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Is it worth starting to trace a Content Marketing strategy

After the new technologies and with the fact that people are all the time, or at least most of the time, connected, the way of doing Marketing has changed. Digital Marketing is currently a good way to add value to a brand.

Next to it we can name Content Marketing, which is a way to attract and retain the audience of a company and / or product. But, for you to succeed, you need to have a clear strategy. That is, the fundamental thing is to know where you want to go.

Do you want to succeed in your Content Marketing strategy? Well, in this article we will help you with some tips. Irrespective the niche, whether you run a dissertation writing services site, online shopping site, or a logo design sites.

We start?

What is Content Marketing?

Before all, it is necessary to take into account the basic concept of Digital Marketing, which is Content Marketing. So you can trace your strategy, you need to be clear about what it is.

Content Marketing is a strategy that proposes the creation of content to reach audiences related to a business, through the use of specific positioning techniques to appear with relevance and authority on the Internet. Unlike Traditional Marketing and Advertising, Content Marketing seeks to attract the public naturally, without insisting or imposing; but making timely proposals of value that please the user and invite him to always return for more.

Why do I need a Content Marketing strategy?

There are certainly many marketing strategies to implement and work, right? But, why then invest efforts in a Content Marketing strategy?

To begin, it is very true that Content Marketing is not a tactic that is implemented to obtain immediate or short-term results; On the contrary, it is a strategy that takes time, but when it brings results, they are strong and lasting.

The main reasons to carry out a Content Marketing strategy, therefore, is not the immediate effectiveness, but rather it is aimed at much more valuable results for brand building, for example:

– It helps to improve the image, thanks to which It is presented as a form of interaction that the user does want to have with a business.

– Improved SEO positioning, because the timely interaction it generates with users, makes its presence on the internet become strong.

– Create trust: Very important! Unlike other more direct techniques, Content Marketing is based on giving the user what they are looking for and does not impose any need.

– You need low investment costs.


How do I start my Content Marketing strategy?

First of all, it is necessary to take into account which buyer is your person . That is, so that your strategy can bring you more clients, it is necessary that you know who you want to attract. What is your goal? What is the specific audience for your product? Who can be interested in consuming or knowing your brand?

Well, those questions have to be answered so you can start your strategy. The differential of Content Marketing is just that. Produce contents that can solve a demand or solve a problem of your ideal audience and, naturally, attract it to be a regular consumer of your brand.

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After you consider who your person is, you need to know where you intend to arrive. Of course, because for you to have a complete strategy, you need a goal, that is, a strategy with an audience is of no use if you do not have a focus, an objective.

Therefore, to start your strategy, you have to reflect a little on your brand, your product to whom your content can attract and, finally, stipulate a goal in the short, medium and long term. And after all, start your strategy.

You see? You’re not going to impose anything on anyone, but you will reflect on your brand, present them possible solutions to those who can be useful and if they felt comfortable, return to consume more of your content. And so, naturally you will be close to success and, of course, to your goal.

What can I talk about in my content?

Now that you have an audience and a goal, you need to know the topics that you can address in your content. But before we look at that, it is important to tell you to reach your goal you achieve, you need to understand that it is not the amount of content that will give you success, but the regularity and value them.

Therefore, it is necessary that you have a routine and a fixed person who is committed to producing the contents of your strategy. After choosing that person, you will begin to think about the contents, more specifically the topics that you will address.

The important thing is that you have a focus, and not to get lost in the myriad of possible topics, start with topics related to your brand about which there is little or no content produced. After the first publications, you will be able to do research and questions to your audience to know topics on which they want you to produce content.

You can create lists of tips or guidelines to use a product, you can produce e-books on topics related to your brand. You have infinite possibilities, but as long as they are coherent with your product and also with your goals.

What kind of content can I create?

What people most often think when talking about Content Marketing is the texts. However, it is also important to bear in mind that not everyone has time, disposition and, why not, patience to read, even if the texts are short.

Thus, it is important that in your strategy you produce other types of content to attract the most impatient people and that your audience does not get bored. Here are some examples that can be used in your Content Marketing strategy:

  • Webinars
  • Online courses
  • Images
  • Podcasts
  • Videos

The options are endless and depend on your buyer person . But be careful! The quantity is not more important than the quality. Try to focus on your publications or a regularity for the different types of content you upload for your audience. Create a routine, because the lack of organization in the publications can be detrimental to your strategy.

What should be the regularity of my publications?

In this topic it is necessary to keep in mind that for your strategy to work, discipline is fundamental. But how? You’ll be thinking, right? I’ll explain.

More than the quantity, the important thing is the regularity of the publications. Two publications are valued more every week with fixed days than a disorganized strategy that raises ‘thousands of contents’ in a week and in the next three does not raise anything. You understand?

The frequency of publication that you establish, is also the one that will help you to form an audience. But do not worry, as we have mentioned, the frequency depends on the audience that reaches your content and to analyze it, it is good that you create an editorial calendar, in addition, it will help you to have more organization when planning and executing.

What are the formats I can use?

It can be said that the traditional format is blog posts, that is, texts published in blogs. But that will depend on your person. If it is an audience that has contact with social networks , you can upload content on these platforms in an attractive way.

Disseminate your product through recorded videos, live, online courses, images, newsletter, etc. The important thing is to maintain regularity and always reflect on your strategy and invest your energies in the preferred formats of your audience.

What benefits can Content Marketing bring me?

The main benefit of Content Marketing is the success of your strategy. First, you must work on the trust of your audience; If you follow your Content Marketing strategy in an organized way, your audience will trust you and naturally you can become your client.

In that sense, you can talk about sales, once you have the confidence of the public and you continue to nurture that relationship with relevant and attractive content, your sales can go up considerably. That is, you must first get confidence without imposing or insisting on anything.

And finally, the recognition or rather, the authority. If you produce new content that has relevant information about a certain issue and people start tagging and sharing your content, the value of your publications will surely give you more credibility and, naturally, more authority on that topic.

What example is there of success in Content Marketing?

Surely we can not teach you all the examples that exist in the world, but, to inspire you to start your Content Marketing strategy, here we present one of them:

Lifestyle squared

It is an example that shows that you can really live from working with Content Marketing. The blog bills around € 40,000.00 per month only from their one client However, it is necessary to know that nobody starts billing so much money, and that without a strategy and without discipline there is no clear possibility of success, or at least not in the long term.

So the main thing is that you keep in mind your goals and that you fight for them.

10 Content Marketing Metrics Every Marketer Should Measure

10 Content Marketing Metrics Every Marketer Should Measure

Content is power. You must have read the statement thousands of time, highlighted in various pages, websites, and magazine. But do you know what gives content this power, or why is it now that it is considered power, and not sometimes back? First, let me be honest, there’s no magic metric. All the magic lies in how we implement certain metric and how much in concede with our business operations. Metrics are important because they provide us with a root map of which content marketing is fruitful for us, which to continue and which to halt. Without wasting any more time, let us dig into the top 10 content marketing metrics:

  1. Users Bounce Rate

We hate bounce rates. Constant high bounce rate can get our site irrelevant affecting the sales and profit generated. Metrics help us to be nurtured on what is it that makes them bounce off? Perhaps the content heading is misleading or something like that. Since our aim is to maximize the return, it is important that we study what it is that keeps audience bounce off? We can make use of the Google algorithm to measure it and work upon to improve it.

  1. Sites for Networking

One of the main components of the content marketing is social media. Various social media sites derive various profits for the business, as they are easy to reach to the customer. Use of this metric allows us better analyzing of the content and its attractiveness.

  1. Audience Demographics

This metric makes it imperative to analyze the target audience. Being crystal clear of who the target group allows us to monitor the efforts effectively. Ensure that those for whom it is aimed for are reading the content. A successful content market is the one which compels the users and the audience targeted.

  1. Page views

It assists the marketers to determine the pages which a user visits in a particular time. If the duration extends it means the content is valuable to the customer and if not, then vice versa. The marketers usually use this practice when they are planning to change the website design over time.

  1. Repeated Visitors

The marketers make use of this strategy when they want to calculate the number of repeating visitors. It also provides us with the information required to communicate with the users, what type of content he prefers along with the tactics which can be adopted for a successful campaign. Make the most of these visitors by providing them with more of the material that they crave while also targeting the new visitors. The increasing probability lies with the repeating visitors for the recommendation of a site.

  1. Visitor time on the site

This metrics helps the marketers to evaluate content which is significant contributing to the business goals. If the user spends more time on the site, it means they are engaged with the content that is published. If the duration time is short, it means changes are to be implemented for making it effective. Though one cannot be certain whether the engagement is through content or any other activity that has kept the user busy. Mouse movement, clicks, and more such activities can be used for finding out the staying reason.

  1. Social platforms shares

A successful content marketing is on which caters to the solution of the people problem. It provides them with the relevant content for resolving an issue. A valuable content compels the user to click the shared content on social media driving the necessary audience to the site. Content creation team become clear about how content is to be used and what topics are to be answered.

  1. Unique Visitors

Tracking of these visitors enables us to calculate the traffic that is being generated. It helps us realize the potential website hold and how much it profitable it makes and not. It paves way for new ideas which can be induced in the content to compel the users to it. It helps us to form equilibrium between retention and growth of the user.

  1. Feedback

Communicating with the audience helps in the being aware of what type of content they refer and what sparks their interest. Ask them as what type of content they like on the site and what type of content should be created. This will engage the audience and foster a positive image and value to the readers and audience.

  1. Number of leads generated

The lead generation is the main motive of the marketers. The leads can help you determine the effectiveness of the content. User activities such as signups through email, notification approval and more can be tracked. Lead generated through content can help you track the ROI earned and help in devising new ways to make most of the opportunity provided.

Key Takeaways

The nimble marketer is the one who is well informed about these metrics. Think of this content as your favorite football team and the way you obsess over it. Devise content with the similar passion, so that it sounds less of a sales pitch and more of a solution for the audience.

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