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Monitor Your Child’s Internet Usage With These Careful Tips

We all must agree that the internet is a brilliant tool for education. Keeping this in mind, you would have bought the best wifi service plans. That’s amazing! But, there are a few disadvantages too. Usage of the internet without limits can cause negativity. It becomes necessary to check your child’s internet usage. Are you doing it in the right manner? As a responsible parent, you need to protect your child from online dangers. We have gathered a few ideas in the below list. Go through them and implement it right away!


Finding Out The Websites Your Child Generally Browse

The basic way is to scan the browser history. You will come across the sites visited. The internet browser is smart enough to save such information. Internet Explorer and google chrome are the two main browsers available. Both of them show the history list. Ctrl + H is the absolute shortcut to view history. The visited sites are arranged in the reverse chronological order. So, it becomes more easy to go through the list. Sometimes, your child may play smart. Here, you need to adopt other ways to track internet usage. Continue reading to learn more.


Wireless Router Can Help You

Some of the router models will capture the list of visited sites from the home wifi connection. Verify with the internet services providers before purchasing the router. You must get access to the router. So, type the IP address in the search bar. But, where to find the IP address? Open the command window and type ipconfig/all. Find the term default gateway. Your IP address will be listed under the same. Is your router configuration forcing to enter the password?


Do not worry! You can get the default login credentials on the manufacturer website. This is possible only if you have not set any password previously. After accessing the router, select the log option. Here, you can see the list of visited sites. Some router models will allow you to selectively block certain sites. In case, your child attempts to access the block the site, you will get an email.


Utilize Software To Check Your Child’s Internet Usage

Some of the parents who purchased wifi service plans from us prefer using the software. There are many options available in the market. You can easily check the internet usage. In fact, you will get detailed information by using such software. Not only visit information, but also the interactions made on the website. Interactions include downloading, uploading, etc. Here, we have picked some of the good software. Check them out now. You will surely get a better idea.


Safetyweb is one such example

It mainly tracks the social media activities of your child. Social media channels include Twitter and Facebook. It checks for any kind of explicit content. If present, it sends an alert message to the parent. Also, if your child is attacked by cyberbullying, you will get an alert. If your kid is interacting with stranger adults, the software again alerts. What do you need to use this software accurately? Only email address of the child is needed. All the accounts linked to the email address is detected by the software itself. It is just a safety option! Give a try if you need one.



The other examples include Social Shield, McGruff Safeguard, and much more. Conduct good research before choosing the right one. Moreover, we as a reliable internet services providers suggest you talk to children. Make them aware of internet dangers. Let them know the consequences they might have to face. If your kid is aware of the difficulties, the negativity can be controlled from roots. Keep alerting them in a friendly manner. They will definitely take your words.


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