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5 Important Ways to Do Keyword Research in 2019 for Maximum Traffic

There is absolutely not even an iota of doubt about the fact that the core competency required to be a successful digital marketer and firmly establish your position at the very top of this intensely competitive industry is to place maximum emphasis on effective keyword research. It is one of the most decisive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools since it enables you to correctly identify your target market from which you can maximize your profitability.

Not only this, it will help you gauge the pulse of the customer base by familiarizing you with customer bases similar to the ones which you intend to focus on etc. What’s more, it can boost your search engine rankings by directing major user traffic to your particular website both in terms of quality as well as quantity by highlighting the most desirable features of your chosen subjects of discussion and thereby increasing your credibility as a marketer by leaps and bounds by adopting the best possible promotional strategies for all your end-products, services etc.

But the pertinent question that arises here is, how can you successfully implement all your keyword research plans especially in the upcoming new year 2019 for getting the desired outcomes in form of the maximum possible increase in your user traffic?? Find the answer to this question here by going through the pointers given below:


  1. Achieve an optimal combination of your keyword varieties: The perfect keyword research strategy should not leave any loopholes whatsoever and should contain a nice blend of the two major keyword varieties. The very short and simple head term keywords and the more complicated ones which consist of more than three words and are usually in the form of a question rather simply stating the search term or item as in the case of the former. The former category is targeted by an extremely huge number of online users or websites and this will make it extremely difficult to achieve a good ranking for your search term. But the latter is more likely to bring much better results for you since not that many users can search for them unlike you if you can gauge your target market properly and create these long-tail keywords according to their specific requirements and hit the bull’s eye in the process. So, you must keep a lethal combination of both these keyword types in your strategic arsenal and never ever overly depend on any one of the same to achieve your intended goals.


  1. Never ever put keywords unnecessarily at the wrong place: The most common mistake that you might tend to make while formulating your keyword research strategy like many others in this industry is inserting keywords randomly where they are not at all appropriate. This can spell disaster for the quality and effectiveness of your content and unlike earlier haphazard insertion of keywords into your content is not the norm or mantra for sure-shot success anymore. It is the quality of your content and the ways in which you can redefine your user experience etc. that really matters and not the number of keywords that you insert into your content even when they are not required therein. Your keywords should be absolutely relevant to your target customer base and should never cause them to lose focus on the same. So, formulate and adjust your keywords accordingly through detailed and extensive online research if you want to beat others in this race.


  1. Always give maximum priority to the personalized requirements of your core customer base: While formulating your keyword research strategy, just ask yourself this one simple question,” What do my core customer base actually want, i.e. what are the exact requirements that they are searching for in the online portals??” And then make sure that you create your strategy according to the same by coming up with and researching for keywords that your target audience actually wants to read and can connect with on a personal level or basis. Modify your existing keywords in such a manner that it is useful for your core customer base and they can take something away from it. If you can effectively execute this most crucial plan, then generating the amount of user traffic which you had in mind or even more should not be an issue at all for you.


  1. Minimize the size of your keyword index as much as possible: Most online customers nowadays are likely to search for a vast number of keywords. So, study and analyze your keywords extensively to make your index as small as possible to maximize your chances of success. You can take help of certain tools easily available on online platforms nowadays for this purpose if you face any difficulty in deciding which keywords you should keep and which ones you should eliminate etc. Leave out those keywords which have become outdated and whose search volumes etc. are much lesser than the other keywords in your index etc.

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  1. Never get complacent and place too much emphasis on independent or singular keywords: The latest keyword research trends and tactics suggest that independent keywords are becoming less relevant and important by the day. It is likely that it will soon become obsolete as much more advanced search techniques are making their foray into this industry. Thus, never rely too much on such type of keywords while conducting your keyword research and modify your searches periodically according to your specific customer requirements. Just think in terms of what your target customer might want to search for online by putting yourself in their shoes. In this way you can maximize your online user traffic and enhance your future business prospects. Always learn to keep up with the latest trends and developments in the industry so that you never fall behind others and are always one step ahead of the rest by constantly innovating and modifying your keyword research strategies and tactics according to the current trends. Make customer satisfaction your number-one priority while formulating your keywords and all the desired outcomes will follow automatically.

So, without waiting any longer gear up and put your keyword research plans into action as soon as the new year 2019 arrives. Rest assured, it will be the year where all your dreams of making it big in this industry will come true!!


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