It is how an Android has become a Messi of App

It is how an Android has become a Messi of App

Time speaks on its own. As we had seen at a time when the Windows operating system was launched into a market – people were rumoring like not anything will ever cross its path. But a few years later Google bought Android Inc. in 2005, it was revealed in 2007 then launched its first commercial services in 2008.

2008, it was a year when Android defeats its first competitor. Android launched with numerous of the latest and unrivaled features. It consumed a wide range of marvelous and breathtaking functions which were literally hard to imagine. Then the journey of Android has begun – tile by tile, day by day android made its roots strong enough to live last longer.

Even the numbers of business firms prefer to grasp Android app over iOS and Windows and all of the reasons why Android is ruling are given below:

Open Source

As we all know Android is based on open source platform which allows its developer to step up on the ladder of competition. That’s why a community of developers is constantly working on multiple applications by using the Android operating system – and on an exact time the team of developers is making the applications more secure and coming up with constantly sophisticated improvements in the world of technology. It simply shows that how less vulnerable Android app development platform is against the mega breakdowns and devoid of bugs etc.

Heavy Revenue with Low Investment

It is a magnificently marvelous thing about the Android-based system that it can deliver the numbers of benefits just through low investment. The customers can get numerous companies to make their project done with quality assurance test and at cost-effective rates in comparison with iOS. Therefore, Android app doesn’t require for any license charge – so you can swiftly develop an app with the least chargeable cost.

Modern Integration

The Android community is at best for an enormous range of the inter-app integration. It is also known as the ideal platform where you can grasp a few projects and easily can get it to gather. This techno platform is the best for developing the connection between multiple software apps and it also provides the leeway to establishing and add the unrivaled strategies in dissimilar platforms.

Improve Syndicate

The developers can implement numbers of new techniques while developing an app which is based on Android app development. Through grasping its astonishing services it has become doable to get disperse multiple kinds of retailers to use the syndicated programs. For an example, users can spread a Google to customize the offer and can allow the items as well as services.



The bottom-line of this article is free from any complexity and thoughts – Android is ruling on the platform of app development services as Messi in a football’s world.


Author Bio

This article is written by Marilyn Delvin. She had won multiple awards on a platform of writing. Currently, she is working at Android app development Company in USA.

Knock-out Punch of Mobile Apps to e-Commerce websites

Knock-out Punch of Mobile Apps to e-Commerce websites

We have found that there are more mobile users in comparing with desktop users in 2016, 2017 and obviously in 2018. The analysis tells us that it is an unbeatable device of this modern century. People are changed, they want to grasp the modern techno stuff – and who even have time to open a responsive website even if its mobile friendly. Entire things, whether it relates to products, services and even the supplies requires too accommodating to the handful devices like:

  • Mobile
  • Phablets
  • Tablets and so on

Now it has already entered a zone of the sorts of survival where the condition is relying on “go mobile or perish”.

It is an undeniable fact that the entire business firm must have a website to take a step-in at the competitive market. Even, most of the businesses contain one fully functional website – but that’s not we can drive an exact phrase for mobile app development. The number of studies and researches by Appedology has told us, people prefer to use mobile apps for availing the online products and services over e-commerce website. So, if you had owned a business that offers the products and services, then developing an app for your business is far more advantageous than having a responsive website.

Mobile Apps are Faster

After an end of the day, a user always does focus on what phases or staff will drive more business and profits.

Literally, the apps are faster than mob-friendly websites – where it performs its services rapid. Apps can simply store all the data locally in your phone devices. While in a case of mobile websites where web servers consume seconds to minutes entirely depending on the packet size and network speed – mobile apps only take a time of eye-blink to operate all of its services.

Another well-known fact is where mobile websites use JavaScript to offers all of its functions – mobile application runs frameworks that are more than 5 times faster.

People Love Personalization Content

It has been observed that the audience gets to engage with personalization content.

Literally, the audience loves to get engaged with highly personalized content as per their preferences. It’s just the same as offering them an entire tailored content in a language they use to speak and understand. The user-centric personalization plays a vital role in delivering a marvelous experience. Mainly, the personalization is totally based on a user’s behavior, culture, environment etc. and their mobile applications develop it swift to feed an effective personalized experience.

Online and Offline Access

Entire applications provide the instant access through a matter of single tap. Basically, it allows the users to gather their content rapidly by offering a marvelous experience through the vital data which can be gotten easily accessed offline too. There are a few applications which can work offline too like

  • Camera apps
  • Finance apps
  • Games
  • News and so on

Even buffering the news content or stuff can be easily read without having the internet connection service.

The efficiency of delivering its function without having the internet connection can make a dynamic difference between an app and website. Therefore, applications also need an internet connection of offering the critical things like

  • Payment
  • Mail
  • Notifications and so on

But it is an undeniable fact that makes a mega difference in sales and bounce-back items.

Author Bio

This punching article is written by one of the famous technical writer, Marilyn Delvin. She is expert in creating and managing multiple kinds of blogs. Currently, she is a senior writer at mobile applications services providing Company.


Free Do follow High PR Article Submission Sites List 2018

High PR Article Submission Sites List 2018[UPDATED]

Content is the heart of marketing today. Without a strong quality content, it is next to impossible to draw people’s attention no matter what your product is or the SEO efforts you put in. ideally, SEO is supposed to complement your ideas and content so that SEO tools like the SERPbook will evaluate your content and improve the keyword and website ranking results on search engines.

High PR Article Submission Sites List 2018

The only sure way to get more traffic is by enhancing your blog quality, basically the content you share, and then optimizing it to befit your target group before promoting it on different platforms.

What is Article submission?

Article submission, the most effective off-page SEO techniques, plays a very important role to improve your website ranking and increase your traffic day by day.

13 of the best article submission websites for SEO

Read on for the best article submission websites for SEO:

This website is a free-to-use comprehensive source of articles available for audiences that have a liking for reading online. This site gives you the ability to add two text links per as well as give you a substantial audience for your content for the high PageRank among article submission websites, making the website popular for content publishing and marketing activities.

Its searchable database of hundreds of thousands of quality original articles, posted by Expert Authors & Writers, allows email newsletter publishers who are hungry for fresh content to find articles to include in their next newsletter. Be sure to follow the provided guidelines as this site tends to be very strict on content types being published.

It is a free articles and press release distribution portal. The is not entirely free, and at a small fee, you get to publish your content in more than 2000 web pages. Although publishing your content here might take long, the more credits you buy, the cheaper this article submission service becomes.

This website has a PageRank of 6, assuring you of a good articles base allowing you to freely upload your content, working in the same way as

This is a premium article submission website with instant approval. The site allows you to publish your content online to multiple sites and harbors a well-maintained list of articles with many categories which makes this site very interesting to use.

This site is one of the best mediums of link building that is offered by Google. It serves a page creation tool that lets you add content and substance to your blog, without paying any fee.

The great thing about this site is that it is ranked highest and is affiliated to Google, which maximizes your chances of ranking top in Google search engine. Even though Google will index and include your articles in searches within a few days, your content must be strategically aligned with the appropriate keyword reach for the right searchers to find you.

This website lets you create a hub for your niche while uploading articles for free. Hubs are basically themes or topics based on what you upload, as regards your content, from time to time.

This is another free-to-use website that uniquely requires you to provide content in the form of how-to articles, which can be a restriction if your articles are not angles in that sense. Even so, remember that the website already has over a million articles online, which really is a good audience-base for your content.

This website houses a number of topics and this means that your content will have greater room for acceptance, and better still, allows you to upload your content online for free.

This is one of the most celebrated free sites among authors and readers alike and is similar to

This site has a high PageRank with an added advantage that allows the adding of up to 3 text links for each page you upload to the directory. This makes it one of the top article submission websites you can use, conveniently so, for free.

If you have a budget for article submission marketing, this website is what you need. The site provides you with a significant amount of exposure for your articles, along with a range of features related to article marketing.

This site allows you to comfortably combine articles, make a point or focus on one topic, for users and readers alike. Additionally, gives you the tools to create the best evergreen and live blog stories, uniting traditional storytelling with engaged audiences.

This website is focused on bringing news about a variety of topical subjects related to business, technology, home and improvement, and others. It is a certified Google News blog. Articles published on this website are indexed within a few seconds by Google. The traffic from BestInAu is higher than from an ordinary blog. Publishing an article require to strictly follow the guidance. Each article is carefully checked for the quality and reliability.  

Unquestionably, article submission is an excellent marketing tool for your website’s content. If your articles are enough good and being chosen by website owners to post in their blogs, this automatically creates a viral effect for your article content improving your online visibility. Now that you have amazing go-to sites for uploading your articles to complement your digital marketing plan, submit article links to as many websites as possible.

How to hire the right Magento 2 developer

Hiring the Right Magento 2 Developer in Simple Steps

Hiring the right Magento developer can be a difficult task- whether you’re finding someone to hire in-house, choosing a development agency, or hiring a freelancer under contract. Here are few tips to hire the right Magento developer:

Find developers that aren’t searching

It’s a rule if you ask me, the best ones won’t usually be active in job searching, so it’s going to take some time for you to grab them. You can look for them by following their blogs, social media; see the type of work they are attentive to.

I have seen a lot of developers moving from working for an agency to go in-house with a trader. It could be because they are tired of following their time over projects or it might be that they are not able to focus on a single problem over an extended period to attain business outcomes beyond hourly rates.

In some cases, they are looking for a change.

Magento Imagine

Magento imagine is the place where the entire Magento community gathered every year.


It allows users to look for someone with the skills, which could come in handy when looking for a Magento developer. Just type in the skills and scroll down by location and other points. However, you’ll need a premium Linkedin account to do more than a few searches.

Look out the Magento forums

There are more than 200k registered users on the Magento forums, with tons of posts on different topics. Developers that have lots of cachets are the ones that are most active and of great help.

You can even send them a private message to find whether they might be interested In working with you.

Be attentive to certifications

Huge thanks to Magento’s certification course; this is one of the best & quickest ways to find someone’s level of experience- with Magento’s certificate. The certification examination is rigorous and developed to ratify that the developers have worked n depth over a period.

However, don’t pay much attention to the certifications as well, they have some limitations. A vast majority of certified Magento developers don’t know the basic Magento concepts.

Look at their work & evaluate

This is probably the first thing you do while checking their job history on Linkedin or their portfolio. Look into their resume what their role ‘specifically’ was in a project that they have done in the past. It is not unusual for candidates to ‘stuff’ their resumes, saying they have worked on big brands; later, you find out their role was nothing major.

Making an offer

Once you have decided they are fit for the job, it is time to make the offer. Whether it is a full-time for Magento 2 Developer or contractually based, it is essential to meet up with their expectations- if not you risk isolating them right from the beginning.



Logo Design is an Important Feature of Marketing Services

Logo Design is an Important Feature of Marketing Services

Even if the name of the brand weren’t incorporated in the logo, I’m sure 99% of the people population could recognize and name the brand. However, if worldwide recognition and global authority in your industry aren’t enough for you, here is five more reason why a logo is an essential feature of marketing service.

  1. Logo reveals your identity

Remember those days where cowboys branded cattle? They did that to imprint their ownership. Your brand logo should do the same thing. Embedded on your business card, products, and website, your brand’s logo imparts ownership. It should be like that it could tell the customers what type of goods or services you sell, who you are and what services you offer to your customers.

  1. 2.Logo invites new customers to get to know you

Time has changed; we don’t live in a black & white world anymore. People are more drawn towards compulsive design and color. The logo that imprints your package or enhances your shop front should be designed to hold interest and intensify the curiosity of your potential customers, encouraging them to look at least, and hopefully buy your product

  1. It separated you from competition

Particular logos come to portray specific industries.  A good logo defines who you are; however, it should differentiate you from everybody else. A good logo shall presume to be different.

  1. Accelerate brand loyalty

A company redesigns its logo from time to time, perhaps to overhaul their look or indict some corporate alteration.  As a customer, I never liked it. When I have become used to my most loved brands’ logo, and they decide to change it, I feel a little deceived. Brand loyalty is massive, and every business needs to boost. A familiar and recognizable logo has a more significant effect on establishing brand loyalty

  1. Putting your logo on all your marketing, social media, products, websites, helps in advertising your brand and information invariably. If you have established your brand message and successfully attached it to your logo, everything you do and produce becomes linked with the brand and the logo.

Logo design India is the best website for logo design as well as mobile app development in Jaipur. They specialize in designing logos, flyers, business cards and brochures. As a highly respected logo design company in India, they provide services at the most affordable rates.

10 Content Marketing Metrics Every Marketer Should Measure

10 Content Marketing Metrics Every Marketer Should Measure

Content is power. You must have read the statement thousands of time, highlighted in various pages, websites, and magazine. But do you know what gives content this power, or why is it now that it is considered power, and not sometimes back? First, let me be honest, there’s no magic metric. All the magic lies in how we implement certain metric and how much in concede with our business operations. Metrics are important because they provide us with a root map of which content marketing is fruitful for us, which to continue and which to halt. Without wasting any more time, let us dig into the top 10 content marketing metrics:

  1. Users Bounce Rate

We hate bounce rates. Constant high bounce rate can get our site irrelevant affecting the sales and profit generated. Metrics help us to be nurtured on what is it that makes them bounce off? Perhaps the content heading is misleading or something like that. Since our aim is to maximize the return, it is important that we study what it is that keeps audience bounce off? We can make use of the Google algorithm to measure it and work upon to improve it.

  1. Sites for Networking

One of the main components of the content marketing is social media. Various social media sites derive various profits for the business, as they are easy to reach to the customer. Use of this metric allows us better analyzing of the content and its attractiveness.

  1. Audience Demographics

This metric makes it imperative to analyze the target audience. Being crystal clear of who the target group allows us to monitor the efforts effectively. Ensure that those for whom it is aimed for are reading the content. A successful content market is the one which compels the users and the audience targeted.

  1. Page views

It assists the marketers to determine the pages which a user visits in a particular time. If the duration extends it means the content is valuable to the customer and if not, then vice versa. The marketers usually use this practice when they are planning to change the website design over time.

  1. Repeated Visitors

The marketers make use of this strategy when they want to calculate the number of repeating visitors. It also provides us with the information required to communicate with the users, what type of content he prefers along with the tactics which can be adopted for a successful campaign. Make the most of these visitors by providing them with more of the material that they crave while also targeting the new visitors. The increasing probability lies with the repeating visitors for the recommendation of a site.

  1. Visitor time on the site

This metrics helps the marketers to evaluate content which is significant contributing to the business goals. If the user spends more time on the site, it means they are engaged with the content that is published. If the duration time is short, it means changes are to be implemented for making it effective. Though one cannot be certain whether the engagement is through content or any other activity that has kept the user busy. Mouse movement, clicks, and more such activities can be used for finding out the staying reason.

  1. Social platforms shares

A successful content marketing is on which caters to the solution of the people problem. It provides them with the relevant content for resolving an issue. A valuable content compels the user to click the shared content on social media driving the necessary audience to the site. Content creation team become clear about how content is to be used and what topics are to be answered.

  1. Unique Visitors

Tracking of these visitors enables us to calculate the traffic that is being generated. It helps us realize the potential website hold and how much it profitable it makes and not. It paves way for new ideas which can be induced in the content to compel the users to it. It helps us to form equilibrium between retention and growth of the user.

  1. Feedback

Communicating with the audience helps in the being aware of what type of content they refer and what sparks their interest. Ask them as what type of content they like on the site and what type of content should be created. This will engage the audience and foster a positive image and value to the readers and audience.

  1. Number of leads generated

The lead generation is the main motive of the marketers. The leads can help you determine the effectiveness of the content. User activities such as signups through email, notification approval and more can be tracked. Lead generated through content can help you track the ROI earned and help in devising new ways to make most of the opportunity provided.

Key Takeaways

The nimble marketer is the one who is well informed about these metrics. Think of this content as your favorite football team and the way you obsess over it. Devise content with the similar passion, so that it sounds less of a sales pitch and more of a solution for the audience.

Author Bio

Ron Olive is an expert researcher and academic influencer who has wide experience in writing research articles on different niches, including education, tech, and other academic subjects to help the students across the world. He has also deep knowledge about content writing and marketing. Ron  is affiliated with various cheap writing service providing agencies as a professional writer. He believes in crafting the imaginative ideas to engage the readers in getting his point of views effectively.

Top 10 Best Digital Marketing Tools for Online Marketers

Top 10 Best Digital Marketing Tools for Online Marketers

Ten best tools for Digital Marketing

Whether it’s digging into the data or adjusting our social presence, depending on the right digital marketing tools means maintaining our sense and saving time. We have put together a list of 10 best tools for digital marketing that are invaluable to marketers.

For competitive research tool


It is an excellent tool for searching information about your competitors; you can use it to search your competitors’ most useful keywords and acquire a knowledge of how they put their keywords, ads and landing pages.


With this tool, you can look up to your competitor domains and find out where they are on google and uncover every keyword they are offering on Adwords. The backlink Kombat feature is everyone’s favourite that enables you to compare up to 3 competitors and discover that you may have missed.

For content marketing tools


It allows you to analyse what content executes best for any topic, discover bloggers and much more. You could filter by influencer, type of person, giveaways, marketing campaigns, and contests to establish lists you could utilise in your marketing attempts.


The NinjaOutreach allows you to search from over 25million influencer from any country or niche within seconds. Automated outreach and follow-ups lessen the requirement to mail; you can track and administer each aspect via statuses, tags, notes, email analytics with the inbuilt CRM tool.

For SEO and Keyword research tool


Not only it is the best tool when it comes to keyword research; however, the tool helps you analyse content as well, along with content ideas, check your backlinks, etc. Link to your Google analytics, you could see all your information in one place.


Ahrefs is a chamber of tools for acquiring to hold with your site’s SEO. They possess access to 12 trillion backlinks, I billion pieces of contents and 4 billion keywords; so, ‘no data received’ is highly unlikely to be received.

Conversion rate Optimisation and user experience tools

Google Optimize

This tool enables you to find out the most engrossing customer experiences through your site. You could test different varieties of your site and adjust it to provide a customised experience that works for every customer and your business. Google optimise comprises the tools to enable you to concoct the perfect customer experience.


This CRO tool helps you to generate web experiments to discover the features of your pages that assist users in transforming.

Social media tools

Post planner

Post Planner makes it easier to create content ideas. By offering you ideas like fill in the blanks, questions, contests, etc. you will always have attractive post ideas for your website.

With this tool, you can choose more than 300 categories and obtain suggestions suitable for your viewers.

Digiwebart Digital Marketing Institute that provides Digital Marketing training in Jaipur. However, if you want to make your website better by opting for the best Digital Marketing Company in Jaipur- Digiwebart would be a good option to go for you and your business grow.

About Digiwebart

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Web Hosting And Email Hosting

As we all know Hosting gives you a server which is essentially a space to store your files. Presently at whatever point one needs to get to this server, it is coordinated to the IP address of the same and you can bring records from the server. There are various hosting services are available using which you can keep storage files safely. In this article, we will make out the difference between Web hosting and Email hosting. Yes, these are the hosting services that are used for different purposes.


Let’s talk about the two here and first start with a brief history and introduction:

Traditionally, Only the larger Organizations had created the difference between web hosting and email hosting servers. These Organizations keep them separated on the different servers by splitting them into separate hosting services. Technology has changed several things and patterns of working. Companies used to split the hosting services as they had to have their IT staff to manage their emails. As the years’ passed and technology has updated several services to get benefit from. Many businesses have been getting an advantage of dedicated email hosting just by using cloud services. This also may require some IT professionals for the setup.


It is also a reality that web hosting that is provided is very limited in terms of email service because it is provided to the people who want to access their emails and syncing them with all their gadgets.


Web Hosting

When you decide to have a good website design, web hosting is a server space that enables your website to get the place on the web and it will be accessible to Web browsers. If you are running an Organization or you are an Individual, you can post your website on the web by using web hosting services. This makes it easy to get your website name an easy search in the web browser. Like, if people search name of your domain in a web browser, then the internet links the browser to the server, and hence your website is displayed to them.


It provides the powerful server that is associated with the web with high speed connections. And there is one important thing which is very beneficial to you that complete server is managed hosting by companies like Bluehost, HostGator, and HostChipmunk etc. So, you are free to take care of your server issues. These hosting companies will provide server maintenance, configuration, and upgrades.


While you are looking to get a web host, what are the features and qualities, you must look for. Any idea? We can say, a quality and well-featured web host can be based on the three hallmarks, that are: server space, its reliability, and uptime rate.


Email Hosting

Email hosting is a service wherein your email is stored. This is a powerful server that allows the storage of email content. Similarly, as Web hosting, if someone sends an email to you, then the email world will send it to the email server, and this will store the email content so that you can see your email anytime.


Email hosting can be provided by the same server, that you are using for your web hosting, or you can take another hosting service that will manage the content of your emails. There are plenty of email hosting services like Bluehost, InMotion, and iPage etc. are available, that will work for you to store your email contents.


Same as the web host selection, you need to focus on the factors while choosing email host service. Important features can be considered with respect to bandwidth, storage, and email allowances as the hosting ability to unlimited domains will be a great plus while choosing.


Which Is Best and What Would Be Your Choice?

By differentiating both the hosting (Web Hosting and Email Hosting), we have now come at the key point that it can be quite typical to choose greatness among both. As we have got an idea from this article, that both the hosting has different roles and uses. So, selecting both are based on your requirements. To make it pretty clearer, we can say additionally that if you are looking to provide your websites and email content hosted, you can opt any of them or both, that will enable your server to get placed on the web or email content storing. So, what will be your choice out of them? Sometimes, your business requirements give the idea which one is to use? As some smaller businesses host their web and email on the same server, and some larger companies have made a difference for two in terms of the separate servers. Both can be hosted on the same server, but you can make them split in the different servers as per your choice and. Hope, you like the article and above information and might be it will help you lot while choosing the hosting service.



Convert Leads to Sales with Face-to-Face Old School Techniques

Convert Leads to Sales with Face-to-Face Old School Techniques

All businesses depend on their expanding sales portfolios for success. Larger sales volumes lead to greater revenue inputs from customers. And more revenue directly translates into more profits. Without generating considerable and consistent profits, companies cannot achieve sustainability. This is the stage in their lifecycle when they do not require any external investments to remain operational. By this point, they have weathered all the obstacles that initially face every promising startup. And they have learned how to stand on their own (proverbial) two feet. This industrial journey can be traced in full through Spectrum internet bundle subscription – on web platforms like Investopedia and Khan Academy.


From Traditional to Modern Modes of Marketing

But in order to make customers aware of their products & services, businesses first need to market them. Traditionally, company marketing campaigns normally required large monetary budgets to run. They were also short-lived and limited to only a few mediums. The television, radio, and print publications like newspaper, billboards, leaflets, fliers & brochures; to name a few.

The advent of the internet age, however, definitively changed this promotional game. With the web’s many webpage/blog and social media platforms, businesses were able to target audiences better. They could (and can) choose to do this through a combination of paid and organic (free) campaigns. And when compared with traditional promotional mechanisms, they required significantly lower operating costs.


On the Shortcomings of Online Promotional Campaigns

But like all exciting new technologies, these online advertisement campaigns came with several shortcomings. The most prominent of these concerns was the issue of ‘promotional saturation’. This refers to the state where one medium (in this case the net) starts to overflow with ads. So when web users log onto their preferred online platform (Facebook, for instance), no one advertisement seems appealing. Companies, as a result, have to compete extra-hard for gaining some prominence in the same space. And in order to satisfy their lead (potential customer) generation requirements, they are forced to become more creative.

And they may need to spend more money.

Generating Leads through Old-School Tactics

This eventual realization has made many marketing specialists (and particularly digital marketers) think that the field has come full circle. Or in other words, back to being afflicted with the same issues with which it once started before the internet. And so, in order to face-off against this emerging reality – of the advertising limitations of the web – they have offered a prescription.

Their solution: revert back to old school, in-person, promotional techniques to ‘bag’ the customer.

And as per my experience in these last five years, I have witnessed the practical efficacy of this advice first-hand. Particularly as it pertained to the sales campaigns of my Fortune 500 company clients, as well as several startups.



Addressing the Face-to-Face Advertising Route

In the old days, particularly after the First World War, the door-to-door salesmen era was in full swing. The developed world (with the U.S leading the pack) first became accustomed to this trend, which soon spread everywhere. Industrious and famously ‘silver tongued’ salesmen and women went from house after house to make sales. Their incentive to do so was normally two-fold: a fixed salary contract, along with percentage commissions on successful sales (conversions). And it wasn’t long before many salespersons, particularly those from the auto and real-estate industries, became immensely rich.

Face-to-face sales initiatives had certain disadvantages for both salespeople and companies to contend with.

For one, they required some form of travel and movement. This entailed separate transportation costs, which had to be factored against revenues for their justification. In addition, they risked fostering the ‘angry consumer’ syndrome. This issue came about when customers became angry with the constant bombardment of advertisements directed towards them. Instead of leading to greater sales volumes, such circumstances lent a borderline tone of harassment to in-person salesmanship. And the results of this effect are still discernible today. The stereotypical Hollywood image of people banging their phones and doors upon interaction with door-to-door marketers is a case in point.

But on the plus side, direct in-person marketing comes with a number of advantages. ‘Instantaneous sales’ is obviously one of them.

Their offering of standalone promotions, however, is more significant. What this implies is that face-to-face salespeople enjoy the benefit of not having to compete against business rivals while they’re attempting a sale. This aspect of their trade enables them to word their promotions in an exclusivist manner. As if they alone are involved in the business of offering a particular product or service. And that the customer would be hard-put to find an alternative in the market, in terms of both price and quality.

Such advertising tones have a profound, and mostly negative, influence on the uninformed consumer psyche.


Achieving Marketing/Sales Success through a Hybrid Approach

Nowadays, many businesses are opting to follow a hybrid approach when it comes to their marketing initiatives. They are choosing, in essence, to invest in online marketing as a starting point; followed on later by aggressive face-to-face lead interactions. And the success of these ventures is quite evident; as demonstrated in a case study published in the Harvard Business Review (2012 edition) titled ‘How We Built a Door-to-Door Selling Machine’.

As a business marketer, I take care to follow this approach in my regular sales dealings. My attractive sales portfolio (now accredited by many third-party enterprises) bears testament to its success. And I think it will continue to bring me large sales volumes in the years to come.

If you’re interested in reading more insightful business accounts like this, consider subscribing to Spectrum Internet. Check out the amazing articles pertaining to the subject carried on the Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine websites to get you started!


Measure your website accurately with WooRank

Measure your website accurately with WooRank

Describe the company – the elevator pitch …

WooRank is a super fast and easy-to-use technical SEO audit, reporting and keyword tracking tool. It works for both digital marketers and business owners alike, regardless of expertise.

WooRank is a fast-growing internet startup that is intent on providing businesses, online marketers and SEO experts a state of the art solution to optimize, promote and measure their websites instantly and easily.

How are you different?

Unlike other SEO audit tools, our report provides a dynamic score on a 100-point scale that is very easy to understand. This point system represents how well prepared your site is to get you results from your digital marketing efforts.

Our review is based on 70+ factors that range from keyword use and usability to social monitoring.

Even more valuable than the score, though, is the actionable insights and tips we provide to fix the issues with your website.

We have a customer success team and a large network of accredited experts that work round-the-clock, no matter what time zone you are in! That way, there is always a WooRanker ready and willing to help you if you have questions. This will ensure you obtain the biggest return on investment to your online marketing.

Because the score we provide is dynamic, our tool is essential for digital marketers to keep tabs on how their website is doing in the long-term. Google is constantly changing its ranking factors, so it’s important to know how these changes are impacting your score.

Additionally, our investment into the innovative startup WordLift has assisted us in preparing for a focus on context based search, or more broadly, the semantic web. We absolutely believe that this will be the focus for the industry for the next few years. We are working closely with WordLift to develop new tools and strategies to prepare ourselves and our customers for the Artificial Intelligence Revolution.

Why will you do well?

The reason behind our continued growth and success can be attributed to our hyper-talented team and the obvious need for an affordable product like ours.
We offer free website reviews (without the bells and whistles of our paid tool) to anyone looking to get a quick glimpse of how their site is doing. For our members, we provide uptime notifications to alert you if ever your site goes down. With this, we help our customers avoid a potentially disastrous situation.

We believe the actionable advice we offer to our customers is invaluable. The constantly evolving world of SEO can be perplexing, and we simplify the daunting task of optimization for users at any skill level.

Our company culture is the dominant reason for success. The brilliant minds behind our keyword tracker and site crawler make WooRank stand-out against other SEO audit tools.

The entire team at WooRank genuinely loves working here, which translates to enthusiasm and creativity behind all of our projects. You can really see the passion we have for our product in everything we do.

Where are you based?

WooRank is based in Brussels, Belgium – but we have team members all over the world! We are represented in California, India, Hungary, Spain…etc.

When was the company launched?

We launched in January of 2010.

What have been your biggest wins to date?

Since our launch, we have welcomed more than 1 million registered users. We generated more than 22,000 Advanced Reviews in 2017!

A huge win for us was making our service available in six different languages. We have also achieved a 93% customer satisfaction rate.

Who are you trying to attract to your product?

Anyone and everyone! We think one of the greatest attributes of the WooRank tool is its versatility. If you are new to SEO, WooRank is easy to use and understand. If you are a digital marketing expert, our site crawl’s technical analysis can help you identify on-page issues you might not have otherwise seen.

Our content (blog, SEO guides, etc.) is also super helpful to those who are hoping to learn more about search engine optimization and the semantic web.

What tips would you give to others looking to build their business?

You should always focus on the needs and requirements of your customer and aim to help them at all stages. At WooRank, our focus has and always will be on making SEO and digital marketing simple and actionable for our customers.

It is also important to cultivate a great company culture. A happy team is a productive team.

Tell us about your team?

In a word, awesome. We are all over the globe, and yet with modern technology like Slack, it never feels like we are too far away from each other.

The team in Brussels has lunch together every day, and we are all close outside of work as well. It is a very unique in that we are more than coworkers – we are friends.

The development team is beyond brilliant. They work tirelessly to make sure our product is always running smoothly. They are also always striving to improve our SEO audit tool with new features, which are executed collaboratively and seamlessly.

The marketing team is the creative force behind our company. The team is growing and coming up with new ways to market our product on a daily basis.

Our team is built on mutual respect for each other’s talents and strengths, and they make WooRank more efficient and valuable every day.

What are your plans for the future?

As we mentioned earlier, our plans to branch out into the world of semantic SEO is on the top of our priority list.

We strive to constantly innovate and provide our customers with the tools and insight to make their site findable in the ever-changing world of SEO and digital marketing.

What are your favourite tech gadgets?

Anything that makes our lives easier. Specifically, Google Home because you can sync all of your other gadgets! Voice-based search makes everything so much easier.
“OK Google, set a timer for 10 minutes.”
No more burnt pizza!

The WooRank team weighed in on their favorite gadgets, and their answers included both FitBit (we all wear them!) and Chromecast.

What tech gadgets do you wish you could use to help you?

To elaborate on the voice-based search and focus on the semantic web, we would love to use assistants like Google Home and Alexa for business.

The future of SEO is going to focus on contextual information, machine learning and using semantic technology. So, repurposing those home assistants for business would be a welcome evolution.

Anything else you’d like to add/we should have asked?

We absolutely love to get to know our customers and form relationships with other digital marketing experts. Don’t ever hesitate to reach out to us, even if it’s just to chat about SEO trends.

How do people get in touch with you?

Easily. We are reachable through the WooRank Help Center. As mentioned before, there is virtually always someone manning the desk to help with questions. You can also email the team directly at

You can always reach out to us on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn!