window spy software - How to initiate with window spy software to monitor workplace

How to initiate with window spy software to monitor workplace

How to Initiate With Window Spy Software to Monitor Workplace

The entrepreneurs around the world have been taking advantage of spy software to supervise the online and offline activities of workers. There are various employee monitoring software applications that let you track activities performed on company-owned devices. We have reviewed here TheOneSpy Windows spy software that is intended for employers to track desktop computers and laptops running Windows OS. The software is compatible with different desktop and laptop computer brands running Windows OS versions 7, 8 and 10.

TheOneSpy Windows Spy Software

TheOneSpy is cross-platform monitoring software that enables the end-user to track computer and mobile phone use of someone else. The Windows monitoring solution of TheOneSpy is particularly designed for employers to track computer use of their workers. The software enables employers to know what their workers are doing using the computer systems. It helps them identify productive, unproductive and disloyal workers. The computer spy software also enables employers to boost the productivity of the workers by preventing them from unproductive and needless activities.   

How Windows Spy Software Work?

The computer tracking software is needed to be installed on the targeted computer that must be compatible to the software. After installation, the spy software gets access to the data stored on the computer and uploads to the online spy account. The employer or business managers can operate the online portal of the spy software through their own computer or mobile phone device. The online portal of the tracking software is also used to send commands to the targeted computer device.   

Main Features of Windows Spy Software

The computer tracking software offers numerous powerful features letting the end-user to monitor and manage the targeted computer device without taking it into custody. Given are the main features of the monitoring software.

On-Demand Screenshots

What if you could see whatever appears on the computer screen of your workers? The Windows spy software lets you monitor every single activity performed on the company-owned computer devices. It shows you what your worker is typing, watching or scrolling through. The on-demand and real-time  screenshots of TheOneSpy let you track computer activities performed at present or scheduled time period. By logging into the online panel of the spy software, you can send command to the monitored computer to capture screenshots. The computer will start taking screenshots with a certain interval to let you witness every action performed on the device.


The Windows tracking software records all keystrokes applied to keyboard of the targeted computer. These keystrokes enable the end-user to get keylogs of passwords, usernames and email addresses. These keylogs can be used to closely watch out the online accounts and email accounts of workers to dig out facts or get clues of a wrongdoing.

Track Emails

The business emails are of great importance because they may contain sensitive company information. The computer tracking software of TheOneSpy lets you monitor emails received and sent by employees. You can read the content of the email and get access to the email address from which the email has been received or sent. The email monitoring also enables employers to minimize risk of data breach by preventing phishing or scam emails.

Mighty Alarms

The Windows surveillance software lets you prioritize things. You can set alarms for the tasks that are most important. You can also set mighty alarms to prevent your workers from performing certain activities. For example, if you do not want your workers to kill their working hours on social media platforms, you can set the spy software to notify you in case any worker opens social media site on monitored computer.

User-Friendly Reports

The computer tracking software provides user-friendly reports about computer program and software use. You can know how much time your workers spend on which program or app. You can also categorize productive and unproductive programs to measure employee productivity.

How to Get Windows Spy Software

To get Windows spy software of TheOneSpy, you need to visit the official website of the spy software. Get yourself registered to TheOneSpy and subscribe to the one-month or yearly package plan of Windows spy software. Download and install the software on the targeted computer device by following the user-friendly software installation process. Start tracking the targeted Windows computer via online portal of spyware software.

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