Quadruple Your Sales by Placing Adding a Video in Your Next Marketing Campaign

Quadruple Your Sales by Placing Adding a Video in Your Next Marketing Campaign

Videos are becoming the fastest growing marketing channel these days, YouTube has more than a billion users and the website is constantly turning every day entrepreneurs a profitable business. The video marketing strategy has been the top earner with the social media for business.

If you are also a business or an enterprise or even a well accepted brands we have big news for you. Thousands of people are searching through the internet these moments are searching for subjects and products related to their industry. The video serves as the wonderful platform to earn the customers attention when they are initiating their customer’s journey that is researching and finding the options that lead to what the business sell. 

As a matter of fact the recent research reveals there are several reasons to use videos as a part of the business marketing strategy. More than 50% of the internet users search for the videos that are related to the product and service prior to making their way to the store. More than 90% of the consumer shows that the product videos straight away define the purchase decision. Forbes. Considering the stats above a majority of businesses have planned and are successfully implementing the video marketing strategy in their business practice.

 That’s quite compelling; customers have been relying on the videos to make purchase decision hence spending lesser time for making the purchase decision while many businesses either big or small are investing more funds to create great videos mean while. 

If you have been looking to add video to your next marketing campaign that can help you stand out of the crowd, this is where the animated videos play their role. Since animated video content in advertising is relatively new so your business has a better chance of standing out on the social media and Google. Not to mention animation has a certain connection with the people. Animation gives rise to the emotions that makes a melody with the viewers. 

Animation is not only attractive to the eyes, but it also lead us to the childhood days when we use to watch cartoons it’s also an excellent means to ease the complicated concepts and describe the features and the benefits. 

Animated video helps connect with the consumers

Making use of animated video in your marketing is a wonderful means to connect with the audiences on a more personal level. These animations make it easy to reveal your brand unique persona and features making it more memorable for the right customers. While showing your brands personality is more crucial than you would have imagined. As per Forbes;

“91% of the consumers are known to reward the brands for the reliability and share the brand with friend and family while 62 percent are expected to purchase from or show a keen interest in purchasing from the brand the reliably communicate itself.” 

Or you can say the consumers have known the brands for their persona. There are several competitors in your niche its retail, education, tech or almost anything. Even if you provide impeccable services and products work wonders, you will not stand out without a point of view that is unique. With business animation videos you have unmatched opportunities to share everything with your potential consumers within no time. 

The answer to common customer questions 

If you sell products online, what are the most asked your customer support team receives. If you are a service provider?  So what is your client’s first concern when they start working with you. With business animation videos you have the wonderful opportunity to come up with the question, satisfy their fear and share the unique features and benefits so that your customers don’t bother to ask you questions. 

The most trending videos are the explainer video marketing in Dubai, since these videos are brief and use the story and shots to deliver the complex ideas in the easiest ways. You can make use of animated explainers on your website to discuss the story of your business, explain the process of your product and service, and determine how your business works; discuss benefits and features of your product share testimonials of your business. Well placing an explainer your website can increase the sales 80%.


Undoubtedly the video is the future of the marketing. The more brief that the world’s collective attention intervals get, the more crucial it is for your business to deliver the information in short and appealing manner. The animated videos such as explainer make it easy to do it just this way. Since these videos will facilitate you to reveal your products with a unique personality while having a right connection with your consumers.

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