Top 10 SEO Companies in Dubai

Top 10 SEO Companies in Dubai

Here is a list of Top 10 SEO Companies in Dubai.

These are the best companies and service offering include Internet marketing, website design, Search engine optimization, Social media Optimization, Google Adwords, Adsense, webmasters etc.

seo company in dubai

SEO Services in Dubai

Contact us for an array of SEO services in Dubai to increse your business visibility. Get high performance SEO strategies tailored for your business needs to improve revenue. Free SEO Audit. Get 1st Page Ranking. Get Free SEO Analysis. Guaranteed SEO Results.

Increase organic visibility, quality traffic & sales of your online business.Contact Today. Technical SEO Analysis. 24*7 Customer Support. Top Page Guaranteed.

Best SEO companies in Dubai are listed here. Search engine optimization services for all your marketing needs.

List of top 10 Leading Dubai UAE Based SEO Companies goes here:

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1 | figkomi – SEO Company in Dubai  

Corporate Office –2901 57, PRIME TWR, Business Bay Dubai,79998 U.A.E
Business – SEO services, PPC Management Services & Social Media Optimization, web design.

Website –

SEO Company in Dubai, Figkomi team of Digital Marketing Experts do an in-depth analysis of competitors and plan the strategy accordingly to get the ranking of your website on search engines, Get your business visible online.

2 |
Corporate Office – Lake Side Tower, Cluster A
Business – SEO services, PPC Management Services & Social Media Optimization | Website – | is the the most trusted SEO company in Dubai focused on the return on your investment. Delivering SEO Dubai businesses trust, here at we bring a new standard to the SEO industry by conducting great campaigns, in a safe way, with great results and no long contract tie-ins.

3 |
Corporate Office – Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai
Business – Web Design, SEO services | Website –| Dubai’s leading internet marketing agency. Wewanttraffic ’s most popular services include innovative web design, web development, (SEO) search engine optimisation, copywriting, digital video production, eCommerce builds and social media solutions.

4 | SEO Sherpa
Corporate Office – Al Sufouh Rd
Business – SEO services | Website – |
For SEO Dubai choose SEO Sherpa. The 100% organic SEO Company that promise to outrank your competition in 30 days or we work for free. SEO Sherpa is the organic SEO service that helps companies like HSBC, Nissan and Damac win more customers by getting them found first in Google search.

5 | BeOnTop
Corporate Office – Cluster F
Business – SEO services & Web Design | Website –  |
BEONTOP is a superior Search Engine Optimization Company in Dubai.Offers robust Search Engine Optimization, Web Design and International Digital Services in Dubai.

6 | U SEO Agency
Corporate Office – Cluster G, JLT, Dubai.
Business – SEO services, E-commerce SEO | Website – |
U SEO Agency: No.1 Online Marketing Company for Professional SEO Services in Dubai.United Search Engine Optimization. Established SEO company providing SEO services for UAE businesses. Get Page 1 rankings in 90 days or pay nothing.

7 | Whitehats Media
Corporate Office – AL Quoz 3, Dubai
Business – SEO services & Internet marketing | Website – |
WhitehatsMedia best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Company and Top Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai optimize website that increase traffic and ranking on internet.

8 | Techno Heaven
Corporate Office – Deira
Business – Web Development, SEO Services | Website – |
Techno Heaven, The Leading digital agency in UAE, UK & India is in a core business of website development & internet marketing for business & individuals.

9 | Rista Group
Corporate Office – Dubai Marina
Business – Web Design, SEO & Social Media Marketing | Website – |
Rista Group is a premier Search Engine Optimization Company in Dubai.Providing unparalleled services in SEO, Web Design, Social Media Marketing, Online Reputation Management and Video Marketing.

10 | Silverline Networks LLC
Corporate Office – Al Danah – Abu Dhabi
Business – SEO services, SMO, Lead Generation & Web Designing |

Website – |
Silverline Networks LLC is leading online marketing agency & web design company Provides all kind of Customized Software Solutions in in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah.

Mobile App Development trends 2020

Must Follow Mobile App Development Trends – 2020

Introduction: Mobile App Development Trends for 2020 That You Need To Know

Our lives are nothing like what they were and this change in our lives is all thanks to the ever paced advancements in the technology industry. The technology industry has revolutionized all the other industries with it. The digital age or if you want to call it the internet age or any other name that you have for this era that doesn’t really matter because every single industry has been influenced in a positive way through technology. Look at the business world for example, remember how hard was it for business organizations to stay in touch with their audiences and even harder when it came to getting in contact with other business organizations for trading purposes? All this has now been reduced to a simple tap on our smartphones or a simple click on our computers.

How smartphones and mobile apps have changed the game:

Since the launch of the first smartphone till now, if you observe, the whole world has totally changed. Life in general has become very easy to live. And now when we have started using mobile apps to fulfill almost our every need it opened up new door of possibilities of how business organizations see us (their consumers). 

Mobile apps and smartphones are now being used for tasks as simple as setting the alarm to renting a hotel room. These mobile apps have literally changed the whole game. Business organizations have now pretty much ceased to use the traditional ways of reaching out and relating to their target audiences and have started using mobile apps to do it. They are a much faster way, more reliable way and have proven to be a much better way overall. This is exactly why you will observe countless brands using mobile apps along with websites and their social media pages to drill their consumers with information that would otherwise have been much more costly to share.

Trends in 2020: Mobile App Development Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2020

Now as we are entering a new decade it has been noticed that many trends in mobile app development that might have been used previously and were successful might not be a very good way to go on anymore. With time the trends in mobile app development, like everything else, have also changed. According to one of the best mobile application developers Australia new trends have started to emerge and it would be best for the mobile app developers all over the world to follow them so that they don’t get left behind. Coming from one of the best mobile app developers in Australia it means something and in this piece the latest trends are also shared so that app developers all over the world can use this information and benefit from it.

Development in the Cloud based storage system:

If you look at a normal user they usually don’t use cloud based systems because they normally don’t feel the need to but if you take a look at big business enterprises it is an entirely different story there. Most business organizations are still using traditional ways of backup and store data but now many business organizations have started using cloud storage instead of traditional servers. The reason being that it is highly cost effective and helps in increasing the efficiency and security of the data overall. Another benefit is that it can easily be synched with many other devices making it easier to access the data at all times and from any possible location.

Mobile Gateway technology:

With the passing of time the system of paying for online purchases has now been made very easy. There was a time when people started preferring the use of plastic money over cash and now with Apple and Google pay the use of plastic money will soon be an outdated concept as well. Other than this the use of cryptocurrencies has also been one of the newest ways of trading online. People all over the world have started to use these currencies and have been making huge amounts of profits as well.

Augmented Reality:

The concept of augmented reality although conceived a long time ago is now being put to use in our daily lives on a very increasing rate. The applications of this technology are endless hence making lives for the human beings easier all across the world. 

best food hashtags india

The Best Food Hashtags India for Instagram in 2020

Top Food Hashtags India

We’ve pulled the most popular Food hashtags India from across the social media web! Find out which food hashtag you should be using in your daily posting on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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If you’re in the food blogging industry or if you are a proud owner of a top performing food blog, you would probably want to know which keywords for food containing the term ‘Food’ do most users search for on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr. The reason why we have leveraged the power of Food Blogger Foodiebadhsha’s Best Hashtags suggestion is to bring you an exhaustive India based food hashtags list. Know which Food hashtags of India people are searching for the most on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr.

Recommend read: Food blogger in Jaipur is also known as FoodieBadshah

A List Of Most Popular Indian hashtags on Instagram



We work with hundreds of restaurants to increase their followers and engagement.

More info here:

Call us on 9509511555 and Email –



Best Delhi Food Hashtags

Best Mumbai Food Hashtags

Best Pune Food Hashtags

Best Gurgaon Food Hashtags

Best Bangalore Food Hashtags

Best Chennai Food Hashtags

Best Kolkata Food Hashtags


Best Food Hashtags for Instagram

The Best Food Hashtags for Instagram in 2020

Evergreen The Best Food Hashtags for Instagram

Are you looking for the best food hashtags to use when posting on Instagram? Copy and paste these foodie hashtags to your posts when showing off your favorite foods and recipes.

Remember to snap a photo of your supper before you start eating! Nourishment photographs are probably the most famous substance on sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other internet based life.

Akash Chauhan: Food blogger in Jaipur is also known as FoodieBadshah

You may get prodded for snapping a photograph before you start your supper, however nourishment web journals and nourishment based internet based life accounts have huge followings on the web. The most significant advance in the wake of snapping your photo? Adding significant nourishment hashtags to your post to expand commitment and carry more consideration regarding your image.

Top Instagram Food Hashtags

The best nourishment hashtags are the most mainstream identified with your specialty or the sort of nourishment in your post. These best food hashtags are the most prominent ones on Instagram, utilized in a huge number of pictures. Utilize these hashtags on the off chance that you need, yet with some restraint. Utilizing the top food hashtag on Instagram may not stand out enough to be noticed, in light of the fact that there are such a large number of different presents under those hashtags on rival.

Here are the Top Trending Food Hashtags on Instagram:



The Most Popular Instagram Food Hashtags India For Your Next Post

Photograph sharing site Instagram discharged the top drifting hashtags for nourishment this year, for India, just because. The web-based social networking webpage, which has a large number of nourishment devotees sharing scrumptious and slobber commendable photos of their nourishment on it consistently, has permitted nourishment bloggers a chance to develop their organizations on the stage, by discharging these hashtags. Nourishment bloggers and F&B distributions and sites have utilized Instagram to increase a devoted after, in manners like Facebook. Be that as it may, presently the stage has become maybe the primary decision of any nourishment devotee to discuss their energy and teach others about the different various types of cooking styles and dishes out there. Instagram has enabled the chance to many home culinary specialists and cooks to exhibit their abilities and endeavor to think of progressively inventive plans.

Most popular food Instagram hashtags for India

India’s topmost trending Instagram food hashtags were published on Thursday by Indian Food Blog Food Blogger FoodieBadshah.


Local Food Hashtags by City

Location and City wise hashtags are ideal on the off chance that you are maintaining a business account or have a physical area and need to advance locally.

On the off chance that you are an eatery, nourishment blogger or a business that needs to advance locally, you might need to take a stab at utilizing geo-altered hashtags dependent on worldwide hashtags. To do this, take a worldwide hashtag, for example, #foodie and add on a geo-modifier. For instance, in the event that you are a nourishment blogger situated in Jaipur, use hashtags, for example, “#Jaipurfoodie,” “#Jaipurfoodies,” and “Jaipureats” to target neighborhood instagram clients in Jaipur. For those hoping to begin a nourishment blog, hashtags can assist you with finding your group of spectators.

List of best city wise local food hashtags goes here:

Best Delhi Food Hashtags

#delhi_foodie #delhi_gram #instadelhi #delhiblogger #foodiebadshah #delhistreetfood #delhites #delhigram
#delhiblogger #delhibloggers #delhifoodie #delhifood #delhifoodies #delhifoodbloggers #delhifoodguide #delhifoodblogger #delhieats #delhifoodblog #fooddelhi

Best Mumbai Food Hashtags

#mumbaifood #mumbaifoodies #foodofmumbai #mumbaifoodicious #somumbai #foodiebadshah #mumbaifoodlovers #mumbaifoodbloggers #mumbaifoodscenes #mumbaifoodie #mumbaifoodblogger #mumbaifoodilicious #mumbaifoodjunkie #mumbaifoodcrush #mumbaifoodblog #mumbaifoodlover #mumbaifoodtrail #mumbaifoodscene #mumbaifooddiaries #mumbaifoods #mumbaifoodguide #mumbaifoodtrendster #mumbaifoodiye #mumbaifoodiee #mumbaifoodporn #mumbaifoodfinder #mumbaifoodhoggers #mumbaifoodplaces #mumbaifoodjunkies #mumbaifoodphotographer #mumbaifoodblogs

Best Pune Food Hashtags

#punefood #punefoodblogger #punefoodlovers #punefoodies #foodiebadshah #punefoodie #punekar#punefoodbloggers #punefoodiez #punefoodhunt #punefoodblog #punefoodscenes #punefoodexplorer #punefoods #punefooddiaries #punefoodlover #punefoodguide #punefoodieaf #punefoodgram #punefoodplaces #punefoodbloggersguild #punefoodjunkies #punefoodblogs #punefoodjoints #punefoodphotography

Best Gurgaon Food Hashtags

#gurgaonfoodies #gurgaonfoodie #gurgaonfoodie #gurgaondiaries #foodiebadshah #gurgaonfoodblogger #gurgaonfoodfreak #gurgaonfoodbloggers #gurgaonfoodie #gurgaonfoodfreaks

Best Bangalore Food Hashtags

#bangalorefood #bangalorefoodblogger #bangalorefoodiesclub #bangalorefoodies #foodiebadshah #bangalorefoodie #bangalorefoodbloggers #bangalorefoodjunkies #bangalorefooddiaries #bangalorefoodlovers #bangalorefoodblog #bangalorefoodbomb #bangalorefoods #bangalorefooddairies #bangalorefoodstories #bangalorefoodstylist #bangalorefoodtruck #bangalorefoodieclub

Best Chennai Food Hashtags

#chennaifood #foodofchennai #chennaifoodguide #chennaifoodie #chennaifoodspots #foodiebadshah #chennaifoodblogger #chennaifoodies #chennaifoodies #chennaifoodscene #chennaifoodiesclub #chennaifoods #chennaifoodbloggers #chennaifoodtrails #chennaifoodgudie #chennaifooddiaries #chennaifoodjunkie #chennaifoodscenes #chennaifoodfeed #chennaifoodstories #chennaifoodblog #chennaifoodspot #chennaifoodlife #chennaifoody #chennaifoodjunkies #chennaifoodreviews #chennaifoodreviewer #chennaifoodtalk #chennaifoodbloggerreview #chennaifoodphotography #chennaifoodjournal #chennaifoodtown #chennaifoodstreet

Best Kolkata Food Hashtags

#kolkatafood #kolkatafoodies #kolkatafoodie #foodiebadshah #kolkatafoodbloggers #kolkatafoodlovers#kolkatafoodblogger #kolkatafoodscene #kolkatafoodblog #kolkatafoodlover #kolkatafoodfanatics #kolkatafoods #kolkatafoodiesclub #kolkatafoodtrail #kolkatafoodtalks #kolkatafooddiary #kolkatafooddiaries #kolkatafoodmate #kolkatafoodjourney #kolkatafoodgrammers #kolkatafoodtrotters #kolkatafoodblogging #kolkatafoodphotography #kolkatafoodbuzz #kolkatafoodies😊 #kolkatafoodscenes #kolkatafoodbites #kolkatafoodporn #kolkatafoodblogs
#kolkatafoodtales #kolkatafoodhub

web hosting tips and tricks

Tips For Choosing Good Cheap Web Hosting

Irrespective of your business, you need to make your online presence known to attract more customers. It will only result in the growth of the business. A simple website or a highly functional e-commerce platform requires web hosting to make its online presence. But, choosing the right web hosting company in Delhi can become a daunting task as you have several options available. You need to choose with caution as the loading speed of your site and its tendency to go down can affect the customers’ opinion about your business. So, you need to choose a cheap web hosting plan offered by a good company to have a positive effect on your business. You have to consider the positives and the negatives of the hosting company to decide the right one that meets your demand.

Here are some tips to find the hosting fitting your needs perfectly.

Company Reputation

You have to research web hosting companies in India before opting for their services. Check the review guide to view the ratings and opinions posted by the customers. You can also find reviews posted by the experts. It will help you find the experienced and expert web hosting company with good reviews in the market. The reviews help weed out the companies that fail to fulfill their promise to the customers. Do not depend on the big names alone as most of the companies are unsuccessful in fulfilling customer demands.

Satisfy Hosting Needs

You need a cheap web hosting plan that fulfills your hosting needs. You need a plan that is cheap yet effective to make your online presence known. It must offer you scalability to grow as your business starts to flourish. You must make a careful decision and never end up paying more money for the service you never require. It is important to select a plan that keeps up with your website demands and traffic.

High Security

Look into the cyber security measures offered by the web hosting services. You need to track their security records to learn about their DDoS (distributed denial of service) protection, encryption, and a firewall. It is an essential point to note as several companies have lost money as well as customers due to downtime. Cyber-attacks also damage the reputation of the website. So, you need to make security a priority while choosing the hosting service.


Price is considered as an important factor while choosing a web hosting plan. A high price tag does not mean superlative services. You need to choose a cheap web hosting plan that balances your requirements and has a low price. A high-quality company can offer plans suiting your business needs without charging too much.

Right Bandwidth

You have to choose a web hosting plan that allows room for growth. You must not restrict yourself to the bandwidth needed for the website. It can lock you into a specified amount of bandwidth. So, you have to pay additional fees to revise the hosting plan in later stages.

The web hosting industry is always evolving. It is also highly competitive. If you have a small business, then you need to choose a cheap web hosting plan with advanced features to ensure high returns on investment. The advanced features offer your site better speed, security, and support. You just need to spend some time in research in order to get what you actually want without breaking your budget. You need to find out the best company and the best plans to get rid of paying unnecessary money on such plans.

Read out terms of services

There is a need to read the terms of services and don’t try to skip them. Mostly people accept all the terms of service without reading exactly what they are signing. You must stop doing it you and you need to choose a cheap web hosting plan. The Terms of Service usually consists  refund policy, which might be good to know later.

Test Customer Support

When you are searching for web hosting companies, you must always look for a way to contact customer support.  You can check customer support by applying easy way to contact them via email, online chat, or 24/7 phone support. You must be sure to test each feature before you purchase their services.

Select the Right Hosting Package

Many small businesses are  turned to shared hosting as a way to save money, but with the smaller price tag comes a bigger risk of slow website response times. Slow websites may turn customers away. So, you need to choose a cheap web hosting plan offered by a good company. A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is slightly expensive, but it provides a faster, higher quality web performance and delivers a better customer experience.


Read out Web Hosting Reviews

You must refer to reputable websites when doing research on the reliability and reputation of web hosts. Doing Research a web hosting company through third party services is very useful in learning about consistent issues or persistent complaints from current or past users. You must pay attention to how the company responds to complaints. This will give you an idea of how the company deals with unhappy customers.

Know about the features you need

It is very important to understand the requirements of your website by which you can figure out the services that you might need. If you have a growing website then you need to choose a cheap web hosting plan offered by a good company to have a positive effect on your business.  Avoid selecting a cheap hosting service which would not have the RAM, storage space or the processing power which would cater to your needs.

So, you must consider these points while you need to choose a cheap web hosting plan offered by a good company to have a positive effect on your business. You have to consider all the things about the particular hosting company to decide the right one that meets your demand.

Importance of 4k monitor

Importance of 4k monitor

The Surprising Importance of 4k monitor

The fate of display is, beyond question, at 4K, which means exceptionally superior quality. This is clearly extremely wonderful yet not without presenting numerous equipment or programming issues, still in mid 2019. In the event that it is obviously important to purchase another screen to approach such definitions, it is additionally all the time important to change your designs card as well as the network of your PC… also, cross your fingers extremely solid with the goal that all your product is totally good! 


Any regularly comprised individual must be intrigued by the nature of the pictures showed on the 4K or 5K screens! The subtleties are of mind blowing artfulness and the degrees of incredible nuance, extraordinary non-abrasiveness. It’s the universe of superlative presentation! Be that as it may, this unspoiled picture is as yet recolored by two additional stains in mid 2019. So absolutely I ponder it one year from now however meanwhile I’ll attempt to maintain a strategic distance from you falling into the snare of the two primary traps and in this manner stay away from you a major dissatisfaction. You can buy best 4k tv under 1k for your setup for perfect display.

4K (or 5K and 8K) is characterized by a mind boggling meaning of pixels, so a similarly staggering goals. It’s the showcase of superlatives! To make a long story short, for a similar board, makers presently figure out how to put twice the same number of pixels, so they are two littler and along these lines undetectable.

Today, every one of our screens show either 1920 x 1200 pixels (or now and then 1920 x 1080) – we talk about Full HD shows – or 2560 x 1600 px and we talk about QHD shows lastly 3440 x 1440 pixels (21:9 all encompassing configuration) and we talk about WQHD. We are discussing 4K (or even 5K) – or Ultra-top notch – when we talk about a screen whose definition in pixels on the most stretched out side is near 4000 pixels (in non-all encompassing organization). There are along these lines numerous screens with a goals of 3840 (2 x 1920 so 2 x Full HD). 

The 4K standard characterizes a screen whose definition is actually 4096 pixels wide and not 3840, however the term 4K is presently in the open space. I simply cause you to notice a material point in light of the fact that the results can be critical: a few designs cards splendidly deal with the 4K/3840 however not the “genuine” 4K I. e. 4096 pixels. So be cautious when picking your designs card on the off chance that you are thinking about purchasing a screen that shows the “genuine” 4K. I am thinking specifically of some top of the line Eizo screens. 

In any case, since it is incomprehensible for the unaided eye to see the distinction, it isn’t unexpected to discuss 4K from a meaning of 3840 pixels wide. Since our screens are frequently in a 16:10 or 16:9 proportion, this gives us screens of 3840 x 2160 or 4096 x 2160 pixels. At the end of the day, at 60 cm from our eyes, these screens have an undetectable pitch. It is never again conceivable to recognize pixels at this separation. We at that point enter the picture totally without being upset by this little framework on the screen.

4K was made from the start to recharge the television screens market and it is unarguable that such huge screens required an improved goals. Indeed, even on a 4K screen in 65-inch goals is “just” 25 ppi. You have to sit very a long way from such a screen not to recognize the pixels! Truly, for television screens, yet here we’re discussing PC screens that are at 60 cm just from our eyes and that shouldn’t show just pictures… 


So it is clear considering these figures that 4K on our “little” PC screens is over-dimensioned while it could at present be improved for television screens (they’re as of now discussing 8K)… However, since the business can’t set a few standards simultaneously, the television screens standard is likewise applied to our screens.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting

Best Dedicated Hosting & Server Providers

Here is a list of Top 10 Best Dedicated Hosting & Server Providers


What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

Premium dedicated servers in our own data center facility in India. Reasonable prices with first-class hardware and fully redundant enterprise network.

Best Dedicated Hosting & Server Provider companies in India are listed here. Best Server and Hosting services for all your online business needs.



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10 Best Dedicated Hosting Services

List of top 10 Leading India Based Dedicated Hosting & Server Providers goes here:

1 | Esteem Host – Best and the most powerful windows and Linux dedicated servers in India.

Corporate Office – Jaipur

Business – Web Hosting, Linux Web Hosting & Windows Web Hosting services |

Website –   |

Dedicated hosting servers in India and Esteem Host VPS Hosting for international & local clients from the most reliable and fast India data-center. Reliable Web Hosting in India. For further inquiry regarding our company services, call us +91-7357-228899 or do ‘Live Chat’.

2 | BigRock – Get Dedicated Servers at Low Price in India

Corporate Office – Gurugram

Business – Domain & Website Hosting Services |

Website –   |

BigRock: India’s leading Data Centre, Cloud Infrastructure, Managed Hosting and Security Services provider, offering Dedicated Web Hosting, Managed Servers and Data Centers Cages in India.

3 | HostingRaja- Dedicated Server India

Corporate Office – Delhi

Business – Web Hosting & Domain name registration |

Website –   |

Reliable dedicated servers from Hosting Raja for India offer high quality Intel powered servers. Both managed and unmanaged dedicated hosting solutions.

4 | Go4hosting- Dedicated Server Hosting Services in India

Corporate Office – Noida

Business – Cloud, VPS & dedicated servers hosting services in India |

Website –  |

Go4hosting offer best dedicated servers in India. Cheap managed dedicated servers Providers in NoidaKolkataGurgaonSuratVisakhapatnamKanpurMumbaiPatnaVijayawadaChennaiJamshedpurDehradunKochMysore Madurai Bhopal Indore Jabalpur Ujjain , Gwalior Khajuraho Ratlam Katni Lucknow Prayagraj AgraBareillyJhansiMeerutGhaziabadShahjahanpurJodhpurBikanerUdaipurJaislamerNathdwaraAjmerPushkarMount AbuPunjabLudhianaAmritsarPatialaJalandharChandigarhHaryanaGurugramFaridabadBangaloreChandigarhCoimbatore, PuneAhmedabad and Hyderabad. Top cloud hosting server price plans in India

5 | HostGator India-Dedicated Servers

Corporate Office – Houston

Business – Shared, reseller, virtual private server, and dedicated web hosting |

Website –  |

HostGator is also one of the leading Windows and Linux Dedicated Server Hosting provider in India. Feel free to get a quote from us, and learn more about Dedicated web services.


Corporate Office – Jaipur

Business – VPS Hosting, Dedicated Server, Cloud Computing, Cloud Server & Colocation hosting |

Website – |

Everdata provides high quality managed dedicated servers for maximum performance. A Dedicated Server is the right choice for maximum security.

7 | Milesweb-India’s Best Dedicated Server

Corporate Office – Nashik

Business – Free Domain, Free SSL, cPanel |

Website –   |

Get Managed Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting From Milesweb servers which are reliable and powerful enough to keep your website running efficiently and meet up your organizational needs.

8 | Webwerks-Best Dedicated Servers in India

Corporate Office – Navi Mumbai

Business – Most Trusted TIER IV DataCenters hosting provider |

Website –   |

Dedicated Hosting Developed for clients that rely on web-based applications to run their business, Webwerks, dedicated servers provide the flexible infrastructure and high-capacity network required to generate revenue and continuously communicate with customers.

9 | Netmagic Solutions-Dedicated Hosting Providers India

Corporate Office – Chandivali, Mumbai

Business – Managed IT service & Technology Solution |

Website – |

Best Dedicated Servers Provider In India | Dedicated Server Hosting from India Fast reliable and secure dedicated servers hosting India by Netmagic Solutions. Managed and unmanaged dedicated servers. 24/7 support. 99.99% uptime.

10 | CtrlS Datacenters Ltd-Leaders in Dedicated Server Hosting

Corporate Office – Noida

Business – Colocation, cloud hosting and network solutions |

Website –   |

CtrlS Datacenters is one of the leading Web hosting and dedicated servers provider company in India.CtrlS offer Dedicated Web Servers in India and domain registration services as well.

What Is Windows VPS Hosting and How Does It Work?

What Is Windows VPS Hosting and How Does It Work?

If we talk about Windows VPS hosting then this is specific type of hosting solution in which users own resources completely in a private environment and this is beneficial for the users. Yes, this is different than shared hosting. Users need not to share resources as they can have fully dedicated resources. 

Users can have complete command over disk space, RAM, bandwidth and more. In this windows reseller hosting solution, one powerful physical server is divided into many virtual servers and each server is owned by individual user independently. 

There are so many hosting companies that can provide affordable Windows VPS Hosting but you should have a better understanding of this hosting before choosing any web hosting company or plan. You need to look for a suitable package for you. No doubt, most of the people go with basic shared hosting plan but you have to upgrade it when your website starts attracting more traffic and attention. 

If you are going to create any website then you better think about best hosting plan. There are various options available so it is up to you. Dedicated hosting is all about offering one server to your site and VPS hosting is also known as a hybrid of dedicated and shared hosting as it includes elements of both hosting plans.

Each VPS account is partitioned virtually and own VS has its own OS. This is good in performance and offer higher level of security. You may have to pay some extra bucks to avail these benefits and this cost depends on OS your server runs on. Whatever operating system you choose in your hosting plan has its own importance and it also determines how your server will perform, how many apps you can install and more. Windows VPS hosting is in great demand and more popular as it offers a high level of security and technical support too.

You can consider an upgrade in hosting plan if your site continues to change or grow and your website traffic has experienced boost or growth. Sometimes you have to consider an upgrade due to security of your site. 

Windows VPS Hosting offers your website with its own disk space, individual O/S and bandwidth as we mentioned above.  A Virtual Private Server is all about enabling users to offer a more optimized service to the website visitors. If your business website has started growing then this is the right time to consider an upgrade and go for a VPS. There are so many reasons to consider Windows hosting India and few of them we have mentioned below:


Affordable choice:

This is a cost effective solution for both small and midsize businesses. You can get various features such as free SSL and SSD access and more.  If your site has been experiencing growth, then you have to put money in VPS hosting. This can be expensive than shared hosting option but still it is cheaper than dedicated hosting. 

Resources are no longer shared by other sites:

There is no more sharing of resources and no more sudden spike in traffic. Shared hosting can bring pain of slow loading time and that may ultimately result in reduction in conversions and traffic. If you really want an ideal environment for your website and make a good professional image for your business, then VPS hosting plan can work for you. It helps offer visitors smoother and faster experience. 

VPS server runs on OS from Microsoft and you can find various versions of this server in this era. You can get full administrator access to the server if you providers offer such options. It helps specify the exact settings to make your site at peak performance. It is all about getting greater control and flexibility. 

This is a familiar operating system and this interface makes user comfortable while using it.  It is easy to manage perform windows update. By having such hosting plan, you can have own windows virtual private server that make you free to test the upgrade and then perform them on server. This is all about VPS server and windows VPS hosting. You can enjoy its benefits and make the most of it. Hope you like the post.


best cloud computing skills

3 Cloud Computing Skills to Build a Successful Career

3 Skills Every Cloud Engineer Should Have To Be Successful


Cloud computing is exceptionally requested and one of the most sizzling innovations in the tech business. For qualified experts, this innovation can assume an indispensable job. In the U.S., the median compensation for a Cloud computing expert is $123,500. Experts in the field are getting paid profoundly.


Cloud computing ability is the second-most generously compensated expertise. As per different businesses all through the world, procuring a Cloud computing expert is probably the hardest procedure. In any case, it’s anything but a simple activity as a result of its strength region. An applicant must have explicit skills to gain this activity. Without these abilities, no HR office is going to contact you.


Businesses check these abilities by certification. Certification in Cloud computing ensures your skills. On the off chance that you are ensured proficient. Each association will incline toward you. So any certification in the cloud, for example, Microsoft Azure Administrator AZ-103. To pass the exam you will need authentic AZ-103 practice exam material that can help you prepare for your exam.


Legitimate AZ-103 practice test material will direct you in understanding the test condition and practice it appropriately. Without the AZ-103 practice test, it could be hard to breeze through the test for confirmation.

Here are a few skills that can help you in beginning your vocation as a Cloud computing master.

Coding Skills: 

In programming advancement, Cloud computing is another measurement. Developers can make, have, and execute applications utilizing the cloud. As the cloud can deal with enormous volumes, applications on the cloud can scale up on huge volumes.


Programming dialects, for example, Ruby, Perl, and Python are some ongoing increases to the cloud system. These dialects are ending up increasingly common as time passes since they are open source. Some different dialects are likewise extremely prevalent, for example, PHP, Java, and .Net.


Database Management: 

The world is evolving quickly. Information is expanding step by step. In the past 1 GB on the PC was sufficient. But now, you can’t consider 1 GB even on your cell phone. An amazing 2.6 quintillion bytes of new information is included databases day by day. Partnerships are attempting to comprehend and utilize this information as much as they could. As a result, the request is high for talented experts, who can set-up this for associations.


To have databases, the cloud stage is the most widely recognized space because of this adaptability. For any expert in this field, related databases stage to the field and information of database question language is basic. Openings in this field are not hard to drop by due to the regularly developing heap of information.


SQL is the most predominant language in the database. On the off chance that you are eager to prepare your skills in the database, the board learns Hadoop, MySQL or MongoDB also.



Linux skills are sought after now as cloud experts. What is the fundamental explanation behind that? What is the job of Linux in Cloud computing? Linux-put together Azure is controlled concerning one-fourth of the servers. Microsoft proceeded with push to open-source advertise; this offer will increment with time.

Experts who are equipped for dealing with cloud-based Linux servers are profoundly requested by organizations for these reasons, for example,

  • Structuring
  • Creating
  • Managing
  • Setting up Architecture

For a position in overseeing Linux servers, the Linux Foundation Certified Systems Administrator helps experts. An individual ought to learn by them and their affirmation is an industry-acknowledged practice.


The benefit of Cloud Computing:

Among numerous advantages of Cloud computing, here we’ll examine some for better understanding.


Effective: Cloud figuring is very shrewd. Using Cloud figuring, an affiliation doesn’t have to mess with rooms with racks for servers. There is no necessity for a server ranch. Distributed computing will diminish the cost of intensity, delegates, hardware, and backing of servers. Since everything would be done by the cloud provider.

Speed: We can benefit the on-demand supply of organizations. You can profit from various organizations to no end by your cloud provider. You can benefit paid organizations depending upon your enrollment.

Gainfulness: In standard strategies for handling an affiliation need to face various troubles. One of them is the cost of the foundation.

Significance of Certifications and Courses with Skills: 

For the focus on industry and merchant certification, the IT business is famous. In this field, Cloud computing has likewise joined the race. Amazon, Microsoft and all other significant specialist organizations offer preparation and certification. These certifications could be extremely useful in your position advancement. You can kick off your Cloud computing career if you have any certification of cloud by any presumed tech organization, for example, Microsoft.

Here are the most well-known certifications by Google, Microsoft, and Amazon:

  • Google Cloud Certification
  • Microsoft Azure Certification
  • Amazon AWS Certification


Microsoft’s Azure certification is getting popularity because of numerous reasons. If you are happy to endeavor the test to get this certification, remember to plan through the training test material. For example, if you are planning for AZ-103, AZ-103 practice exam material could be gainful for you.

Certification can be an indispensable initial phase the correct way, yet the experience is progressively significant.

Final Words: 

People and associations, whether they are big or small both ought to pursue the pattern to contend with others. Utilizing old innovation or conventional strategies won’t give you an advantage. Before long old strategies would be supplanted by new and afterward that could be past the point where it is possible to settle on a choice. With these improvements in technology and the cloud industry, the job demand for this industry will increase with time. To catch up with the trend you need proper certification to match up the employer’s requirement. Cloud computing will further expand in different aspects of the industry. It will soon take over the conventional on-premise system. My final recommendation will be to look up any good certification and go after it. Get certified and make your career even better with these career-boosting certifications.


Best Web Hosting For India

Top 10 Best Web Hosting Companies in India

We Reviewed Top 10 Best Web Hosting Companies In India To Help You Pick The Best

These are the best hosting companies and service offering include domain hosting, free domain name registration, Cheap Hosting Plans, Shared Hosting plans, Web hosting plans, WordPress website hosting, reseller hostings etc.


What is Web Hosting?

A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web.


  • Smaller hosting services
  • Larger hosting services

The 10 Types of   hosting

  • Shared web hosting service
  • Reseller web hosting
  • Virtual Dedicated Server
  • Dedicated hosting service
  • Managed hosting service
  • Colocation web hosting service
  • Cloud hosting
  • Clustered hosting
  • Grid hosting
  • Home server

Web Hosting India

India Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Cloud VPS Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Co-location, Domain Name Registration, SSL Certificates. Managed with 24/7 Free Tech Support.

Cheap Web Hosting

Are you searching for the best and cheap web hosting for small & enterprise business? Come find the 10 best options that are cheap, good, fast and reliable!

Let’s have a look at the best 8 factors and features every good web host should have.


  • Speed
  • Speed where your audience is
  • Uptime
  • Security
  • Customer Service
  • Backups
  • Storage and Bandwidth
  • Price


Best Web Hosting India

Best Hosting companies in India are listed here. Cheap web hosting services for all your marketing needs.

1 | BigRock India – India’s Leading Domain Registration & Web hosting Company

Corporate Office – Gurugram

Business – Domain & Website Hosting Services |

Website –   |

BigRock – India’s #1 Domain & Website hosting company offers a plethora of specialized web services, including domain hosting and website hosting. Buy a domain and hosting at the lowest prices with 24×7 supports.

2 | BlueHost

Corporate Office – Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

Business – Best Web Hosting Services |

Website –   |

Bluehost is one of the largest best website hosting providers in India and powers millions of websites. It is one of the 20 largest web hosts, collectively hosting well over 2 million domains with its sister companies, HostMonster, FastDomain and iPage. Learn more about Bluehost secure and reliable Shared Web Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Shared WordPress Hosting, Woo commerce hosting services today!

3 | Hostinger

Corporate Office – Yogyakarta

Business – Web hosting provider and Internet domain registrar |

Website –   |

Hostinger International, Ltd. is an employee-owned web hosting provider and Internet domain registrar. Established in 2004, Hostinger now has over 29 million users, collectively with its subsidiaries in 178 countries. The company uses cloud web hosting technology and provides hosting with MySQL, FTP and PHP.

4 | Hostripples

Corporate Office – Nashik, Maharashtra

Business – Cheap and reliable web hosting services |

Website –   |

Hostripples provide Indian WordPress Web Hosting, Webhosting, Website Hosting in Rs 64.50/Month Unlimited webspace & Bandwidth, Cheap Reseller Hosting,server hosting , Secure web hosting india ,Indian Free SSL web Hosting,1 dollar hosting,Best web hosting,web hosting, hosting, webhosting, reseller hosting, vps hosting, dedicated servers, dedicated hosting, website hosting, dedicated server, web host, reseller, cpanel,cheapest hosting,99.9% Uptime, 24*7 LiveChat Support.

5 | Milesweb

Corporate Office – Nashik, Maharashtra

Business – Best web hosting India provider |

Website –   |

MilesWeb India’s #1 trusted web hosting company offers web hosting plans bundled with Free Emails & SSL with 99.9% uptime guarantee. Server Security. 99.99% Uptime. Unlimited Data Transfer. 24/7 Support. Money Back Guarantee. Linux/Windows Hosting.

6 | EsteemHost – India’s Best Web Hosting Company | Cheap Web Hosting Services

Corporate Office – Jaipur

Business – Domain Registration | Web Hosting & Servers |

Website –  |

Esteem Host is a Leading #1 fastest growing domain and web hosting India company that provides domain registration, web hosting, Linux Hosting, Linux Reseller Hosting, Windows Hosting, Windows Reseller Hosting, Java Hosting, WordPress hosting, Ecommerce Hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers and 24/7 hosting support services call us on 7357228899.

7 | Hosting Raja

Corporate Office – Delhi

Business – Web Hosting & Domain name registration |

Website –   |

Fastest growing web hosting company in India, Hosting Raja provides domain name registrations, website hosting, email hosting, VPS & website security solutions. 24/7 support with local staff, best web host for startups and small business.

8 | Domain India

Corporate Office – Tiruppur City in Tamil Nadu

Business – Domain services & Hosting Servers  |

Website –   |

Domain India Provide domain name registration with DNS Service, Domain Forwarding. Web Hosting plans with Free website builder and Reseller Hosting.

9 | HostingInIndia

Corporate Office – Gurugram, Haryana

Business – Secure and easy website hosting services |

Website –   |

HostingInIndia is India’s trusted web hosting service provider with web hosting, domains and email hosting services for all types of businesses.

10 | FastWebHost

Corporate Office – Hyderabad, Telangana

Business – Cheap and Best Web Hosting Services |

Website –   |

Best web hosting and server provider in India – FastWebHost. Find best deal for Cloud VPS, Dedicated Server Hosting, Domain name with affordable price!