SEO Expert

Top Reasons to Hire an SEO Expert

In today’s digital world, having a website for your company is like having wheels for your vehicle. A great SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy is like fuel for the vehicle. Without this fuel, you cannot run your online business.

Competition in the digital world is growing stiffer with every passing day. As an online marketer, you need to come up with ideas to stay ahead of the pack. Your beautiful website may not amount to much in case you rank poorly on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

Thus, SEO is a key aspect of business marketing. SEO is now considered the most effective technique of lead generation and its prowess is set to grow, as recognized by online marketing experts.

According to them, SEO still remains the number one driver of website traffic. Another relevant statistic is that 93% of internet experiences begin with search, and thus, points to the critical nature of SEO, thus giving rise to the importance of hiring SEO experts.


A well-designed SEO campaign leads to complete accomplishment of business objectives. The reason is that marketing results are measurable, and the strategy can be tweaked at all times. The role of SEO in marketing cannot be underestimated. To boost your fortunes, you must invest in an SEO professional or expert.


Some of the advantages of investing in a professional SEO agency or expert are as follows:

  • More close to SEO results: When you hire an SEO agency to build your online presence, you come to a step closer to ethical, high and organic SERPs. An expert and experienced SEO professional is aware of the exact process of optimizing your business website. He will deliver results in the most ethical manner.
  • Enhanced user experience: By tweaking all glitches in your website, you will create a better user experience for users leading to higher levels of satisfaction. Such satisfaction levels will create a loyal customer base.
  • Higher rates of conversion: You may have a gorgeous website, but if it is not converting, it is not meeting your goals. Ranking high on SERPs makes it easier for relevant traffic to detect their way to your website. In turn, this boosts rates of conversion.
  • Constructing customer relationships: There are several SEO strategies, which can be used by your SEO consultant. One of these is social media. With more interactions, you can, by progression, earn the trust of customers.
  • Knowledge and Experience: Doing online SEO is not a ‘once to learn and do’ thing. The search engine algorithms keep on updating. Your SEO expert will be constantly updated on search engine trends.
  • Avoid search engine penalties: After you identify your SEO goals, communicate them to your SEO expert. Because of their experience, they will help your website steer clear of any search engine penalties. Thus, an SEO expert will help you adopt the White Hat techniques instead of Black Hat techniques used by an amateur. This will help you avoid the Google penalties slapped on the latter.
  • Spread brand awareness: A successful SEO campaign will result in higher visibility and better ranking for your brand. Social media marketing, for example, boosts your brand through mentions.

These are all some of the reasons for you to hire SEO expert India for your online business.

Lawyer SEO - Tips for Lawyer SEO

5 Essential Tips for Lawyer SEO

No ifs ands or buts, the most ideal approach to drive customers to your law office is through Google, in light of the fact that 96 percent of the general population who look for lawful guidance do as such by means of a web index. In addition, of each one of those individuals hunting on the web down a trustworthy and equipped legal advisor, just about 75 percent who really visit a particular law office’s site, do make some sort of move.

Most law offices are very much aware of these standards, if not actually the measurements, so they realize enough to make a significant venture into their web architecture, and into website improvement explicitly. That obviously, makes lawyer SEO a standout amongst the most profoundly focused fields in the commercial centre. So as to transcend the challenge of different lawyers and law offices, you need to exploit each and every change and improvement accessible to you.

In the event that somebody in your law office is a specialist in SEO, at that point you may get an opportunity of making these sorts of enhancements for a standard premise to keep you at the bleeding edge of the calling. Most law offices are not unreasonably blessed be that as it may, and want to abandon it in the hands of specialists, who know every one of the complexities of web composition and how SEO must be woven into the website naturally, as opposed to attached as an expansion.

The proposals beneath are five of the most shake strong SEO for Lawyer rules that you ought to fuse into your site, regardless of whether you do it in-house, or have very talented lawyer SEO masters do it for you.


Enhance for Local Searches


It is basic that you centre around the neighbourhood section of your intended interest group to the best degree conceivable, in light of the fact that they are the planned customers who will think that its most straightforward to get to your physical area, for counselling and for progressing case issues. This implies you ought to utilize Google My Business, since it restores your site URL and headings to your law office in the wake of having counselled the Google My Business postings, as opposed to slithering through a large number of sites to discover destinations which are advanced for the watchword looks given by the client.


This is an imperative point to comprehend, on the grounds that it can get your site showed on indexed lists to every neighbourhood client, even over the ground-breaking, costly lawful catalogs including FindLaw, Justia and Yelp. When you register for Google My Business, you have to ensure that you advance your page. You can do this by naming your page with the most essential catchphrase, trailed by your genuine business name. When you’ve done that, you ought to enter an important portrayal of your law office, top notch photographs with catchphrase rich filenames, and give connects straightforwardly to the administration pages on your site.

*Bonus Tip: It is likewise essential to have your most energetic customers compose an audit on your Google My Business Page. All they need is a Google Account (or Gmail) and a connection to your page. You can acquire a connection to your page via hunting down your business in the “Maps” segment of the query items and tapping the “Offer” catch to get an abridged URL which you would then be able to impart to your customers.


Structure Your Site Optimally


Giving ideal site structure is useful for the two rankings and for a quality client experience, so this is a critical zone for you to consider. For example, if your law office for the most part centers around a solitary legitimate region, you ought to incorporate that in your area name. When you build up a space, for example, www.securities-extortion lawyer, it should help bring about getting a great deal of traffic on that particular lawful region. Notwithstanding, it is vital to take note of that by simply having catchphrase rich space names divert to your primary site, your site won’t pick up power for those objective terms.


At the point when your law office has different regions of intrigue that you’re similarly skilled at, you need an increasingly nonexclusive space, for example, Inside the site, you’ll have to set up individual pages for each administration you offer, with the goal that you can in any case be positioned profoundly for every one of those contributions.

On the off chance that your firm is doing as such well that it has a few areas the nation over, it would be further bolstering your good fortune to incorporate the name of your city inside the URL, with the goal that you get exceptionally positioned for neighbourhood seeks. For example, you may build up a space, for example, The drawback of this is it would expect you to make new pages for all urban areas which you have a nearness in, yet it does guide traffic to every individual site.


Utilize Only the Most Advantageous Keywords


When you’re contemplating which watchwords to use to draw in regard for your site, you should give some solid thought to the kind of catchphrases that you’re utilizing, which means the aim of those watchwords. Individuals looking for lawful administrations on the Internet by and large have three sorts of plan, which are recognized as catchphrases of DIY (Do it Yourself), Discovery, and of Decision (or as I like to consider them the 3D Keyword Breakdown).

DIY catchphrases are those where the searcher is seeking endeavor to find solutions for their legitimate inquiries independent from anyone else, for example about ‘how to round out a removal notice’, or ‘contract for business arrangement’.

Revelation catchphrases are those which are explicitly endeavoring to learn data about your specific administrations, for example, ‘San Diego Employment lawyer surveys’ or ‘San Diego Business lawyer expenses’.

Choice catchphrases are those really looking for your administrations, a case of which would be ’employ a San Diego lawyer’, or ‘San Diego Litigation lawyers close me’.

While it is vital to concentrate on Decision watchwords, you should recollect that your site ought to be seen by Google as a believed specialist on your zones of law so as to rank well for those catchphrases in the list items. Counting “how to” articles that give general data to exhibit your legitimate skill without explicitly giving forthcoming customers your restrictive contracts or authoritative documents can help achieve this.


Produce High-Powered Links


Notwithstanding the steady changes in web index positioning elements, a standout amongst the most essential factors in positioning high is still backlinks. Google gauges expert and trust more vigorously than some other single factor, since it’s a sign that others have visited your law office’s site and believe it to be both helpful and definitive on the zone of law your firm practices.


A standout amongst the most ideal approaches to do this is to do aggressive research and register your firm on relevant lawful catalogs including Cornell, Avvo, and Another demonstrated system is to compose visitor writes on legitimate lawful registry sites. Not exclusively will this grandstand your legitimate skill and give you substance to advance on your online life profiles, however this will get you a powerful connection back to your site.

*Bonus Tip: If you are a lawyer who rehearses in California, guarantee your improved profile on the State Bar of CA’s site. This will permit you incorporate your particular lawful practice zones, extra dialects spoken at your office and above all a connection to your site!


Track SEO Campaign Progress and Results


Whatever you’re doing in the method for lawyer SEO, you have to follow its consequences, else you’re actually shooting in obscurity and trusting you hit something. There are various instruments that you can utilize, for example, Google Analytics, Google Search Console and SEMRush to discover data about how well your SEO crusades are advancing, and which changes are attempting to present to you extra amazing traffic.

The key measurements that you have to concentrate on here are the general web index perceivability for your webpage, the general natural traffic which has been created because of your endeavors, the particular volume of traffic to your objective pages, and the number and nature of all leads which result from inquiries that took clients to your site.

Keep in mind, there are a ton of lawyers out there competing for the top spots in Google. I trust these 5 Essential Tips for Attorney SEO furnish your law office with an aggressive edge to get greater perceivability and customer leads.

Hidden SEO TIPS For Better Rankings

Hidden SEO Tips for Better Search Rankings

Search engine optimization makes sure that a website can ensure that it gets good rank in search engine.


SEO is required for every blog or website for generating good traffic. For this purpose, there are many tricks. If you want your online business to succeed, then you have to invest time and effort. It is a continuous process that makes sure you dominate search engine results.

It sounds impossible, but with these hidden tricks, it will become easy. I have researched some articles with optimal SEO and gathered the hidden tricks they used. Here are some hidden tricks that SEO team uses for better traffic and rankings.


Here are 11 Hidden SEO tricks for better rankings.


  1. Quality external links should be used

External links are the most crucial element for optimizing the online page. Thus, focusing on quality links instead of quantity is important. Use backlinks of popular blog or website; this will bring in more traffic. When you use links from any page without checking its popularity or relevance, it just doesn’t work. But SEO will be optimal when you comment or visit a known page as it will get you more traffic. Aherfs is one tool that can help you get quality backlinks.


  1. Make the site faster

Google monitors the speed of the site and uses this as a ranking factor. Thus, it is important that the SEO team makes sure that the site loads quickly. A slow loading site makes users frustrated, and they switch to another blog without delay. Many reasons factor into a site being slow, and one of them is uncompressed images. Keep these points in mind for a fast loading site/page:


  • Keep monitoring the site and delete any unnecessary elements.
  • Uninstall any plugins that are not required
  1. Use post automation tool

For better traffic and ranking, it is necessary to have a schedule. Automation is a tool that can help you with it. It lets you set a routine for posting a blog or video at a specific time any given day. An automation tool is present in social media which allows the expert to schedule a post/video in advance. This is extremely helpful when you are busy with other SEO related areas. Through this, the post/videos keep getting uploaded on social media and the traffic is continuous.


  1. It’s necessary to have a secure site

A secure site not only makes users trust you but is preferred by Google too. This is the reason every website must use the HTTPS protocol. The HTTPS protocol along with SSL (Secure socket layers) encrypts the consumer’s data and protects it. This algorithm aids the Google analytic tool in providing the data for referral traffic.


  1. Mobile-friendly site

Mobile users for any website accounts for 57% of the total users. So, make sure that it works smoothly on smart-phones. Not only does it need to load faster, but it should also have a readable font and color. Also, the keywords for the mobile version of the site differ slightly, so research that for an optimal mobile website.


  1. Be present on social media

Social media has become one of the factors that helps a site/page gets a better listing on Google. Accounts on Instagram and Facebook are sometimes more popular and helps in bringing traffic. So, make accounts on relevant sites and keep posting on them often. With the help of an designing tools you can easily design attractive images.


Regular posting helps you to connect with your consumers and even get new users on board. Also, have all your post linked with your site/ blog so that users can directly visit it. Similarly, have social sharing buttons on the website. This will let the viewer’s share post that they like on their social pages, which helps you get more visibility.


  1. Monitor the SEO of the page

Google analytics and webmaster are the two best tools for monitoring your site’s SEO. It gives you a sneak-peak into how your SEO strategies are going for the page. You can analyze and make better plans so that your site ranks better and get more traffic. It gives you specific details like where the traffic is coming from and which page gets the top traffic. This helps the experts to make the best strategies for optimizing your site.


  1. Brand Mentions

Google webmaster trend analyst, Gary Illyes has stated at Pubcon that Google consider brand mentions as one of its strong ranking signals. The unlinked brand mentions helps in building a brand entity in front of the Google. The mentions of your brand on a high quality and relevant sites, Google gets a clear and better idea of your proficiency in a particular niche.


  1. Mobile First-Indexing

The number of users who are accessing the internet via mobile phones are on continues rise. Soon the number crosses the desktop users. After considering this is an important factor in March 2018, Google has launched ‘mobile first-indexing’ update. The mobile page of the website plays a very vital role in search rankings.


  1. Focus on quality content

Gone those days when the quantity of content is enough to rank a website in search engines. Today, in order to rank high, quality content has become a new buzz in the game. According to SEO experts from all over the globe, Google’s broad core algorithm is all about how the website’s fulfilling EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness) standards.


  1. Beef up with HTTPS

Do you ever notice a lock icon in the left hand corner of the url? This lock icon simply means that the site you accessing is safe. HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) sites are those sites that are more secure to any type of data breach. Search engines are giving preferences to such sites in search ranking.

Remember these tricks next time you feel your site is lacking in traffic and rankings. If you think I missed some crucial points, tell me in the comments below.

Author Bio:

Kavita Paliwal-Content Writer

Kavita is Outreach Specialist cum Content writer. When not glued to her laptop, she can be found making travel plans that rarely happen 😉 Connect with Kavita on Twitter @dreamerkavita

Keyword Research

5 Important Ways to Do Keyword Research in 2019 for Maximum Traffic

There is absolutely not even an iota of doubt about the fact that the core competency required to be a successful digital marketer and firmly establish your position at the very top of this intensely competitive industry is to place maximum emphasis on effective keyword research. It is one of the most decisive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools since it enables you to correctly identify your target market from which you can maximize your profitability.

Not only this, it will help you gauge the pulse of the customer base by familiarizing you with customer bases similar to the ones which you intend to focus on etc. What’s more, it can boost your search engine rankings by directing major user traffic to your particular website both in terms of quality as well as quantity by highlighting the most desirable features of your chosen subjects of discussion and thereby increasing your credibility as a marketer by leaps and bounds by adopting the best possible promotional strategies for all your end-products, services etc.

But the pertinent question that arises here is, how can you successfully implement all your keyword research plans especially in the upcoming new year 2019 for getting the desired outcomes in form of the maximum possible increase in your user traffic?? Find the answer to this question here by going through the pointers given below:


  1. Achieve an optimal combination of your keyword varieties: The perfect keyword research strategy should not leave any loopholes whatsoever and should contain a nice blend of the two major keyword varieties. The very short and simple head term keywords and the more complicated ones which consist of more than three words and are usually in the form of a question rather simply stating the search term or item as in the case of the former. The former category is targeted by an extremely huge number of online users or websites and this will make it extremely difficult to achieve a good ranking for your search term. But the latter is more likely to bring much better results for you since not that many users can search for them unlike you if you can gauge your target market properly and create these long-tail keywords according to their specific requirements and hit the bull’s eye in the process. So, you must keep a lethal combination of both these keyword types in your strategic arsenal and never ever overly depend on any one of the same to achieve your intended goals.


  1. Never ever put keywords unnecessarily at the wrong place: The most common mistake that you might tend to make while formulating your keyword research strategy like many others in this industry is inserting keywords randomly where they are not at all appropriate. This can spell disaster for the quality and effectiveness of your content and unlike earlier haphazard insertion of keywords into your content is not the norm or mantra for sure-shot success anymore. It is the quality of your content and the ways in which you can redefine your user experience etc. that really matters and not the number of keywords that you insert into your content even when they are not required therein. Your keywords should be absolutely relevant to your target customer base and should never cause them to lose focus on the same. So, formulate and adjust your keywords accordingly through detailed and extensive online research if you want to beat others in this race.


  1. Always give maximum priority to the personalized requirements of your core customer base: While formulating your keyword research strategy, just ask yourself this one simple question,” What do my core customer base actually want, i.e. what are the exact requirements that they are searching for in the online portals??” And then make sure that you create your strategy according to the same by coming up with and researching for keywords that your target audience actually wants to read and can connect with on a personal level or basis. Modify your existing keywords in such a manner that it is useful for your core customer base and they can take something away from it. If you can effectively execute this most crucial plan, then generating the amount of user traffic which you had in mind or even more should not be an issue at all for you.


  1. Minimize the size of your keyword index as much as possible: Most online customers nowadays are likely to search for a vast number of keywords. So, study and analyze your keywords extensively to make your index as small as possible to maximize your chances of success. You can take help of certain tools easily available on online platforms nowadays for this purpose if you face any difficulty in deciding which keywords you should keep and which ones you should eliminate etc. Leave out those keywords which have become outdated and whose search volumes etc. are much lesser than the other keywords in your index etc.

Also Read, 5 Necessary Tools for SEO Keywords Research.


  1. Never get complacent and place too much emphasis on independent or singular keywords: The latest keyword research trends and tactics suggest that independent keywords are becoming less relevant and important by the day. It is likely that it will soon become obsolete as much more advanced search techniques are making their foray into this industry. Thus, never rely too much on such type of keywords while conducting your keyword research and modify your searches periodically according to your specific customer requirements. Just think in terms of what your target customer might want to search for online by putting yourself in their shoes. In this way you can maximize your online user traffic and enhance your future business prospects. Always learn to keep up with the latest trends and developments in the industry so that you never fall behind others and are always one step ahead of the rest by constantly innovating and modifying your keyword research strategies and tactics according to the current trends. Make customer satisfaction your number-one priority while formulating your keywords and all the desired outcomes will follow automatically.

So, without waiting any longer gear up and put your keyword research plans into action as soon as the new year 2019 arrives. Rest assured, it will be the year where all your dreams of making it big in this industry will come true!!


Author Bio

Derek Luise is working as a Jr. content writer and blogger with Ranking By SEO. He can be seen blogging about digital marketing, SEO, SMO, PPC, etc.

Keyword Cannibalization and SEO

Keyword cannibalization: what it is and how to prevent it

Keyword Cannibalization and SEO

The cannibalization of keywords is increasingly booming in online marketing. The word sounds somewhat strong and imposes a lot, but it does not have to be a problem if we know how to avoid it and how to bring it back. In this post we will learn more about cannibalization SEO with some of the most common examples that we find on the webs, and not only that, we will give guidelines to work on cannibalization and avoid it in the future. Keep reading!

What is the cannibalization of keywords?

In SEO, cannibalization is called appearing with several URLs for the same keyword .

It might seem that, if you create many contents on the same keyword, you will end up leaving before and even several times, but that practice is not something that is recommended, since it can be more harmful than positive.


For example, the less optimal result may appear, the possibility of expanding the keyword map is lost and by offering different URLs, the crawlers will dedicate Budget crawl resources to pages that are not as important, subtracting time to recognize the pages that really they matter

How to detect cannibalization?

Although there are tools such as Sixtrix, Ahrefs or Semrush that make our lives easier, detecting this competition between URLs and subsequent work can be quite tedious.

The way to detect it if you do not have tools at hand is quite obvious: select the most important keywords for the page , search them incognito and see if the search results are competing for more than one keyword. For this you can help write in the search engine the following line filled with your data:

site: “Albuquerque SEO

If, on the other hand, you can access SemRush, or any other tool that throws a list of organic keywords, it would only download the list, sort by keywords and see which are appearing by more than one URL, that’s where there to work .


Is it always positive to eliminate cannibalization?

If it is possible to avoid, a priori, it is positive to create a correct structure of keywords, but sometimes, when there are already several URLs of the site competing for the same keyword, we must be cautious on how to deal with it.


Before deciding what to do with that content it is important to keep in mind some aspects:

  • Check traffic, conversions and the rebound of competing URLs.
  • Check the incoming links of the URLs.
  • Of course, check which URL is better positioned for the keywords that interest you and if any of them is also appearing for other important keywords.

Once we have this data, we can decide if the content is left as is, is optimized with different keywords or if it is better to delete part and stay with a single URL redirecting the rest.

What types of SEO cannibalization can we find?

We are going to talk about the types of cannibalization of the most common keywords in web pages.

Ecommerce cannibalization

One of the clearest cases that occur in ecommerce is usually the cannibalization of the page categories by product listings when doing more generic searches. This is normal because often these product URLs in particular receive more external mentions than the category ones, but it is also common because URLs are optimized with the same keywords as the main categories.


On the other hand, we can also find URLs with size parameters , color or size , etc., leaving above the canonical URL of the product.


In any of these cases, the user searching for a product would not be receiving all the information of the main category , but information of a specific one.

What to do to solve it?

In this case we recommend that the keywords chosen for the product sheets be much more specific than for the categories . In addition, whenever possible, we recommend that the tags are not indexable to avoid duplicities that reload the tracking.

Web cannibalization / blog

One of the most common cannibalizations is that of the web and the blog. It is very common that blogs, due to the creation of regular content, end up eating positions on the web . In this way it is easy that, when doing a search for a keyword with intention of purchase, it appears an article of the blog that speaks about a product instead of the own tab of the product.


Also the structure of the blogs can cause that the categories and tags of the blog can appear over the ones of the main page and finishes taking place duplicities .

What to do to solve it?

The most advisable thing is to create a map of keywords taking into account the web and the blog. Through this global map are defined which are the keywords for the main web and which are the secondary ones that help to expand or complete the information through the post.

The general recommendation is that the main page will cover more generic keywords and in the blog more long tail keywords . In addition, it is recommended that if the posts talk about a product or service of the main website, this content is linked correctly to favor the conversion.

Cannibalization within the same blog

The blog can compete with the main page as we have seen or with himself. When creating a lot of content it is inevitable that sometimes you will end up optimizing for similar or equal keywords .

What to do to solve it?


When a case of cannibalization between contents is detected, it is advisable to assess which of them is the most powerful , either by being better positioned, attracting more traffic and conversions or by being more updated. When we have that identified post, it should be completed with more information if necessary, creating a much higher quality content, and redirecting the discarded post to this principal .

Cannibalization SEO / SEM

Sometimes, when betting on SEO and SEM strategies, we can fall into the cannibalization of SEO from paid campaigns due to the selection of keywords. This happens in a very clear way when the investment of brand campaigns increases .

What to do to solve it?


Whenever possible, it is advisable that both services work hand in hand. From SEO you can tackle keywords that have a high cost for SEM and on the contrary , from SEM you can tackle keywords that are more difficult to reach with SEO or that require a faster positioning.


The joint work of these two services is the key to optimize budgets and avoid cannibalization.

SEO And Hosting

Relationship Between SEO And Hosting – What You Really Need

SEO is the optimization of many factors for a website to rank high on the search engines. Therefore, every aspect of the website needs to be carefully considered and hosting is one of the factors of concern.

The beginning of this seo tools centre article will help us understand the relationship between domain and hosting. Domain and hosting are two completely separate service products, but while hosting providers try to sell both of these products; it is often confusing to customers.


When you buy hosting for a website, you basically rent a folder on a computer (called a Web server) that is connected to the Internet. You pay the company monthly or yearly fees to maintain your website files online and keep them safe from hackers or other “bad guys” on the net. Although technically, you can still host a website yourself, but at a cost of about $ 10 or $ 20 a month for hosting, that’s a reasonable expense. Keeping web servers up-to-date and in good working order is important, so leave this to the professionals who love the job.


Next, you will learn about the effect of hosting with SEO. If you are not interested in hosting provider, do not care about host quality, your host is not running continuously and often has trouble accessing … these factors will inevitably break the rules. Efforts are optimized for the entire SEO campaign.


1. Unstable Host

Think about the situation where you are implementing a certain SEO campaign and of course you know that search engine crawlers (SEs) will visit your site for indexing, if at all. If your site is inaccessible due to hosting issues, the crawler will not be able to access any information that changes, which means that your previous optimization efforts will not be recognized. If this problem occurs continuously, it is a tragedy of SEOer.


2. Server Speed

In recent times, we have heard a lot of information about page load speed is also an important factor in the SEO campaign. We try to optimize each line of code to improve page load speed to the lowest level optimizing content by using the best sentence paraphrase tool for content modification, but no matter how hard that effort is, your server is slow, everything becomes meaningless. Nonsense for Google’s algorithm (!?) And especially meaningless to the visitor. You update a lot of content every day with thousands of visits of visitors but if the host on a server has too slow response time, the consequences will inevitably make your visitors depressed and turn away.


Google has an algorithm to determine the time of the visitor to the site and that is one of the important factors directly change your ranking. Choose a reliable host / server, a host / server with stable performance, and smooth, honest advice to make sure your site stays on top of the search results page.


3. IP Address

There will be a number of friends because the IP has nothing to do with SEO. Be careful if you are sharing hosting, share hosting means share IP, and when a website If you share your hosting (your site and their site and your IP) with you, then you should take the same precautions. The best advice would be to use a separate IP for your website (this would seem impossible for most sites).

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? | Definition from Digiwebart

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In the world of growing technology and competition, traditional marketing has been substituted by Digital Marketing which is also known as  Internet Marketing.

Now if you are a beginner and want to understand what is SEO or search engine optimization, how it works then first we want you to understand what are search engines.

Major search engines like Google, Bing, yahoo are a software system or service that allows a user to search for an answer of the query via World Wide Web (WWW) using the internet. When a user enters keywords or phrases into a search engine, the search engine displays the N number of results in the form of webpages, videos, images or content based on the search engine algorithm. This list of the content displays in the results is known as Search engine result page (SERP).


What is SEO or Search engine optimization?


Search engine optimization is the exercise of increasing the visibility of the website to get the traffic from the “organic” or “free” search engine result pages.

All the primary search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing have elementary search results where web pages, content, images, videos are shown on the basis of their ranking and most relevant to the users. An individual doesn’t have to pay anything to list his/her website to rank higher in the search result pages (SERP’s). It is completely a free platform.

Now the question in your mind would be what do you mean optimization and what do we need to optimize?

Is the only quality and quantity of the content matters to optimize?

Well the answer is “No”

Apart from better quality and enough content, we also need to well design and of course links as well.


How SEO works

Are you new to SEO? Looking to understand how SEO works?

Major search engines are like a data storage where they collect each and every information from all over the world’s websites and web pages. When a user asks a query, search engines need to give the exact or relevant answer of the query. Now how they do so? Search engines need to know what’s inside in every website or pages and how they relate to each other. To give the best answer of the query, search engines collects all the information from all the data stored and select the best answer to solve the query of the user.

With this system of search engines, people find the results exactly what they are looking for.

Every search engine have their own algorithm for turning all the information into useful search results.

For every website designer, search results always matter. When a webpage has a higher ranking, there would be more people to reach you as it helps people to develop trust more towards you.

The keys to the search algorithm for higher ranking make sure that your website has the below elements.

1)    Words matters – Search engines look for every word on the webpage. So when a user looks for the results of the query, search engines shows all the results in which the keyword of the user matches to the keyword of your webpage.

2)    Titles matters – Search engine pays a lot of attention to the titles of the page because it often summarizes the webpage.

3)    Links matters – Links between the websites matters. When one page links to another, it is usually a recommendation telling the user that this site has good information which can help one to solve the query. So the links between the web pages. A webpage with a lot of links coming to can look good to search engine. But it is very important to take links from trustworthy websites only.   

4)    Words in links – It is easy for search engines if you keep relevant keywords in the links.

5)    Reputation – This is one of the important keys for the search engine is to maintain the reputation. Engaging content helps in growing the quality links.


It is very important to learn that you can draw the attention of all the visitors to your website but it is not necessary that all the visitors are giving you quality traffic. Some traffic might come to your website just because Google is redirecting the visitors to your website. It doesn’t mean you are fulfilling the requirement what the visitors are looking for. So it is necessary to attract the quality of traffic who are actually looking for the product you offer to them.


Important SEO Tips to follow


  • Keyword Research – Before starting your assignment, it is important to know about the important keywords which would help in optimizing the webpage more.


  • CommitmentSEO of any website or webpage is not about one time practice. The algorithms of search engines are subjected to change on a regular basis. One needs to be updated according to time and changes about the tactics. It takes a long term commitment of an individual.


  • Patience – Every SEO expertise needs enough patience while optimizing the webpage as SEO isn’t about instant satisfaction. It takes time to get fruitful results. I.e Most probably months to see especially when your website in newly designed.


  • Link Building – You can start building links with trusted directories like DMOZ. As it may take up to 45 days’ time, so don’t waste your time about directory submission. Just submit and move ahead. Try to build links who has good Domain and Page authority from the same industry. Also, it is crucial to check the spam score before taking any do follow backlink.


  • Use of Social Media Platforms–  Nowadays almost every person uses social media sites and spend most of their time on like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Quora which might help you to increase the awareness of your website especially if your website contains visual content. One should definitely join these platforms to speed up the traffic into your website. Please note that spamming is strictly prohibited in these platforms. Make sure that you are an active and beneficial contributor of the site.


  • Get Benefits of Local Search Facilities – Online search for offline purchasing is a growing trend. You can optimize your website to fetch local traffic into your business by displaying your business with address and contact detailed information. Also mention the landmarks in the page text. Register your website to the free local listing services that the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing offer. It would be more beneficial if you encourage your happy customers to drop the comments in the comment section on these sites.


Key Things to Consider When You Are Developing the In-house Structure of Your SEO

Key Things to Consider When You Are Developing the In-house Structure of Your SEO

According to, 17% of the small businesses are investing in SEO. In-house Search Engine Optimization is a completely different beast in comparison to the agency Search Engine Optimization. With the help of in-house SEO, you are going to be working with a single website, instead of working with thirty websites. You also have to deal with a few team shifts as well as implementations. Moreover, you are also given the carte blanche, when you are making a number of strategic decisions within your company. The structure of your in-house SEO is capable of making or breaking the success that is associated with various strategic implementations for the website.

Given below is a list of the crucial points that should be considered when you are developing an in-house structure of SEO.

Assessing and budgeting the fiscal impact

Discussing the budget is probably one of the most important considerations. Without a proper budget, it is not possible for you to build a proper team. You have to keep in mind that a professional team requires a proper budget for functioning correctly. Just like you are not going to build your house without accessing all the costs, the successful SEO plans should be similar and they should always have solid foundations. Therefore, be extremely careful when you are deciding your budget.

Size of the company

The size of your organization is known to have a huge effect on the results of the Search Engine Optimization plan. For instance, if your organization has various divisions that are managed by the individual managers, it may be difficult to manage the SEO campaigns, if they have not been scaled in a proper manner. On the other hand, a smaller company can easily get away with the SEO campaigns without involving politics or management. A small company that has a small team and a large budget is considered to be nimble in comparison to the larger companies. Smaller companies can easily understand the SEO updates as well as the changes in a more effective manner. You can visit the reputed website of Tayloright, to get more information.

The weaknesses and strengths of the leaders

Considering both the strength as well as the weaknesses of the leaders, who are involved in various positions of the SEO team, is also crucial. For instance, your SEO specialist can be an amazing individual contributor but he may not be a people wrangler. On the other hand, your web developer can be a people wrangler, but not an individual contributor. This should be considered if you want to make any vital change to the SEO team in the future.

Establishing the metrics for every industry and site

All the sites have particular metrics, which make them unique. SEO metrics, channel-specific metrics, and content metrics can help in either making or breaking the strategy of digital marketing. It is crucial to have a team member who is capable of explaining why the site performs in a particular manner. If not, chances are that you will risk misinterpreting your data.


As soon as you have a proper idea about the things that you should consider when you are developing the structure of the in-house SEO, you are going to be successful.


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Web Content Accessibility Guidelines to Boost your SEO

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines to Boost your SEO

For those who own physical business space, you may be aware of the accessibility requirements and the necessity to be compliant with it to ensure a lawful administration and also to engage with all type of consumers effectively. In the USA, it is mandatory for public entities to follow the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations to facilitate easy access to all with disabilities too. At the modern times of internet and e-commerce, these accessibility mandates apply to online activities and e-commerce too.

Why accessibility online?

At the core, accessibility is all about ensuring an environment which is friendly to all types of visitors and customers. While managing a website, accessibility means the content can be read, all visuals can be seen, and all can meaningfully understand all media. Do your website effectively meet these needs?

Taking it the other way around, there are about 53 million people in the US having disabilities; however, more than half of them are regular internet users. Also, there are a large number of adults over age 65, who also have difficulties in exploring and navigating the website features. Irrespective of whether the law mandates it or not, sooner or later, you have to prepare your website for accessibility to accommodate all these users.

Accessibility and SEO

It is a proven fact that improved SEO goes well aligned with website accessibility. By offering improved user experience, bounce rate will naturally reduce with a higher number of visitors, lesser negative feedback, and covering more audience. All these further contribute to better search engine ranking. Further, we will discuss a few essential web content accessibility guidelines to ensure SEO worthiness of your site through enhanced accessibility.

1. Ensuring responsiveness

Your website needs to be compatible with all types of screen sizes. The pages need to get automatically resized on all devices with the text easily readable and images perfectly viewable.

2. Methods of interaction

There may be many visitors to your website who cannot use mouse, keyboard or use their finger on mobile screens while accessing your website. So, ensure that you incorporate text-to-speech features to the web page for effective engagement.

3. Text size

For many visitors, especially old age, it will be the difficulty to read smaller fonts. However, putting oversized text may be sloppy, so you can add a resizing tool, which the users can select to view text in the desired size.

4. Alt text

Many visitors may have trouble seeing images on the website, as do the search engine crawlers. So, make sure that alt text caption for images is put rightly. So, they don’t have to see the image to understand what the visual context is. Also try to enter more descriptive details of images in the caption fields, which the visually impaired users can easily understand with text to speech.

5. Using transcripts

Ensure that all the videos, podcasts, and other streaming media content have proper transcripts for the users with disabilities can easily understand.

6. Organizing text

As a part of simplification, it is essential to use clearer and larger titles on top of the pages to ensure easy readability and navigation. Within the body, include appropriate header titles, paragraph titles, section breaks, and enough white space in between to highlight the text for enhanced readability.

Some other aspects too to take care in terms of accessibility and SEO are the text color, font, clear navigation with directional cues, option for internal search, directions to fill forms etc.

5 Tips For Blog SEO Optimization Being In Position 1 Google | Digiwebart

5 Tips For Blog SEO Optimization Being In Position 1 Google

Getting the top spot in the King of Search Engines in a keyword is the dream of almost all of bloggers in the world. But many who despair because it is difficult to put all their blogs in the ideal position.

Honestly, I do not think too hard, not too easy and essentially just takes hard work and patience.

Let’s follow the top 10 tips collected by seo magnifier for blog SEO optimization for being in position 1 Google, let us refer to my review below:

1. The Right Keywords and Long Tail
To make a friend more articles on search engine friendly and user-friendly, my friend will probably need to target tail keywords for the article mate.

Competition long tail keywords are quite low and it would be very easy for my friend to get a good ranking in Google.

Buddy will get organic traffic with long-term targets and long tail keywords low competition.


  1. Create Unique Articles and quality
    The next step is to write unique and quality articles. In addition to keyword, placement is perfect place also need to write unique, lengthy, quality and user-friendly content.

    Google and other search engines like unique content and many tools e.g paraphrasing tool free which help you to find the related phrases that describes the real value and very helpful and satisfied the people/readers.

    3. Added Keywords In The Right Place
    Placement of the perfect keywords is imperative in order to allow search engine robots know about the targeted keywords. Buddy needs to include targeted keywords in the following phrase: 

Title: The page title is the most important SEO factor. Include main keywords in the post title is a must to make it SEO friendly and get good rankings.


Meta Description: Meta Description is what often appears as a snippet of text under the title of the article in Google’s position, so it will also help my friend to get a good ranking If These include the main keyword.


SEO Friendly URLs: My friend should also include the main keyword in the URL of my buddies to the URL of this article example. It will also help my friend to see about search engines relevant keywords.

4. Backlink Building
The backlink is one of the things that are important in today’s SEO optimization and every effort should be made to find backlinks from reputable sites or high quality.

Pal should know that the most important quality backlinks to get better rankings in the search engines, not quantity. NO QUANTITY, QUALITY YES

Relevancy: Relevance is very important links and search engines like Google will not hesitate reluctant to impose penalties on your blog if your blog has a number of backlinks that redundant or irrelevant. Here are some effective methods to build backlinks:
Guest Blogging: is one of the most effective methods to build backlinks after Google algorithm updates (Panda and Penguin).

Comments on DoFollow Blog: Commenting on the status of do-follow blogs very well for the development of your blog, because we link that will be followed by a Google Robot and is another effective way to increase keyword ranking in Google’s pal.
Participate in Forums: Participate in the forum link is also a good tactic in building backlinks. If my friend participated in high PR forums and traffic/visitors is high, your blog may be sprayed backlinks and visitors.

  1. Use Main Keywords As Anchor Text
    Use targeted keywords as anchor text when my friend Guest Blogging on any blog. This helps to tell Google about whether a robot buddy’s blog.

    Do not look for too many backlinks and using the same anchor text, because it could be classified as SPAM by Google.