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6 Legit Ways to Earn Money Online

Are you finding online jobs to earn money? As it is not that much easy get bucks for working online. However, there are some really legitimate ways to earn through online jobs and businesses. In this post, we will discuss few  highest paying online jobs ideas.


Many people waste their hard earned money with spammy websites to get online jobs. Therefore, I have collected this list to elaborate most legal online money making jobs and business ideas.




Blogging is most profitable online business. Here you can earn as much as you want. Therefore, many people are choosing blogging as a career nowadays.


However, making money online through blogging is not that much easy. It took hard work and patience to turn your blog into a full time business module. You need to learn blogging in an ethical way to become a successful blogger. You should learn on page and off page SEO deeply to grow your blog.


As soon as your blog will start getting traffic, you can display advertisements on your blog. Many companies are finding bloggers to advertise their products on their blogs. This way you can start earning through blogging. There are many bloggers who are already earning from $1000 to $100000 every month.


You can start a blog for free or you can purchase a self hosted plan. Blogger.com allows you to create a blog for free. Here you can write content and publish to the world. Then you can place Google AdSense ads in this blog easily. As people will click on those ads, you will get commision for those ad clicks. Basically, you are promoting others’ products on your site to earn money.


Moreover, you can also purchase a self hosted plan and a domain name of your blog. This way you will have complete control on your blog. If you want to start professional blogging. You should always purchase a premium domain and hosting plan which is also available as low as 3 or 4 dollars.


3.Become a Freelancer (Join Fiverr)


Many people still don’t know the meaning for freelancing. Freelancers are people who work for companies and get paid for every single job they do. They don’t work on a full time salary basis. They get paid for each and every job.


Fiverr.com is best platform for freelancers. Anyone can join on this site to start freelancing. There are many different options here to get online jobs. For instance, web developer, graphic designer, video editor, logo creator, writing articles, data entry virtual assistant etc.


You can get many easy job on Fiverr and can earn money through them. It’s my second most trustable online business marketplace. I have also earned good income through Fiverr.


3.PTC Sites (Online Paid Surveys)


Ptc sites are another easy option to earn few bucks in your free times. I will never tell you that you can become rich by working on ptc sites. But you can always turn your free time into some real dollars. These sites have already paid millions of dollars to their users.

You can get many small tasks to complete here. In return, they can pay you few dollars or rewards. Here you will get tiny jobs like completing surveys, clicking ads, watching videos, playing games etc. These little task will pay you every time when you complete it. However, you can earn few cents on completing a single task. You can spend few hours here to earn few dollars easily. This is the best method to invest your free time and earn money.


4.Sell Ebooks


Many people are great fan of writing. Writing might be a passion or might become a business. If you have keen knowledge on any specific topic. You can also write ebooks and sell it for dollars. Ebooks are most popular these days. The days are gone when people used to read real books. Nowadays ebooks are the only way to distribute information.


Writing an effective eBook is not an easy task. But if you have courage to explain things in you own way. You should definitely give it a try. Ebooks business is tremendously growing day by day and many writers are already earning thousands of dollars by them. So what are you waiting for? If you have deep knowledge on any subject where you can teach many things to people. You should start and publish an eBook. Maybe you are next successful eBook writer.

5.Start Youtube Channel


Youtube is everyone’s favorite app these days. Everyone use it at least once in a day. Now, you can get an idea about the number of audience. Wherever you get unlimited audience, you have many business ideas at that place. Making a youtube channel is another most successful online business. Here you can earn from few dollars to millions of dollars.


Getting success on youtube is more easier than blogging because there are not enough creators on youtube. You can easily create and grow your channel in less than few months. So if you are an avid fan of recording videos. And you can teach anything on youtube. You should immediately start your own youtube channel. As soon as you will start getting audience, you can start advertisement on your channel too. You can earn money here by Adsense, direct advertisement, reviews, sponsored videos etc.  


6.Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


Here is another great way to start your own online business. If you are an admin of fb group or page where you have thousands of followers or you have an Instagram or Twitter account with millions of followers. Then you can easily make money online through these followers. There are many companies which are finding famous social media influencers like you to sell their products.


People are easily earning money through sponsored posts on these social media websites. You should just have a group of followers on these sites. So, if you have already a group of people in your social media account or you have just started some group or account. You can easily earn money through them. You just need to contact companies which are related to your page or account for promotion. They will definitely pay you a good amount for promoting their products.


I hope guys these online business ideas are really helpful and enthusiastic for you. If you found this article helpful in any manner, you should share it with your friends. You can also leave comments below about your thoughts on online money making ideas.

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