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Blockchain Is Using In Healthcare Industry

Use of Blockchain in the field of healthcare is exciting news for everyone because it is one of the most popular and essential technology in the globe.Many of the people know about the blockchain technology because of cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is also known as Bitcoin, and it is used in many of the industries for payment.It is used to create permanent data records that can be shared with the help of peer to peer among the network database system.Many of the organizations and industries are developing this technology in their offices to change the way they are working.  And now, Blockchain is adopted by the field of healthcare.


This technology can easily record the digital event, which can not be changed until this data can reach the recipient. That is why this technology is mostly used by many of the industries and organizations.Because of no one threat, the data because the data is fully protected and secured. Many of the financial organization are increasingly using blockchain technology to change the way they are working.


According to Silicon Republish, the startups of Blockchain is increased by $1.4 billion in the year 2016 and $1 million in the year 2017.Many of the financial organization has known the benefits of this technology, and they are increasingly using this technology. Most of the commercial banks are saving $10 to $12 billion annually with the help of this technology.


Blockchain will give lots of benefits to healthcare, and it also changes the way they are working.

Changes Made By Blockchain In The Field Of Healthcare


The healthcare industry is very much important aspect for human beings because it helps them to treat if they can be injured due to an accident.

But the healthcare industry is a slowest growing industry all over the globe. From a few years, there are no changes that take place in the field of healthcare because of lack of innovation.

Many of the educated people and experts are saying that there is nothing change in the medical field, and it is very much wrong thing.

Because of medicines many of the life expectancies have increased, and in the medical field there is no innovation takes places then it is very much wrong thing.

If you think deeply, then you can easily understand that all over the globe and in every field, there is very much innovation takes place except in the medical area.


Advantages Of Blockchain In The Field Of Healthcare


The Blockchain has adopted by many of the healthcare industries because it is developing a new healthcare record system that is very much efficient.


Blockchain is also creating new devices and medical examination systems with the help of advanced technology, which is known as Artificial Intelligence.


It will change the way hospitals work, and it also becomes an essential part of the hospital. The Blockchain is very much improved technology, but now even some improvement is pending.


And when this pending improvement improves then, it will be more useful in the field of healthcare. A survey was done by many of the experts regarding this technology.


According to this survey, 45% of hospitals are supporting electronic health records, and they are saying that this technology will help us.


And 30% of the hospital are ready to adopt this technology for care settings. So, this is the advantages and benefits of Blockchain in the field of healthcare.


Standard Will Become More Secured


Blockchain will help to protect the data more securely than standard encryption. This new technology will provide a new standard to manage medical records, insurance claims, and PHI.


In this technology, there is no intermediation in data sharing. Because of these things, the awareness among people increases the advantages of cryptography.


A survey which is explained above the paragraph and the main reason for this survey is to know why the medical organization is not using the Blockchain.


And the result comes that due to the lack of knowledge regarding this technology, most of the healthcare organizations are not using this technology.


Many of the owners of a healthcare organization are now also taking the knowledge about this technology. Due to such a thing, the use of Blockchain in many of the medical organizations is not taking place.


Healthcare providers should support this technology because it has passed many of the tests. According to these tests, Blockchain is the best technology for healthcare, and the proof is given below the paragraph.


  1. Technical proof, in which it gets 65%


  1. Security proof, in which it gets 38%


  1. Privacy proof, in which it gets 34%


  1. Regulatory approval, in which it gets 23%


I have spent lots of time to find out why healthcare providers are not adopting this technology in their organization.


And I have found out the answer that they are not adopting this technology because they do not know about this technology and the benefits of it.


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Transparency Of Data


The most popular and essential advantage of Blockchain is data transparency, which is 55%. To understand the openness of data more clearly, you have to work in the financial organization.


Blockchain can easily record all of the transaction which takes place in the organization. It records all of the things starting from blocks to the ending of the trade.


Each device stores a copy of the block that is connected to the system. First of all, the system confirms whether this Blockchain corresponds to another one in a system, then it makes the transaction.


Hence, every user of this technology can quickly identify the owner at a time. And it is very much secure way to transfer the money, and it is adequately protected data sharing method.




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