Necessary Skills That Are vital to becoming an Android Developer

Necessary Skills That Are vital to becoming an Android Developer

Nowadays, Web and Application development is one of the leading disciplines across the world. With the explosion of the internet and the advancements in technology, it is essential that the developers today match the standardized skills to keep up with the changing dynamics of the development. The upsurge of mobile usage has increased the demand for Android developers. After exploring the wide range of capabilities and skills of the developers, we have found the vital 6 skills which every developer must be polished on. If you are someone, who is keen on developing his career as an Android Developer then listed below are the few vital ones:


If you are still oblivious to the revolution this language has bought, then my friend don’t belong to the field. It is the main language used for the Android Development. Possessing a sound knowledge of this language makes the development of the application smooth. Through it, developers are aware of the code used, type of data integrated, devices it works on and the memory resources used. Developers need to be careful with the types of the codes used along with the details which they are providing. Nurturance on this skill is important because it makes the decision related to the memory required.


Being a developer and not learning XML, is no option. This language is similar to the HTML as it shares the identical structure of markup language such as angle brackets, types of tags etc. It enables a smooth flow of data and is easy to learn. It allows Android developers to create a layout which serves as a base to the UI for the consistent functioning of Android apps. Through it, the application of Java codes can be modified while they are running.


An inarguably essential skill for developers is to master the skill of interaction to various devices. This interaction is based on the API nurturance, which allows us to distinguish between the two data. It adds the versatility aspect in our development capabilities, essential for survival in this competitive industry. For instance, through Google API we can get track the user location and provide them suggestions related to the outlets, deals and more contained by the application. By studying various APIs, we will be able to explore that difference exists between the two APIs.

Material Design

Being an Android Developer, it makes is kind of obligatory to keep our skills up-to-date. Material Design is one such phenomenon that has resulted because of the evolution of technology to add consistency in UI. Developed in 2014, it allows to integrate various features on the screen and to design it according to our preferred style. The transitions, graphics, surfaces, and the overall design is enhanced through its use in the application.

Android Studio

Android Studio is the name given to the integrated development studio selected by the Android Developer. It holds many features allow seamless interface development. It is created on the software JetBrains’ IntelliJ IDEA which is particularly developed for the Android development. Major PyCharm programming languages are supported on it such as Kotlin, Python, and IntelliJ. The completion of code in it enables the auto-generation of suggestions while we type. It CPU and storage tracking assist the developers with efficient coding and maintaining high performance.

Android SDK

SDK is the acronym of the Software Development Kit, which is a set of the pre-packed codes. These are also termed as JAVA code modules, which make the camera and accelerometer accessible to the developer. Gradle is the main component of the Android Studio which lets the application to integrate with the social media platforms. For this, we have to download the SDK of the social media we aim to integrate, and then tell it to Gradle. Every detail of the Android SDKs can be found in the document which provides us with all the information related to the package and its plug-ins. It is one of the fastest tools for developing an application, and therefore essential for developers to learn.

If you are someone who aims to build his career as an Android Developer, you should possess these must-have skills.

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