
  • Corel PhotoImpact: Easy and compatible across all operating systems, PhotoImpact offers an Express Fix feature that helps you fix every defect that your images or artefacts might have. Create a visually captivating image which can boost the appeal of the picture.
  • PaintShop: Be it a photo management tool or a video editing tool, graphic designers need softwares to make the job easier for them so that the streak of creativity does not stop. PaintShop, even if compatible with Windows only, supports multiple batch processing which helps you get the work done faster.
  • Google Sketch-up: If you are just starting out with nary an experience in the field of Graphic design and have a couple of graphic design projects, Google Sketch-up is a decent start!