latest trends in ios app development

Emerging Trends of IOS App Development for 2018

The emerging trends and changes in mobile technology are growing at a rapid pace. Without faltering to provide users with functionalities, features and services of various kinds, the number of mobile app users has exceeded 4 billion and it will continue to increase by 2019. This statistic clearly conveys how the use of mobile apps is transforming every aspect of user experience ranging from connecting to other people to becoming a means of business, mobile apps have the power to encompass every single thing can think of.

Being one of the major mobile app development platforms, IOS is a prevalent choice when the core app requirements involve more user engagement and app quality. Both the IOS and Android app platforms have different functionalities and features therefore, choosing either of them depends on factors relating to development cost and demographics however the development trends of these platforms carry the same importance too.

The right use of app development tools and adhering to recent development trends matters the most. The skill and expertise of IOS app developers are displayed with the proper utilization of these trends and convey how their work can be recognized amidst the 2 million mobile apps on Apple app stores.

Using the right tools for the development of IOS apps is essential however, the selection of the correct IOS app development tool is important as well. Here are the top development trends of 2018 that you need to keep an eye on for your IOS app development venture.

Incorporating Artificial Intelligence

The main reason why IOS is prevalent amongst most developers is that it utilized the concept of artificial intelligence and turned it into a personal assistant for IOS devices, widely known as Siri. Artificial intelligence no longer seems like an elusive and far-off endeavor as developers can now integrate Siri with IOS apps using SiriKit, allowing people to use this AI-based assistant in both IOS and watchOS apps. This integration of Siri with apps will allow users to access features of different apps and even suggest you shortcuts to your most used mobile apps.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

The trend of using augmented reality in mobile apps started with Pokémon Go, where users can interact with AR objects in the real world. This fusion of AR in real world interaction introduced a new trend of simulated environment mobile apps with an innovative twist. Apple is rendering rapid advancements in this trend as with their ARKit 2, developers can create AR/VR apps that offer user experience relating to interaction with AR environments and objects. This platform works on IOS 12 and offers functionalities such as shared AR experiences and detection of objects.

Improved Security

Security breach has always been a main concern of every mobile app user. Hacking and misusing of data is very common as seen by the recent breach of security in the Android app for Fortnite, the topic of security mishaps is becoming a vital topic for improvement in app security. Apple is gradually improving its approach to maintaining user security and privacy by making App Transport Security (APS) essential for every new app published on the Apple App Store. The two-factor authentication method already exists but with the use of APS, IOS apps will become more secure than ever.

Apple Pay

Apple is revolutionizing payment methods with the introduction of a digital wallet called Apple Pay. The process of sending and receiving money will become easier as there will no need to incorporate a payment method or portal for purchasing apps in the IOS app store. This method will be more secure as users will no longer have to rely on third party payment methods and simplifies the entire process of making purchases on the web. Working with Apple devices you use every day, Apple Pay is here to dominate and modernize mobile payments.



The rapid change in development trends is going to completely revolutionize and revamp the future of IOS apps. These trends are still emerging and will be seen evidently in the upcoming years. It is clear now that the forthcoming advancements in mobile app technology are going to be more secure and will sustain higher levels of user engagement. IOS apps will entirely depend on mobile app strategies and this shows how 2019 is going to be an important year for iPhone app development, as these trends will soon become the future of IOS apps.


10 Tips To Protect Your Android Phone From Virus

10 Tips To Protect Your Android Phone From Virus

If the possibilities of losing your data are giving you nightmares, just wait till your phone is attacked and infected by viruses!


While our PCs have always been a soft target for hackers, our smartphones are no longer spared. Those malware and ransomware have already invaded the security front. According to a recent report, 81% of all affected smartphones are Android, and merely 3% are iPhones. With attacks rising at an alarming level, you need precautions to shield your device against malware and other infections.


Here are 10 ways you can avoid malware from stealing your personal data and steer clear of infections.


1. Do not install apps from suspicious third-party stores


Google has been trying its best to restrict the spread of malicious code. It follows strict built-in mechanisms to screen new apps before they are uploaded to the Play Store. Therefore, it has always been insisting users download applications only from its store.


On the other hand, most other third-party app stores are loaded with malicious apps. Interestingly, they don’t even pretend to be secure. They function by luring users to better experiences. There are also a lot of fake versions of popular paid apps available out there that extract sensitive data from users like banking details, device information, etc. and flee.


2. Use a third-party antivirus app


ITL Phone Cleaner’s antivirus module is one of the best phone cleaner app available on the Play Store. It protects your phone against malware, adware and other infections in real-time and quarantines them before they can cause any damage. What you only need to do is to update the app from time to time. The maker regularly offers bug fixes and bring updates against new vulnerabilities.


3. Add Settings to prevent app installs from unknown sources


There is a setting in your Android device that prevents you from downloading applications other than from the Google Play store.


Step 1: Go to Settings on your phone.

Step 2: Scroll down to Security.

Step 3: Under Device Administration, tap on Unknown sources. Leave it unchecked.


4. Visit only secured and trusted websites


Websites are very easily accessible for the comfort of our smartphones today. The ones with HTTPS security certificates carry up-to-date malware defense and other with just HTTP certificate cannot be trusted anymore.


Therefore, always check if your website contains HTTP or HTTPS in its URL. Also, avoid malware injection platforms. Run searches on your default OS browsers instead of uncertain third parties as the majority do not even issue security certificates to websites.


5. Keep your Android updated


Every update brings bug fixes and new features to protect your phone. Therefore, it is crucial that your phone is always updated to its latest version or check about android cleaner. Here’s how to do it manually.


Step 1: Go to Settings on your phone.

Step 2: Scroll down to About phone.

Step 3: Tap on Software (or System) update.


It will show you if your software is up-to-date or needs updating.


6. Do not use public Wi-Fi hotspots, unless much required


Public Wi-fi hotspots do not need any authentication to set up network connections. This makes hacking easier on unsecured devices. To access your information, all hackers will need to do is position selves between your device and a connection point and the rest is taken care of. Therefore, try your best never to use public Wi-Fi hotspots especially at airports, railway stations or restaurants. Rely on your mobile’s internet instead.


7. Shield your device using biometric authentication


No password is off limits for hackers. They can even crack the toughest ones. And when you use easy to guess passwords, it is like you are serving your data on a plate. Luckily, there is a way out. Biometric authentication! Activate fingerprint sensor or iris scanner to protect your phone. Due to its uniqueness, your phone cannot be cracked into even if it is stolen.


8. Remove apps from untrusted sources


Always download apps from trusted sources. But if you have already installed such app, remove them immediately. Let’s find out how to do it:


Step 1: Go to Settings on your phone.

Step 2: Find Apps or Application Manager.

Step 3: Stroll through the list of all apps installed on your phone. If you find anything suspicious or unfamiliar, you need to get rid of it.

Step 4: Open the App Info screen and tap on Clear Cache. This will remove the apps data cache.

Step 5: Next, tap in Clear Data to delete the app’s data.

Step 6: Finally, tap on the Uninstall button to completely remove the app from your device.


9. Read permissions before allowing


Understand what you are committing to before allowing. Confused about what we are talking about? Whenever you are about to Install an app from the Google Play store, it asks for permissions. A permissions dialogue box appears.


Go through it before handing out access. So may need access to certain features of your smartphone. Make sure you know about this. And anytime you are in doubt or don’t want to share such information, you do not need to install the app.


10.  Finally, bring you common sense into practice

Prevention is better than cure. Therefore, be cautious. Never don’t click on dodgy links on your phone. Open only emails from trusted sources. And for the rest, flag them (if you haven’t already) as spam or junk mail.


These tips definitely help. Try these out and see the difference for yourself.


Google’s G Suite is Winning Converts – Although it is not a Microsoft killer

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Alphabet Inc’s Google has fought for years to acquire huge companies to adopt G Suite, its stylish alternative to Microsoft Office.

Google has made inroads by throwing more resources and listening to its business clients. Considering that Google got serious about attributes for businesses two years back, the amount of businesses paying G Suite has climbed to over 4 million, a new figure anticipated to be emphasized at Alphabet’s earnings statement.

The majority of the customers are midsize and small businesses. Colgate-Palmolive Co, Nielsen Holdings Plc and also verizon Communications Inc have attracted about 250,000 employees to G Suite within the last 15 months, according to the companies. Large firms are giving it a look, ” said an analyst at research company Gartner, Jeffrey Mann.

“I’ve been speaking about traditionally conservative businesses in government, aerospace, financial services” which are thinking about purchasing G Suite, Mann said. “That wouldn’t have happened a couple of years back.”

15 companies recorded in the S&P 500 have the business tools of Google, as demonstrated by a review of email server information by Reuters. Its 1.3 billion in G Suite earnings rated a distant No. 2 supporting Office’s $13.8 billion, based on 2016 statistics from Gartner.

However, analysts along with Mann say the area isn’t a terrible place. Smart phones and intelligence have started new opportunities for Google to get on the radar of IT departments though it never shirts Microsoft, they stated. A G Suite is a cornerstone of Google’s attempts to increase earnings, which comes from advertisement sales.

To Microsoft, devotion is loosening at minimum when the Redmond giant faces competition from start ups like chat, support slack offering technical business tools that are online. Google G Suite has pushed a plan to be adopted by Microsoft with Office 365, an internet version of its popular software.

Okta Inc, a supplier of security software, said G Suite usage one of its almost 4,000 clients climbed 49 percent year-over-year from the 12 months as opposed to 40 percent increase for Office 365.

Nevertheless Office 365 stays the most popular service among the clients of Okta, a large number of which are ventures that are bigger.

Among businesses listed on the wider S&P 1500 indicator, 11.5 percent transferred to Office 365 at the previous two years, based on a email records inspection by investment company Winton Group Ltd.. That outpaced G Suite, that saw 6.8 percentage, of these companies come its way, such as industrial, technology, entertainment and retail businesses.

“They’re putting people in place, however there is still a great deal of work for Google to start developing their business in these bigger balances,” explained TJ Keitt, office software analyst at Forrester Research.


Start-ups and Faculties were Google small business suite users because the G Suite surfaced in 2006. They enjoyed collaborative features and the rates like the ability for users to edit a file.

From 2012, Google sought profitable clients. However, it provided handholding, causing organizations to doubt its long term curiosity.

However, its priorities are apparent. Approximately 80 percent of almost 250 new G Suite comprises introduced this past year, such as an automatic tool for redacting sensitive information out of documents, were directed based on Google.

Prabhakar Raghavan, a vice president Suite, told Reuters the Alphabet’s board chose to “bet large” on the venture sales campaign and removed his unit to invest freely.

“It’s no more 1 worker in a tiny start-up administering us “Raghavan said. They aren’t likely to come on a website and click on a ‘purchase’ button”

He explained Google engineers meet with executives and rely on company customers.

Interaction with Nielsen, by way of instance, led Google to include templates and place content embedding to its inner web page builder Sites, the firms said.

Google said it postponed the launching of new search technologies for companies to add complicated that clients asked.

“The focus is not no more, ‘We are Google. We all know what is ideal for you, ” Mitch Greenwald partner at G Suite earnings associate Cloud bakers, said of this new attitude.

Raghavan acknowledged the problem of having IT experts to split up with Microsoft.

“Undeniably, there’s an incumbency, a heritage of associations growing up with Microsoft” to stick with it, Raghavan said. “There is a retraining that should proceed.”

Google can win price. At $ to get a significant business, it is $10-a-head less expensive than the best listing cost of Microsoft Office.

Demographics have helped. Adult employees who employed Google and Gmail Docs are company adopters that are organic. Google announced a new paid variant of G Suite targeted toward the workforces of universities and colleges.

“There are people who’ve gone through their entire college career with G Suite and today must master Office,” explained Mark Sami, vice president in technician consulting company SPR, which assists companies install Microsoft software.

If Microsoft is concerned, it isn’t saying. Microsoft spokespeople declined to talk about G Suite’s expansion, stating that Office has been entice users. Company sales of Office 365 surged more than, 40% in all the past 3 quarters of Microsoft in comparison to year-earlier intervals, accounting for the majority of the more than $7 billion in annual earnings.

Both Google and Microsoft have sought to allay clients’ privacy issues, certifying that information stays in clients’ management and won’t be used for advertisements.

“That barrier was removed for many organizations,” SPR’s Sami stated.

Google’s business unit, meanwhile, has gone on a binge, starting its campus in Sunnyvale, California.

“To demonstrate that there are an increasing number of features being published, that ups the ante in the bud,” Gartner analyst Craig Roth stated. “They’re less and less inclined to drift away from this.”

marketing promotion strategies

How Promotional Ads Marketing Management Effect Your Small Business Growth?

In the present era, an environment of a vast market economy exists. For any company to sustain and properly carry out a business, developing a decent customer base is a must. Promotion is the primary thing which a company can do to make the target consumer’s base in a decent position.  There are promotional marketing companies which execute the promotional campaigns for the particular company which hires them.

Now, the question arises, which component is the most prominent a company can deal with.  Advertising has been the most effective means of promotion for a long time now. Advertising is effective because it creates a long-term impression on the consumer’s mind.

The effectiveness of Promotional Ads

Promotional Ads prove to be effective for the success of a company because in most of the case it is advertising only which acts as a tool for promotion. Advertising makes way for branding which makes the brand identity. Branding is a prominent aim for any business organization. So, in this way promotional advertising proves effective

There are a large number of promotional marketing companies which work to carry out a successful promotional campaign for a certain business.

Promotional Ads Marketing ManagementPromotional Marketing: What it actually is?

Promotional marketing is an effective tool which ensures that the consumers come to know about the company and what that particular company provides. The word ‘promotion’ itself carries an intended meaning, to create awareness. More the overall awareness of the company increases among the general public the better it would run towards making a customer’s base. Materials subjected to promotions can exist being a part of a marketing process which is direct or indirect. The inclusion of coupons or free vouchers may be an example. Indirect setups give ways to contests and events which the consumers can be a part of. Interacting live with the sales personnel also helps in creating awareness.

So, the ultimate aim of promotional marketing is to create awareness by gaining value in the customer’s mind.  Gifts, vouchers or any other catalogs can be termed as promotional marketing products.

In terms of choosing the products of promotional marketing, the certain things that should be kept in mind are the target consumers, the need of the target consumers, their distribution and so on. The other things that should also be kept in mind are that the product used should be unique and while choosing the product for promotion a company should not be in a haste. The company keen towards making a promotional marketing a successful one should be minute towards each component relating it.

Users of Promotional marketing:

Every consumer who is keen towards offering something more and beneficial to the customers can be termed as a user of promotional marketing. The main game for any business holder is to break stereotypes on customer purchase.

Marketing Strategies: The Game Changer

marketing promotion strategiesNow, this segment puts light on the game changer, the marketing promotion strategies. These are some unique theories which can make a drastic change in the scenario of promotional marketing.

The Initial Step is to make a Market Plan. A business should always have a distinct market plan. This will help the business to communicate, produce and sell services and products.

The components of the market plan would include:

Promotion:  To promote the services and to make public aware about the products.

Media Selection: To choose the various media to spread awareness.

Brand Positioning: The Company has to position their brand in a certain place to make the consumers run for it.

Customer’s feedback: This is one main aspect which comes under marketing promotion strategies. In every case, the company has information about the products on the market. Customers’ satisfaction is the last word.

So, here the effectiveness of the promotion marketing in case a business proves to be effective as it helps the business to sustain in the market.


power pressure washers reviews

Compare the Best Power Pressure Washers Using Reviews

Allowing you to compare pressure washers before you go ahead and buy. You can then rest assured that you can purchase power washing equipment that is the best in your price range, and ideal for your specific needs.

Pressure Washers to Buy for High Pressure Cleaning

Pressure washers are one of those power tools that are invaluable to have around the home for domestic use, and in industrial settings. They can be used for numerous situations, such as cleaning cars, garden furniture, brickwork, fences, and driveway cleaning and can save both time and energy from manual cleaning. Furthermore, they are very common in construction, agriculture, farm equipment, and automotive industries.

You may have already realized the wide variety of brands and models of pressure washers and accessories available on the market. This of course is good in terms of choice, but can be overwhelming when not knowing which to buy.

Power Washers – How to Choose One

Best Pressure Washers are usually categorized as either electrical, hydraulic, diesel or gas powered. With an electric power washer you can presume that they aren’t as portable as the gas models, although they are usually much quieter in operation. In addition, gasoline washers may maintain a higher pressure when in use. This being said, electric washers can still be very useful for those that require home power washers that are more powerful than the average garden hose.

Cold Water vs. Hot Water Power Washers

Pressure washers are capable of exerting a spray that is powerful enough to break down grime and stubborn stains, especially in hard to reach places. In fact some jet pressure washers are so powerful near the nozzle that they can take skin from the body, so should be used with caution. You can buy pressure washers in either cold water or hot water models. The hot water types are generally more expensive to purchase, but do a better job of removing dirt and power cleaning.

Cold water pressure washers are easy to use as no water needs to be heated by the equipment, and as a result are cheaper to run. Although for a more thorough clean you might want to invest in heated power washers.

When searching for these types of power tools many people tend to buy cheap power washers. Although this might save you money upfront, you should certainly make sure you are buying a quality product that is going to be more than adequate for the jobs you have in mind for it. There are plenty of affordable power washers, and no better place to find them than online. Websites selling hundreds of models are available in there plenty, so take the time to check out several to find the best deal. Doing so can often result in finding discounted power washers.

Types of pressure washers

Gas Pressure Washers

Because gas powered, portable pressure washers use increased flow rates and greater pressure, they are meant to be used out in the open. This makes them useful for industrial applications. These machines must be used outdoors only, due to the production of carbon monoxide, which, even in the smallest of concentrations, can be toxic.

Best use: Heavy-duty applications, industrial applications, regular use. Flow volume and pressure are adjustable, high-power, and portable. Requires fuel to operate, noisy, costly to maintain, expensive

Electric Pressure Washers

The total power output of electric pressure workers is limited; they can however, be used either outdoors or indoors. The noise level is usually less than that of a gas washer, and they still have enough power for the majority of commercial uses, although they are not the best choice for industrial applications.

Best use: Applications, both outdoors and indoors, that require light usage. Less moving parts, easy to maintain, lower noise levels, efficient. Safety precautions must be taken due to proximity of water and electricity, expensive, designs tend to be bulky and non-portable, the length of the cord limits usability.

 Hot water pressure washers

The use of a heater or boiler is used by hot water pressure washers in order to increase water temperature before mixing with the solution of soap, which is then dispersed at high volume and pressure. A larger motor or engine is required to operate the heating element and the pump. When compared to cold water washers, they are expensive, although they do use less soap solution.

Best use: Heavy-duty use, washing home exteriors, and patios. Better efficiency with less expense, high-powered. Due to the high temperatures, caution must be used when handling, because of the added heating component, there are increases in repair costs, expenses

 Cold Water Pressure Washers

GPM rating these pressure washers often run using a small electric motor and are the cheapest available. As a rule, there is very little maintenance because there are fewer parts, which in turn, allows these units to last longer. They are less expensive to maintain as the cost of replacement parts is usually low. They do, however, consume more soap solution, and have lower pressure as well as a reduction of their GPM rating.

Best use: Light applications, washing furniture, and car interiors. Usually portable, less maintenance, inexpensive, run on electric motors have smaller tanks, consume a great deal of soap solution, not as efficient as hot water pressure washers.

A very useful high pressure washer

High pressure washers are useful for many cleaning tasks: removing graffiti on a wall, removing paint on a deck, washing aluminum siding 30 feet in the air, or just a car. Previously, you had to spend more than $ 1000 to get a product powerful enough to perform these tasks properly.

Innovation: The very low price of this washer makes this technology accessible to homeowners. It has a power of 3000 lbs of pressure per square inch, which is enough to pierce a piece of wood.

Other features include a 30ft (9m), semi-translucent, stain-proof hose for good travel. Its 1.75 gallon detergent reservoir with integrated 3.78L container holder makes the use of detergents more convenient. Washing with detergent can be done quickly with rinsing with water and then back to detergent. It uses a very durable Subaru industrial gasoline engine. The product is sold with many nozzles for various applications and easy to change.

There are sophisticated models with two tanks, to house the detergent and the degreaser. Other models of pressure pumps are equipped with water heaters to degrease the motors. But in my case, I wanted a simple model where soap is near the tool in a bucket. Power and efficiency, but nothing complicated.

Electric model

You can choose a quiet, eco-friendly, but less powerful electric model. Much like chain saws or commuter electric lawn mowers. For these low-end models, their pressure varies between 1550 and 2000 PSI (pounds per square inch) or 105 to 140 bar . The pump of these models will typically generate between 1.25 and 1.5 GPM (gallons per minute) equivalent to 5.7 to 6.8 liters per minute. These pressure washers are affordable, but fragile and should only be used for occasional light work such as cleaning garden furniture or bicycles.

how to improve google search ranking

How your sites rank on Google

How to rank on google first page

There are more than 150 factors that decide your site’s ranking on Google or any other search engine. Many of these factors have been proven and some … are still believed to be hoax. The only thing people are sure of is that Google is not as predictable as marketers would want it to be or would like it to be.

Even after that, there are some factors that have been identified as the definite way to rank your site.

Below are the top things your readers and potential customers pay attention too:

how to rank website on first page of google

  1. The length of the content

Google prefers a piece of content that is bulky and simplified. Google believes that a long content draft will give more value to its readers. Most of us think that people who read online have little or no time and hence, they tend to quit sooner and find the solution within first or second line. Well, you’d be surprised by the answer, people do like reading online and they want in-depth solution. Although, they do like to get all the information from a single source which also saves the time they spend on research.

  1. Keyword in the title tag, description tag and H1 tag

The title tag is very vital and crucial on-page SEO factor. Title tag is the factor Google considers when ranking a website as per keyword searches. Even the description of your content or your page plays a vital role in improving your SEO. The H1 tags make a significant difference as well because they are used to judge your content as per user’s search.

  1. Keyword frequency

When your keywords appear often and have a strongly built content around them, you win half of the race. The rest of the race is won by managing your keywords according to the relevance.

  1. Image optimization

A typical everyday Digital Marketing Agency will concentrate on building a great content piece and will probably ignore the image descriptions. Very few people know that optimizing an image is very beneficial since people also Google visual content for their searches.  Hence, the description of on-page images is crucial, and should be kept relevant to the content as well.

  1. Multimedia content

Google delivers exactly what its users want, be it videos, images or infographics. Adding them according to their relevance to your product or website will give great results and will most definitely rank your content higher in the search results.  

  1. The number and quality of inbound links

If you have ever done work in this field, you are probably already familiar with this factor. Google wants you to forward people to other links as well. It also promotes your website by asking other people to link your site in their content, so it makes sense that Google asks the same from you.

  1. Loading speed

People all over are obsessed with speed, they want their work done and they want it fast and faster. The loading speed of your webpage determines if the person on the other site will stick to your content or business or not.

A slow loading website will not hook your users in the first place, and if by any luck a stubborn user is still waiting for your page to load, chances are he will bounce back to the search results and may block your site forever. Risking a potential customer is not good business. Optimize your site’s loading speed for both desktop and mobile version.

  1. Time of content updates

Google loves fresh information, as does the audience it caters. People who are reading this might have heard about the term, “updated blogs”. The blogs require an update to add new and improved information in them so they can rank above in the rankings. Time and date of the updates on a site matters and so does the frequency of uploads on it.

  1. Broken links

A broken link on your site shows that your site was not maintained properly and too many broken links indicate your poor interest in developing a site. This is appalling and restricts your customer’s interest to ever visit your site again. Google will automatically dismiss your site and label it as abandoned and it doesn’t matter how great your content is.

  1. Uniqueness

Google has some guidelines that suggest that a content piece should bring value to the customers and not just be an SEO magnet. This is the reasons why some site, which are affiliated are not given higher ranking on the search engines.  

Why does Google ignore my site even when I do everything mentioned above?

how to get on the first page of google in 24 hoursWe know that you have followed all the SEO Tips and used all the correct keywords properly. We can even bet that you have used top-quality content and updated your site along with properly framing your content. Still, you aren’t able to achieve the results you have expected to see. The following might be the reasons due to which you are not getting the rankings or results you deserve:

  1. Poor spelling and grammar

This is a big problem as spelling and grammatical errors can change the meaning of your whole sentence. A basic grammatical and spelling error can have adverse effect the ranking of your site. Spinning your articles lately? You already know what those softwares can do to a piece of content. The version they produce is unreadable and totally worthless to paste as well.  Google puts the quality at the top, which means no spelling mistakes and proper grammar. Make sure you do that.

  1. Google hasn’t found your site

Most of the site owners ask Google to re-crawl their URLs, not because they are desperate, but because they want to make their presence known.

If you are owner of a new site, you should give Google time to index it first. It might take a week or more depending on your updates. Keep checking your sitemap in the meantime.

Sometimes the errors on your website can cost you a potential customer and business in overall. A Digital Marketing Agency will only get you so far but your products and business strategies will make all the difference.

Follow the tips and suggestion above a watch you site rank among the top business companies and in the meantime, make your content strong and build a strong SEO to rank better.

transmission problems
Automotive transmission gearbox with lots of details

It is why people have the transmission problems?

The utilization of various — at any rate not by any stretch of the creative energy “new” — engine vehicle transmission drives has persistently been at the base of lemon law, and another purchaser authenticates over the range generally years. These cases fuse a game plan of difficulties that could demonstrate an auto with transmission issues, a vehicle that could be seen, despite various things: yielded invigorating, ricocheting and reeling, withdrawal, and illuminating of the check transmission light.

We have generally foreseen that custom made gears would redesign after some time, so what is behind this troublesome case? This post looks at the issue.

What is a transmission?

In any case, it’s crucial to comprehend what transmission is — mainly if you are a building layman like me. Since motors turn over at a high rate, there is a need to sway the speed and torque changed over to the wheels for beginning, halting, driving at slower speeds, and driving backward. The transmission is a strategy of mechanical congregations (or device degrees) that considers this, and also a parcel, amidst which the motor runs “out of gear.”

Manual transmission achieves the division by the driver’s utilization of a grip, and the manual choice of another gadget with the apparatus move a lever. The standard auto transmission presented correctly around 80 years sooner, changed gears by calling of liquid through a water-powered coupling—in a general sense two turbines confronting each other—that happened for the most part to how quick the motor was turned over by use of throttle (i.e., pounding the gas pedal.)

This mechanical plotting web journal depicts this framework as being much the same as one invigorated fan blowing air into the substance of an unpowered fan, subsequently affecting the sharp fan edges to move, aside from that as opposed to air, you have transmission liquid.

If it isn’t broke, why settle it?

The standard redid transmission by and large runs likewise from the beginning and through the mechanical get together moves. So why change it? The reasonable response lies in fuel ampleness. The standard adjusted transmission devours more fuel than manual transmissions because of lost effectiveness amidst the coupling methodology, and besides included weight, and now and then, fewer riggings.

Producers have planned to hold the settlement of altered moving while meanwhile enhancing fuel reasonability in a couple of stand-out sorts of adjusted transmission degrees of progress, delineated underneath. On the off chance that you have an auto with transmission issues, it might fuse one of these transmissions.

Twofold Clutch Automated Manual Transmission

This is the more sweeping of, and the more present redid transmission frames. It is depicted as a “mechanized manual” framework since it on an exceptionally fundamental level works the manner by which a manual transmission does, close to that the device shifts are controlled by PC control. “Twofold handle” suggests the way in which that this framework joins a second hold, which is depended upon to make moving endeavor smoother than with a single handle. These frameworks constantly in like the way a part of the time permit prepare moves by the driver utilizing paddle shifters, at any rate without a standard usage of a hold.

This structure is known by two or three checked names, for example, Ford’s Powershift Transmission, the Volkswagen Group’s DSG (“Dual-Shift Gearbox”) framework, and the outcast ZF transmissions utilized in some Jeep, Chrysler Dodge and Fiat models..


Artificial Intelligence: The Changes Brought Over By This New Technology

Artificial Intelligence: The Changes Brought Over By This New Technology

There was a time when technology changed every few hundred decades. Came the industrial revolution, and the innovations picked speed. You have the railway engine, cotton spinning wheel which reduced time in transportation and time spent by humans in making clothes. The invention of computers and internet changed the very concept of human life. Technology began to change at a very fast pace. First came the laptops, then the mobiles and the last major change is the app. In fact, the middle years of 2016 to 2017 can be called as the years of apps. But, the innovations have not stopped. They have moved on, and now you have the major discussed concepts about Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. In this article, we delve on the changes brought over by this new technology.


Artificial Intelligence has already brought about many changes to the world. It has made an impact in multiple sectors. In the future, it will bring about changes in our daily life patterns.  And, the biggest benefit of all, AI will be on the path of improvement. You just need to adjust to the changes or have to perish.

So what is Artificial Intelligence?

It is well-known as one of the major branches of computer science. It is a program that makes the computer learn, adapt and solve problem on its own. Yes, devoid of human interference. Remember the supercomputer which played chess with International Grandmaster like Viswanathan Anand? Now, AI has stepped in almost every industry in the market such as online shopping, finance and agriculture.

Shall we look at the common examples?

  1. Self Driving Cars

self driving cars

It is a fact that many of the countries in the developed countries have manufacturing units of the top automobile brands in the world. But, road accidents have become a common phenomenon. This negative aspect has become one of the major concerns for many Governments. But self driving cars manufactured along with AI driving technology can reduce road accidents. You can find self driving cars in the US.

2. Improve Relationships

improve relationships

Even the social media platform such as Tinder has included AI in its app. In the future, AI can bring about changes in way you maintain the relationships. One popular app is Viola.AI. Check it for further information.

3. Cyber Security

cyber security

Although the internet has helped bring many positive changes in human life, you cannot help but focus also on the negative impacts. Till date, there has been a dearth of cybersecurity professionals in all parts of the globe. But in the future, AI can bring solutions that can prevent hacking of any system. Some notable examples are Sift Science, Deep Instinct, Cylance and Secureworks.


  1. Medicine

medicineYes, it is surprising, but true. Way to the future, you can find robots who can perform surgery on humans. Doctors in many developed countries, depend on AI to prescribe medicines to patients in remote corners of the world. The reason, precision is the mark of AI machines. In the future, you can find robots on every medical store that can scan the clinical data, doctor notes and prescribe medicines as per the requirement of your body.

  1. Social Media

social mediaYes, social media have changed the very method of advertising and traditional marketing. Now, data is the perfect way to get more number of leads and sales. And every social media platform have put in AI that can give perfect information on many databases. In the future, any cultural shift or trend among the public, the AI in the social media platform can easily make out and give information to the company.


  1. Home Repairs

home repairThere was a time, when for any home repair, you depended on a handyman sourced through referrals. Then the listing websites such as Justdial came and made a change in the selection of professionals. Now, some start-ups have taken another step forward. They have put together a online platform, where you can find all types of home repair professionals in their customer care list. You just need to download their app, and book the relevant service as per your own convenience. On the scheduled date and time, the concerned professional will come to your home and fix the problem.

Let us assume, you are a software engineer living in Hyderabad. Your spouse, works part-time from home, to care of your little children. She works on a desktop computer. In an unfortunate situation, the computer gets attacked by malware. So, instead of searching for referrals and checking on listing websites, she can download the app of the best home maintenance company. She can thus find the expert for best computer repair in Hyderabad. She can check from the various profiles of computer experts, and decide on the best and book the specific professional as per her own convenience. The problem gets resolved easily within short time. Consider the same situation, when the AI becomes a regular part of daily life. If the computer gets hacked, the in-built AI system can generate data about computer experts who live nearby your home. They can get alerts. They can make a call to offer their services. You can select the best as per your budget. But, this can happen in the near future.



On the whole, AI has brought about revolutionary changes. It is the latest trending subject in many technology platforms. But yes, there are also many who feel that AI can bring about reduction in jobs, rise of unemployment and domination of machines over human society. You find a entire set of articles dedicated to the jobs of the future and how AI can bring about positive and negative changes. You also find articles which advise to buy shares from certain companies.

On the other side, you find corporate moghuls pinning their hopes on AI. They have a totally different view and feel, that AI in combination with IoT can bring about a global change in technology. As of now, the changes because of AI has happened at a slow pace. And the common public have adapted themselves in a beautiful way. So, you can find many asking Siri to carry out their commands, and program Alexa to set the alarm for the weekend morning. The initial learning curve, the millennial generation and older generation has mastered and now, AI can only hope for a better future.

Cost to build an Online Food Order & Delivery App like Swiggy and Zomato

How much does it Cost to build an Online Food Order & Delivery App like Swiggy and Zomato

How Much Does An Online Food Delivery Platforms App Like Swiggy and Zomato Cost?

Demand for restaurant finder and food ordering and delivery apps has suddenly been increased nowadays. The convenience of ordering food online or finding a restaurant has become an addiction to the customers. Two of the most popular apps that are highly in demand and have been successful in full filing the expectation of consumer are Zomato and Swiggy.

These apps come in the category of database apps. As these apps are used for many purposes like ordering and delivering food, the development cost is little high as compared to other apps. Some factors responsible for developing and determining the cost are app size, app interface and it’s platform.

Apart from these basic features, some advance functionality is also required. Development cost for an app like Zomato and Swiggy ranges in $6500 to $18000. Cost depends on following factors:

  • App size: Size of the app is decided by the number of features involved in it. Starting and launching the app with limited features which is called Minimum Viable Product is recommended, as use of  this strategy helps in development of app at low cost. Further more features can be added with the profits earned.
  • App Platform: ( IOS or Android) Development cost for IoS varies from Android. Platform on which app is developed plays a major role in estimating the cost
  • App Design: The design cost varies from case to case depending upon the requirement.
  • Functionality: Depending on feature requirements like food delivery and rating system, the cost is decided
  • Developer: For a fully functional app with all the features and payment gateway integration, you can also hire mobile application developers in India. These developers work according to the requirement of clients and can also do the customization as per the needs and requirements of the clients


DigiwebartMobile application development companies in Canada offer you one time app development cost model. These models have one time fees and monthly rent. One important factor is the country in which app is being developed. Mostly firms charge on hourly basis and per hour cost in India varies from United States. mobile app developers in india usually cost around $22 to $50 per hour. The functionality of app also impacts the cost. Estimation is done by analyzing the basic and advance features which includes access control like using social media and email ID and OTP. Second is app design which is rich, medium and simple. Third is app interaction which includes messaging, chat, social sharing or universal linking. Other features covers data synchronization, news feed, push notification, user profile, geo location, syncing of data and in app camera and in app chat and some external feature like OTP reading and connecting to third party API. So costing totally depends on the type and the number of features you want to integrate in the app. An estimation is around $12000 and it varies upon features and functionality involved.


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Mobile-Voting Abolishing Poll Debacle with Usage of Mobile App

Abolishing Poll Debacle with Usage of Mobile App

The elections of 2019 are approaching; there is huge debate among the parties regarding EVMs. Though it is used for conducting current voting, but still there are many viewpoints about it. Politicians are questioning the EVMs and blaming it for poll debacle. Online mode of voting for the voting process could abolish any such poll debacle. As mobile phones are common mode of communication nowadays so it could be used for conducting the elections easily. Therefore, if mobile app for voting is introduced, then various problems in the elections of India could be solved.

Different election issues that could be solved

  1. Booth problem: When mobile app is used for elections then it eradicates various booth problems. First of all, it abolishes problem of the voters who have to travel to polling booths for casting votes. There are times when people avoid voting just because of hassle of visiting the polling booth and as a result due to low turnout of voters sometimes the undeserving party wins the election. Along with that problems like booth capturing and many other nuisances could be avoided completely.
  2. Voter turnout problem: It is not necessary when elections are held then all the people are at the place from where they can vote. There citizens and students who are studying or working away from their hometown. But through the online medium, they can vote irrespective of their location. Mobile voting process will help NRIs to become the part of the voting process. Besides that, the army personnel who are appointed at borders can also participate in this process easily. This will ultimately increase the voter turnout and solve the problem completely.
  3. Corruption: Whenever online voting system is implemented then there are chances that corruption and malfunctioning will get abolished. Therefore, it could be said that this process ensures safety and security which makes it difficult even for the cyber hackers to breach the security.

How to use the app?

A citizen has to register in it by entering the valid identity details after installing the app on the mobile device. The app must be designed and it must be regulated by a server of the election of commission. These are some of the necessity points which Government should overlook and bring the online process as early as possible. Citizens should demand online voting system as necessity for the elections. Only when powerful government is chosen then only progress and development of the country could be expected.


Today, when we can rely on online banking then why not on online voting. Along with that the government has launched numerous initiatives like digital India. People are even booking tickets, transferring money, booking hotels and even ordering food online. When we can perform so many activities online without fear of getting breached, then why we can’t rely on online mode for elections. Before the upcoming elections, Government should implement mobile app for voting then that could make entire voting process more secure.