Best Christmas Infographics

How to enjoy good sales this Christmas?

Infographics for Christmas sale to boost your business


Festival time is the best time to earn maximum out of your ecommerce site. That is why it is best to redesign your website and align the existing content with the Christmas theme. Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you want to enjoy good sales this Christmas:

Prepare email list

It is a good idea to start preparing the email list of the potential subscribers. It will help you contact the potential clients and send special emails with the discounts and offers. The emails should be drafted wisely containing the right mix of details and attractive content.

Last Minute deals

While most of the people would love to act fast there is a good number of lazy customers too who might keep on delaying the Christmas buying. At the same time must like any other festival the Christmas shoppers may also remember some important gift for someone special and can act just on the eve of Christmas. You can attract such customers y offering last minute deals and express delivery.

Don’t Delay

Most of the ecommerce sites should already have started working on their Christmas marketing strategy so it is best to act fast. Generally you should start working o the Christmas marketing strategy during October that can save yourself from any last hour rush.

Decorate your website

Just like any offline store you should also be ready to decorate your online store with the bells and whistles to attract the shoppers. Along with changing your website theme and you should also consider aligning the content with the festive occasion.

Check your competitors

You should not underestimate your competitors. It is a good idea to follow them digitally and check what are they are doing. You can get a number of great ideas this way. However, you don’t have to copy them. Instead try adding something unique and give an innovative touch to the same.

How to enjoy good sales this Christmas?

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Alisha is a content writer and director of operations. She writes for various industries like travel, wildlife, history, art, and of course technology! She works with B2B and B2C businesses providing digital marketing content that gains social media attention and increases their search engine visibility.

Keyword Research

5 Important Ways to Do Keyword Research in 2019 for Maximum Traffic

There is absolutely not even an iota of doubt about the fact that the core competency required to be a successful digital marketer and firmly establish your position at the very top of this intensely competitive industry is to place maximum emphasis on effective keyword research. It is one of the most decisive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools since it enables you to correctly identify your target market from which you can maximize your profitability.

Not only this, it will help you gauge the pulse of the customer base by familiarizing you with customer bases similar to the ones which you intend to focus on etc. What’s more, it can boost your search engine rankings by directing major user traffic to your particular website both in terms of quality as well as quantity by highlighting the most desirable features of your chosen subjects of discussion and thereby increasing your credibility as a marketer by leaps and bounds by adopting the best possible promotional strategies for all your end-products, services etc.

But the pertinent question that arises here is, how can you successfully implement all your keyword research plans especially in the upcoming new year 2019 for getting the desired outcomes in form of the maximum possible increase in your user traffic?? Find the answer to this question here by going through the pointers given below:


  1. Achieve an optimal combination of your keyword varieties: The perfect keyword research strategy should not leave any loopholes whatsoever and should contain a nice blend of the two major keyword varieties. The very short and simple head term keywords and the more complicated ones which consist of more than three words and are usually in the form of a question rather simply stating the search term or item as in the case of the former. The former category is targeted by an extremely huge number of online users or websites and this will make it extremely difficult to achieve a good ranking for your search term. But the latter is more likely to bring much better results for you since not that many users can search for them unlike you if you can gauge your target market properly and create these long-tail keywords according to their specific requirements and hit the bull’s eye in the process. So, you must keep a lethal combination of both these keyword types in your strategic arsenal and never ever overly depend on any one of the same to achieve your intended goals.


  1. Never ever put keywords unnecessarily at the wrong place: The most common mistake that you might tend to make while formulating your keyword research strategy like many others in this industry is inserting keywords randomly where they are not at all appropriate. This can spell disaster for the quality and effectiveness of your content and unlike earlier haphazard insertion of keywords into your content is not the norm or mantra for sure-shot success anymore. It is the quality of your content and the ways in which you can redefine your user experience etc. that really matters and not the number of keywords that you insert into your content even when they are not required therein. Your keywords should be absolutely relevant to your target customer base and should never cause them to lose focus on the same. So, formulate and adjust your keywords accordingly through detailed and extensive online research if you want to beat others in this race.


  1. Always give maximum priority to the personalized requirements of your core customer base: While formulating your keyword research strategy, just ask yourself this one simple question,” What do my core customer base actually want, i.e. what are the exact requirements that they are searching for in the online portals??” And then make sure that you create your strategy according to the same by coming up with and researching for keywords that your target audience actually wants to read and can connect with on a personal level or basis. Modify your existing keywords in such a manner that it is useful for your core customer base and they can take something away from it. If you can effectively execute this most crucial plan, then generating the amount of user traffic which you had in mind or even more should not be an issue at all for you.


  1. Minimize the size of your keyword index as much as possible: Most online customers nowadays are likely to search for a vast number of keywords. So, study and analyze your keywords extensively to make your index as small as possible to maximize your chances of success. You can take help of certain tools easily available on online platforms nowadays for this purpose if you face any difficulty in deciding which keywords you should keep and which ones you should eliminate etc. Leave out those keywords which have become outdated and whose search volumes etc. are much lesser than the other keywords in your index etc.

Also Read, 5 Necessary Tools for SEO Keywords Research.


  1. Never get complacent and place too much emphasis on independent or singular keywords: The latest keyword research trends and tactics suggest that independent keywords are becoming less relevant and important by the day. It is likely that it will soon become obsolete as much more advanced search techniques are making their foray into this industry. Thus, never rely too much on such type of keywords while conducting your keyword research and modify your searches periodically according to your specific customer requirements. Just think in terms of what your target customer might want to search for online by putting yourself in their shoes. In this way you can maximize your online user traffic and enhance your future business prospects. Always learn to keep up with the latest trends and developments in the industry so that you never fall behind others and are always one step ahead of the rest by constantly innovating and modifying your keyword research strategies and tactics according to the current trends. Make customer satisfaction your number-one priority while formulating your keywords and all the desired outcomes will follow automatically.

So, without waiting any longer gear up and put your keyword research plans into action as soon as the new year 2019 arrives. Rest assured, it will be the year where all your dreams of making it big in this industry will come true!!


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Derek Luise is working as a Jr. content writer and blogger with Ranking By SEO. He can be seen blogging about digital marketing, SEO, SMO, PPC, etc.

Social Media for Business

An Incredible Guide to Use Social Media for Business

Use Social Media for Business: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

With another decade of the digital era coming to an end, it is now transparent that social media rules the world of online business and marketing. The penetration and involvement of different communities on social media networks is the sole reason for using this platform for the awareness, promotion, marketing, and sales of the brand products/ services. No matter what’s the size of the business industry, whether a big one or a small one, maintaining an online presence on social media is now becoming a must-to-do task. The web design company in Islamabad and others nationwide understand the power of being social and this is why they incorporate social media buttons/ links on the official websites as well.


If you are wondering whether you should go for social media promotion and marketing, here is a detailed guide of what goals it helps you achieve and what are the different latest trends that you should look out for. Also, to help you decide that you need this, let us quote this statistic from the study conducted by Sproutsocial. It suggests that it is 57.5 % more likely that people buy from the brand that they follow on the social media networks. Thus, its time you start with the use of social media for businesses.


What’s in social media for business?


The social media marketing when done after deciding the goals proves to be more useful and amazing. The goals give you a direction to follow and uplift the business standard that you wish to achieve. The marketers keep in mind the buyer’s journey and relate their social media objectives with each one of the journey’s steps. This coupled with the achievement of the goals and measurement of success via different metrics then results in a high yield output.


The main social media goals targeted by the business companies and the marketing teams are as follows:

  • The idea is to increase the brand awareness by using the written and visual content, videos and the brand products images.
  • Getting the chance to engage the people over the brand product/ service discussion. This helps keep their interest alive and presence intact.
  • The goal to increase web traffic via sharing website articles/ online store product’s link on the social media page
  • To increase product sales
  • To improve brand loyalty and enhance customer support by being active/ responsive on the social media networks

Once the goals list is made, a check is kept on its progress and analysis is done to make sure you are putting your effort on the right thing. Below are the few trending social media marketing techniques/ tips that will help you achieve better results for your business.  

Social media trends to shoot for


1. Invest in visual-first approach/ social TV/ vertical videos



We all know how important the content is for the websites and customer’s information care but for the social media, the content style needs to improve. The social media platforms now support the visual-first content style. You need to invest more in the HD images, promotional and high-quality information, short videos, and cool infographics which give away loads of information in one glimpse. In this regard, Neal Schaffer, an author, CEO and Principal Social Media Strategy Consultant at Maximize Your Social says, “Brands need to move from a text-first approach to a visual-first mentality when communicating, and similar to how every business became a media company with the advent of social media, they now must transform themselves into a visual magazine if not a television station in order to continue to be heard by the audience that matters to them.”

Coming towards another latest trend launched this year, the IGTV by Instagram, its use is highly recommended. It is a TV feature that helps broadcast long-form video content in a social media supported format.This trend is a source for the brands to become broadcasters enhancing the mobile experience for their viewers/ customers.

2. Go live



The second trend that you can focus on with social media is the investment in live videos. It helps create a strong bond with the audience and helps you engage them for a little while longer delivering the benefits of your brand products/ services. The feature of live videos is quite popular. Facebook seems to celebrate its 2ndanniversary for streaming live videos. The number of Facebook live broadcast has increased above 3,500,000,000 videos. Investing in this trend is a potential act.


3. Offer personalized customer experience



Next in line is the promotion of personalized customer experience. A happy viewer is a potential customer and by all means, you wouldn’t want to lose any one of your potential source of sales, right? Eva Taylor, Senior Manager for Social Marketing at Hootsuite states, “Looking ahead to the future of social in 2019 and beyond, the brands that are most likely to win are the ones that place personalization and customer experience at the heart of their business.”


This can be done by viewing the behavioral pattern in the online data collected via different sources. Once the behavior is understood, the machine learning and artificial intelligence applications can be used to enhance the customer experience.


4. AI-driven customer service



While talking about the AI-driven efforts and applications used by web developers and marketers, it is hereby important to state that social media marketers can make great use of these applications. The Huffington Post suggests that 60% of the millennial population is already using chatbots. Therefore, in 2019 more brands will look forward to using services that enhance the customer communication and service system. The use of Whatsapp is among such considerations.


5. Be all about promoting trust and transparency



Being new to social media usage for business success, you need to know that customer’s privacy and details protection comes above everything. A customer when trusting you with his personal information considers you a safe place. You, by all means, have to protect it and save it from all kinds of thefts and frauds. This helps to portray your brand image as a loyal and trusted one, and keeps your customer’s support intact.

6. Social listening



Image source:

Another WOW social media feature that you need to incorporate into your social business strategy is social listening. These tools act as a spy and help you discover the word around about the brand. Once you have good feedback in your bucket, you can start working on improving your efforts and correcting your flaws. Cool, right?


7. 24-hours worthy content



You all must have enjoyed the ephemeral content on your social media network accounts like SnapChat and Instagram. Networks like Facebook and Google plus also support it now. Making use of it helps promote the product by creating an image that it is exclusive and important. When the viewers look into something new on these 24-hours stories, they often come back to look at the new product in town!

Social media platforms on the rise

Now, it’s been a long time since Facebook and Instagram have been maintaining the position as first and second most popular social media networks, respectively. Both of them receive billions of viewers each day and are a potential network for business brand promotion. Other than these, the social networks in the game are SnapChat, Pinterest, Whatsapp, Google Plus, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook messenger, and so on. You can maintain your strong brand presence either or any one of them or try going for multi-channel social marketing as well.

Are you ready to try?

The investment in social media for the success of your business is a no-brainer these days. Such a win-win technique and tricks for successful business rarely come in handy but with social media marketing, you can gain promising results for your brand.  


credit score

The need to know about credit score for augmenting it

It is well-known that people who have very poor credit score have to take a loan at an extremely high rate of interest. In some cases, companies that employ individuals ask for the credit report of the prospective employee for determining the financial liability of that person.

The process to be employed for checking the Credit Score

Individuals can get a copy of theirrespective credit reports on a yearly basis without any charge or fee, but in most cases, the bureaus that provide those credit reports donot give the credit score of an individual. The credit score is also known by another abbreviated term which is called FICO. This score involves three digits which are indicative of the strength of the credit taking ability of a person and reflects the overall history in terms of credit acquisition. Thereforeknowing this number is vital for the individual and there are a few ways in which this information can be collected, these methods are discussed below:

  • Credit card agencies that provide the clients with credit cards also include monitoring services for free. The customers of that credit card company can check the credit score by using the monitoring tool provided by the company.
  • The bureaus that provide individualswith the credit report can also allow a person to acquire the credit score. However, a small fee has to be paid for that purpose by the person who wants to know his/her score.
  • There are also service providers that arepresent for monitoring credit and the person who doesn’t know his/her credit score can availtheir services for checking the credit score.

The salient features about FICO

It is already stated that FICOis the credit score and for any person who is serious about improving his/her score needs to know how the score is calculated and the important factors that constitute this score. Without having succinct knowledge in this regard, it will be impossible to move forward with a plan for raising the credit score. The important aspects of the credit score are discussed below:


  • The calculation of the credit score:


A credit score is a number which is calculated by considering several aspects. The past payments of a person, the amount that is outstanding in one or more loan accounts, the span of time that has elapsed since the initiation of the credit acquisition procedure, new types of loans taken by a person and the number of credit sources which a person has are taken into account for formulating the credit score.


  • The range of credit scores:


The organization that is responsible for formulating the credit report uses a particular range for arriving at the credit score of a person. The upper limit of credit score ranges from 840 to 925 as per credit report providing organizations. Usually, a score of 670 is taken as a good credit score.


  • The multiple categories present for depicting the nature of the credit score:


When the score is calculated it is measured against five different categories. Each category has a range, and the first or exceptional credit score is taken to be 800 or above while the poor category of credit score begins from 579 and further down. The values that lie in between are separated by the fair, good and very good categories of credit score. The mentioned range or values are not universal and can slightly vary depending upon the credit institute that formulates the reports and scores.

Taking stock of the situation with regard to the credit score

How do I increase my credit score quickly is a constant source of anxiety for many individuals who are at the lower endof the scoreboard but quick succession is only possible after a person is completely aware of the position of his/her credit as per the given categories. Once the credit score is taken down, then the position can be understood fully. If the result is not inspiring theninstead of losing hope, it is important to boost one’s confidence and get to work so that the score improves. The actions which can be taken to promote the credit score are discussed below:

  • The tracking of the score:

When the credit score is low, it is of paramount importance to track it on a routine basis. There are tracking services that allow a person to check the credit score often. An individual who has to work upon the credit score should use such services for keeping a keen eye on the credit score.

  • Check for inconsistencies in the credit reports:

In many cases, it has been observed thatwrong information in the creditreport has caused a significant lowering of the credit score. A personshouldtherefore meticulously scan the credit report for any wrong information. If any mistake is found, then the company that has given the report should be notified about the mistake along with legal proof. The same mistake should be highlightedto the informant who has filed the report, and legal proof should be presented. The correction of the mistake should be ensured by following up the rectification procedure.

  • Keeping credit accounts active but not overburdened:

Having several credit sources is a good option as it increases the credit score, but itis best not to hit the upper limit of a particular credit source. The credit should always be taken in a combined manner from several sources so that total available credit also stays quite high and credit taken alsogets easily resolved. Keeping open lines when it comesto credit sources is also useful even if the credit optionis rarely used because thatviablecredit adds to the total amount of credit present for a particular individual.

Hence it can be said that acquiring informationregarding one’s credit position will help in observing the problems in the credit score and then suitable repairing actions can be taken for managing the credit field properly thereby increasing the credit score in the process.

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Isabella Rossellini is a marketing and communication expert. She also serves as content

developer with many years of experience. She has previously covered an extensive range of

topics in her posts, including business and start-ups.

Keyword Cannibalization and SEO

Keyword cannibalization: what it is and how to prevent it

Keyword Cannibalization and SEO

The cannibalization of keywords is increasingly booming in online marketing. The word sounds somewhat strong and imposes a lot, but it does not have to be a problem if we know how to avoid it and how to bring it back. In this post we will learn more about cannibalization SEO with some of the most common examples that we find on the webs, and not only that, we will give guidelines to work on cannibalization and avoid it in the future. Keep reading!

What is the cannibalization of keywords?

In SEO, cannibalization is called appearing with several URLs for the same keyword .

It might seem that, if you create many contents on the same keyword, you will end up leaving before and even several times, but that practice is not something that is recommended, since it can be more harmful than positive.


For example, the less optimal result may appear, the possibility of expanding the keyword map is lost and by offering different URLs, the crawlers will dedicate Budget crawl resources to pages that are not as important, subtracting time to recognize the pages that really they matter

How to detect cannibalization?

Although there are tools such as Sixtrix, Ahrefs or Semrush that make our lives easier, detecting this competition between URLs and subsequent work can be quite tedious.

The way to detect it if you do not have tools at hand is quite obvious: select the most important keywords for the page , search them incognito and see if the search results are competing for more than one keyword. For this you can help write in the search engine the following line filled with your data:

site: “Albuquerque SEO

If, on the other hand, you can access SemRush, or any other tool that throws a list of organic keywords, it would only download the list, sort by keywords and see which are appearing by more than one URL, that’s where there to work .


Is it always positive to eliminate cannibalization?

If it is possible to avoid, a priori, it is positive to create a correct structure of keywords, but sometimes, when there are already several URLs of the site competing for the same keyword, we must be cautious on how to deal with it.


Before deciding what to do with that content it is important to keep in mind some aspects:

  • Check traffic, conversions and the rebound of competing URLs.
  • Check the incoming links of the URLs.
  • Of course, check which URL is better positioned for the keywords that interest you and if any of them is also appearing for other important keywords.

Once we have this data, we can decide if the content is left as is, is optimized with different keywords or if it is better to delete part and stay with a single URL redirecting the rest.

What types of SEO cannibalization can we find?

We are going to talk about the types of cannibalization of the most common keywords in web pages.

Ecommerce cannibalization

One of the clearest cases that occur in ecommerce is usually the cannibalization of the page categories by product listings when doing more generic searches. This is normal because often these product URLs in particular receive more external mentions than the category ones, but it is also common because URLs are optimized with the same keywords as the main categories.


On the other hand, we can also find URLs with size parameters , color or size , etc., leaving above the canonical URL of the product.


In any of these cases, the user searching for a product would not be receiving all the information of the main category , but information of a specific one.

What to do to solve it?

In this case we recommend that the keywords chosen for the product sheets be much more specific than for the categories . In addition, whenever possible, we recommend that the tags are not indexable to avoid duplicities that reload the tracking.

Web cannibalization / blog

One of the most common cannibalizations is that of the web and the blog. It is very common that blogs, due to the creation of regular content, end up eating positions on the web . In this way it is easy that, when doing a search for a keyword with intention of purchase, it appears an article of the blog that speaks about a product instead of the own tab of the product.


Also the structure of the blogs can cause that the categories and tags of the blog can appear over the ones of the main page and finishes taking place duplicities .

What to do to solve it?

The most advisable thing is to create a map of keywords taking into account the web and the blog. Through this global map are defined which are the keywords for the main web and which are the secondary ones that help to expand or complete the information through the post.

The general recommendation is that the main page will cover more generic keywords and in the blog more long tail keywords . In addition, it is recommended that if the posts talk about a product or service of the main website, this content is linked correctly to favor the conversion.

Cannibalization within the same blog

The blog can compete with the main page as we have seen or with himself. When creating a lot of content it is inevitable that sometimes you will end up optimizing for similar or equal keywords .

What to do to solve it?


When a case of cannibalization between contents is detected, it is advisable to assess which of them is the most powerful , either by being better positioned, attracting more traffic and conversions or by being more updated. When we have that identified post, it should be completed with more information if necessary, creating a much higher quality content, and redirecting the discarded post to this principal .

Cannibalization SEO / SEM

Sometimes, when betting on SEO and SEM strategies, we can fall into the cannibalization of SEO from paid campaigns due to the selection of keywords. This happens in a very clear way when the investment of brand campaigns increases .

What to do to solve it?


Whenever possible, it is advisable that both services work hand in hand. From SEO you can tackle keywords that have a high cost for SEM and on the contrary , from SEM you can tackle keywords that are more difficult to reach with SEO or that require a faster positioning.


The joint work of these two services is the key to optimize budgets and avoid cannibalization.

Content Marketing Strategy

Is it worth starting to trace a Content Marketing strategy

After the new technologies and with the fact that people are all the time, or at least most of the time, connected, the way of doing Marketing has changed. Digital Marketing is currently a good way to add value to a brand.

Next to it we can name Content Marketing, which is a way to attract and retain the audience of a company and / or product. But, for you to succeed, you need to have a clear strategy. That is, the fundamental thing is to know where you want to go.

Do you want to succeed in your Content Marketing strategy? Well, in this article we will help you with some tips. Irrespective the niche, whether you run a dissertation writing services site, online shopping site, or a logo design sites.

We start?

What is Content Marketing?

Before all, it is necessary to take into account the basic concept of Digital Marketing, which is Content Marketing. So you can trace your strategy, you need to be clear about what it is.

Content Marketing is a strategy that proposes the creation of content to reach audiences related to a business, through the use of specific positioning techniques to appear with relevance and authority on the Internet. Unlike Traditional Marketing and Advertising, Content Marketing seeks to attract the public naturally, without insisting or imposing; but making timely proposals of value that please the user and invite him to always return for more.

Why do I need a Content Marketing strategy?

There are certainly many marketing strategies to implement and work, right? But, why then invest efforts in a Content Marketing strategy?

To begin, it is very true that Content Marketing is not a tactic that is implemented to obtain immediate or short-term results; On the contrary, it is a strategy that takes time, but when it brings results, they are strong and lasting.

The main reasons to carry out a Content Marketing strategy, therefore, is not the immediate effectiveness, but rather it is aimed at much more valuable results for brand building, for example:

– It helps to improve the image, thanks to which It is presented as a form of interaction that the user does want to have with a business.

– Improved SEO positioning, because the timely interaction it generates with users, makes its presence on the internet become strong.

– Create trust: Very important! Unlike other more direct techniques, Content Marketing is based on giving the user what they are looking for and does not impose any need.

– You need low investment costs.


How do I start my Content Marketing strategy?

First of all, it is necessary to take into account which buyer is your person . That is, so that your strategy can bring you more clients, it is necessary that you know who you want to attract. What is your goal? What is the specific audience for your product? Who can be interested in consuming or knowing your brand?

Well, those questions have to be answered so you can start your strategy. The differential of Content Marketing is just that. Produce contents that can solve a demand or solve a problem of your ideal audience and, naturally, attract it to be a regular consumer of your brand.

Do you already know how to create content that people are really looking for? Enter the link to know!

After you consider who your person is, you need to know where you intend to arrive. Of course, because for you to have a complete strategy, you need a goal, that is, a strategy with an audience is of no use if you do not have a focus, an objective.

Therefore, to start your strategy, you have to reflect a little on your brand, your product to whom your content can attract and, finally, stipulate a goal in the short, medium and long term. And after all, start your strategy.

You see? You’re not going to impose anything on anyone, but you will reflect on your brand, present them possible solutions to those who can be useful and if they felt comfortable, return to consume more of your content. And so, naturally you will be close to success and, of course, to your goal.

What can I talk about in my content?

Now that you have an audience and a goal, you need to know the topics that you can address in your content. But before we look at that, it is important to tell you to reach your goal you achieve, you need to understand that it is not the amount of content that will give you success, but the regularity and value them.

Therefore, it is necessary that you have a routine and a fixed person who is committed to producing the contents of your strategy. After choosing that person, you will begin to think about the contents, more specifically the topics that you will address.

The important thing is that you have a focus, and not to get lost in the myriad of possible topics, start with topics related to your brand about which there is little or no content produced. After the first publications, you will be able to do research and questions to your audience to know topics on which they want you to produce content.

You can create lists of tips or guidelines to use a product, you can produce e-books on topics related to your brand. You have infinite possibilities, but as long as they are coherent with your product and also with your goals.

What kind of content can I create?

What people most often think when talking about Content Marketing is the texts. However, it is also important to bear in mind that not everyone has time, disposition and, why not, patience to read, even if the texts are short.

Thus, it is important that in your strategy you produce other types of content to attract the most impatient people and that your audience does not get bored. Here are some examples that can be used in your Content Marketing strategy:

  • Webinars
  • Online courses
  • Images
  • Podcasts
  • Videos

The options are endless and depend on your buyer person . But be careful! The quantity is not more important than the quality. Try to focus on your publications or a regularity for the different types of content you upload for your audience. Create a routine, because the lack of organization in the publications can be detrimental to your strategy.

What should be the regularity of my publications?

In this topic it is necessary to keep in mind that for your strategy to work, discipline is fundamental. But how? You’ll be thinking, right? I’ll explain.

More than the quantity, the important thing is the regularity of the publications. Two publications are valued more every week with fixed days than a disorganized strategy that raises ‘thousands of contents’ in a week and in the next three does not raise anything. You understand?

The frequency of publication that you establish, is also the one that will help you to form an audience. But do not worry, as we have mentioned, the frequency depends on the audience that reaches your content and to analyze it, it is good that you create an editorial calendar, in addition, it will help you to have more organization when planning and executing.

What are the formats I can use?

It can be said that the traditional format is blog posts, that is, texts published in blogs. But that will depend on your person. If it is an audience that has contact with social networks , you can upload content on these platforms in an attractive way.

Disseminate your product through recorded videos, live, online courses, images, newsletter, etc. The important thing is to maintain regularity and always reflect on your strategy and invest your energies in the preferred formats of your audience.

What benefits can Content Marketing bring me?

The main benefit of Content Marketing is the success of your strategy. First, you must work on the trust of your audience; If you follow your Content Marketing strategy in an organized way, your audience will trust you and naturally you can become your client.

In that sense, you can talk about sales, once you have the confidence of the public and you continue to nurture that relationship with relevant and attractive content, your sales can go up considerably. That is, you must first get confidence without imposing or insisting on anything.

And finally, the recognition or rather, the authority. If you produce new content that has relevant information about a certain issue and people start tagging and sharing your content, the value of your publications will surely give you more credibility and, naturally, more authority on that topic.

What example is there of success in Content Marketing?

Surely we can not teach you all the examples that exist in the world, but, to inspire you to start your Content Marketing strategy, here we present one of them:

Lifestyle squared

It is an example that shows that you can really live from working with Content Marketing. The blog bills around € 40,000.00 per month only from their one client However, it is necessary to know that nobody starts billing so much money, and that without a strategy and without discipline there is no clear possibility of success, or at least not in the long term.

So the main thing is that you keep in mind your goals and that you fight for them.

digital lending

Analytical Exploration To The Rapidly Changing Landscape Of Digital Lending

Over the years with the development in science and technology everything has gone digital. Now you can purchase anything and everything lazing on your sofa and have it delivered at your door step in no time. Whether it is clothing or any fashion accessory, air ticket or a pass to a concert, groceries or medicine and even money! Yes, you can now deposit, transfer and borrow money from your home without having to move yourself an inch apart from your pointer finger on your mouse.

With digital lending available now, you can have money transferred to your bank account within 24 hours. Isn’t it impressive? Truly it is but there is a need to know about this digital money lending landscape as this specific segment is changing at a fast pace. Not only the money lending process is changing but there is also an inclusion of large number of online money lenders which makes it all the more important for you to be extra cautious.

Understanding the new trend

Online money lending services are a new type of socialplatform that will enable you to borrow or lend money directly. However, you will need to know a few things before you start using this useful platform. The things to know include and are not limited to:

  • The dynamics of bidding
  • The change of various attributes of loan requesting listingsover time
  • The interest rate and
  • The number of bids.

On closer look you will observethat there is driving behavior pattern especially in peer to peer lending and for most ofthe listingsthis number of bids received reach spikes at similar time points.

These phenomena can be explained with respect to the economic and social factors that typically all money lenders take into account. This is necessary to ensure that the money lenders make profits and tie it with their bidding preferences.

You can also come to know about these from the model based on the temporal advancement of the biddingthat dependably predicts the achievement of a loan invitation listingas well as the fact whether or not a loan will be paid back.

The digital lending scenario

There are lots of online money lenders you will come across such as liberty lending USAand even Amazon that have been helping people with the money they need. The digital money lending scenario is fledging at a rapid pace as the following stats indicate:

  • Research reports and statistics show that last yearAmazon created headlines when it gave away $1 billion in loans to over 20,000 small business merchants in the United States, UK and Japan.
  • We Chat, the largest social network of China, also created a buzz when it entered into the scene in 2015 and deployed more than $14.7 billion in loans in just two years.

This shows the success of this digital lending platform and the safe and secure nature of money lending. Money lenders can now have near real-time data of the person or business wishing to borrow money. They can access the data and read the customer reviews of the business or the credit score of the individual evaluate the worth of a customer and the risk factors associated in lending a person or a small merchant. This offers convenience to both lender and borrower and efficiency of the lender. Ideally, online loan applications take surprisingly less than 0.3 seconds to get approved.

Expansion of the ecosystem

The digital lending ecosystem is continually expanding and there are a lot of small and big money lenders joining these tech giants. The ecosystem is continually evolving as well whether it is in Mexico or Mombasa, Kenya or Kuwait.

  • Each digital lending platform in this space clouts technology to make sure that the loans offered are faster, more straightforward and more cost-efficientfor the customer.
  • Digital lending is becoming the most potent force for reaching out to people who may not have the opportunity to access any financial services in the past.
  • It provides innovative products and can easily overcome the challenges of geography, increase transparency and reduce transaction costs.

It has a wide variety of lending models designed on the basis of distinct market structures, customer needs as well as the regulatory environments.

The different lending models

All these different lending models are capable enough to tackle with the financial inclusions in many different ways. According to the evaluation of the current state of play there are seven primary digital lending models identified such as:

  • Online lenders: These are lenders that offer full end-to-end digital lending products. You can even apply for these via mobile applications. There is no face to face contact or calls made to a call center for customer acquisition, engagement and loan distribution
  • P2P platforms: Peer to Peer or P2P platform is digital platforms that will match you with an institutional or individual lender. They will facilitate the transactiontypically playing an ongoing central role acting as a conduit between two parties.
  • E-commerce and social platforms: These platforms are those where money lending is not their core business such as Amazon but also leverage digital distribution, rich customer data, and strong brandto offer credit products to thecustomers
  • Marketplace platforms: These are digital platforms that use proprietary algorithms to match you with a perfect lender. When the fund is dispersed the customer relationship is directly with the lender.
  • Supply chain lender: They provide short-term working capital credits for microenterprises for buying inventory from their distributors. This is a pay-as-you-go financing where the distribution network enforces payment through penalties if required such as withholding deliveries or turning off utilities.
  • Mobile money lenders: They partner with mobile network operators to offer loans to the customer base using credit scoring and mobile phone data. To supplement the digital interface there are physical agent networks where you can go for cash-in or cash-out transactions.
  • Tech-enabled lenders: They are traditional lenders that embraced technology to upgrade their otherwise manual lending process to ‘tech and touch’ approach.

The digital lending ecosystem is dynamic in nature making strict categorization difficult. However, key players continue testing and refining their business models.

How Flutter Hands on Building a Mobile App

How Flutter is Shaking Hands with the Mobile App Development

Development of mobile apps is the rapidly growing and highly profitable business for IT organizations. Industries are always welcoming new app development technologies with their full extended arms earning a significant amount from the market. After launching the new Operating System called Android P, Google has come up with another new Software Development Kit (SDK) for development named as Google Flutter.


It is one of the current trends prevailing in the IT market for the developers. It is just the beginning, the percentage of publishing Flutter apps on Google Play store is increasing day by day. The best part is your developed app will directly deploy over the play store. It is a handy asset for both platforms Android and IOS. Let’s discuss about app development with Flutter.


What is Google Flutter?

Before going ahead, let’s have a brief chit chat on Flutter. In May 2017, Google had introduced the Flutter in a conference. It is a free and open source mobile UI framework which is designed for crafting quality native IOS and Android interfaces. Although in android you can unlock special features by rooting the phone using SuperSU Zip.


It is based on new programming language – “Dart” which is influenced by languages like JavaScript and Java. Flutter provides widgets which are easy to customize. It makes the development process fast and quite attractive with its pretty interface. Flutter’s architecture is based on the popular reactive programming. And also, it is becoming a big competitor for React Native. Complete Google Flutter documentation is also available to help out the new users.

Benefits of Google Flutter:


  1. Easy to code

Flutter provides fast and dynamic app development feature to developers. The main reason of attraction is the Hot reload facility. Means, if developer makes changes in code, it will be directly visible in app. It is beneficial while designing interface and to fix the bugs faster. We can say that the designer and tester both can work simultaneously with coder on the UI.


  1. Platform Independent

It is a platform independent as it has its own customizable widgets. A single codebase will be acceptable by both Android and IOS platform. You can run same app for both and can also differentiate it.


  1. Themes for both Android and IOS

As we know the themes for both Android and IOS are different. But here, Flutter allows developers to add different themes while coding for both the platforms, and they don’t need to code separately for these two platforms.


  1. Best for MVP

If there is a requirement for the fast app development with great look and feel then Google Flutter is the best option. In small time frame you can develop native looking app for both the platforms. It will put a good impression of yours on the investors and boost up your business flow.



Google has introduced Flutter Beta version to make the app development process easier. It has provided hassle-free attractive UI to the users with high-quality work experience. The major aspect which increases its popularity is its platform independent code. Use Google Flutter and enhance your experience more with the faster app development skills.

Best Finance Apps

Top Finance Apps for Planning Your Budget in Christmas

Top Finance Apps for Planning Your Budget in Christmas

Christmas is around the corner and it is the time for decorating Christmas trees, purchasing gifts for your loved ones, decorating your home with lights and trinkets, and a lot more. Despite the fact that you are in the mood for celebrations, you cannot ignore the fact that you have a budget to maintain and various other expenses as well. If all the money that you have saved in your account is spent only for Christmas and the Christmas decorations, you are going to be in a lot of trouble because you have to pay for all the other regular expenses as well. Going wrong is extremely easy and in order to ensure that you are not spending more than what you are earning, it is crucial that you handover your finance to someone who can take proper care of it. According to, people between 18 to 34 years of age have one budgeting application on their devices.

In order to manage your expenses properly during Christmas, you can consider the following finance apps that have been mentioned below.

Clarity money

Clarity money is one of the best personal finance applications, which is going to help you to manage the budget and save your money with the help of numerous methods. Users are known to link their card accounts and bank accounts to this application for a proper analysis of the spending behavior that they have.

The application helps in identifying various opportunities so that you can save a lot of money, for example, the coupons and discounts for the bills, and pointing out numerous subscriptions that you might not use. It also helps in building a proper budget and tracking the spending habits that you have. Users also have the option of setting a proper savings goal. If you have a separate savings account, the application will help in setting a particular amount for depositing it into the savings account directly from the bank accounts that you have.


Fudget is available for both the iOS and Android devices and it is one of the best finance apps that are known for the simplicity that it possesses. Users can easily use this application without facing any inconvenience. One button will let you add your income while another button is going to help you to add the monthly expenses that you have. All of these can be reordered on a timeline, which is responsible for displaying the balance right at the bottom.

When you swipe each entry, you can either make it recurring or you have the option of deleting it. And that is it. You will not have extra folders, saving categories, graphs, photos, or any other complex things. It is one of the easiest finance applications. You can also opt for the in-app purchases for changing the theme or getting the built-in calculator, and if you are interested in removing advertising.


Spendee is known to feature a brightly colored and user-friendly interface, which also comes with the best budget tracking tools, irrespective of the fact whether you are a subscriber or a free user. Users have the opportunity of categorizing expenses, which is complete with numerous photos and receipts. You will be able to view the expenses in the form of a feed. It also consists of the Overview Mode, which is known to offer useful infographics about the spending time as well as the breakdown of the categories and items on which you are spending money.

The application also has a budget creation tool, which will help you to create a proper budget. The premium users are known to get a lot of love as they have the option of synchronizing their bank accounts in order to track the expense automatically, and they can also get benefits like multiple budget, cross-device synchronization, and wallets that are shareable.

You Need a Budget

YNAB is nothing less than your companion. This finance application helps in keeping the personal budget under control. With the help of this application you can refer quickly to all the accounts, budget the categories, enter transactions that are new, and modify budget categories. This application can be synchronized with the other devices, which helps you to keep the budget updated on your iOS and Android devices. It is also known to contain an educational tool, which is responsible for helping the users to build a proper budget habit as well as financial discipline.


If you are looking for budgeting tools that are more focused, you should definitely go for this debt manager. It helps in keeping track of the total money that you owe to people from whom you have taken loans and vice versa. Users have the option of setting up periodic or partial payments, creating non-monetary loans with the pictures of a particular item, recurring debts, setting pay off dates and a lot more. The application can be synchronized between various devices and platforms and you will also be able to view the history of the debts that have been settled by you in the past. If you are in debt, you can choose reputed debt consolidation companies for consolidating your debts.


Mint is not only responsible for helping in tracking the income but it also helps in keeping a track of the financial condition that you are in. Apart from allowing a proper budget management as well as expense logging, you will also get the option of synchronizing your card and bank details, for updating as well as securing your financial state. It is one of the best budgeting apps currently that is available for both Android and iOS devices.


Expensify has been helping numerous people to track their expense reports. Apart from manually tracking all the expenses, you will also have the option of importing purchase information from the credit card in order to get valid receipts. One of the best features of this finance application is the smart scan, which permits the users to take the picture of a particular receipt and get it read by a computer in order to generate the expense automatically.


Spending money irresponsibly is not at all an option, no matter what the occasion is. This is why you can consider the finance apps that have been mentioned above and track all your expenses, not only during Christmas but also throughout the entire year.


Mobile Apps development Trends For 2019

How the Role of DevOps in Mobile App Development Will Change in 2019

Top Mobile Apps Development Trends in 2019

The software development of modern time is devops that pivots mainly on the well to do collaborations between developers of software, project managers, and operations staff, while  the business objectives can also be arranged at the same time.

DevOps is used when developers and operations staff came together to adequately conquer the challenges associated with the regular software delivery.

Devops in mobile applications

Digiwebart is the mobile application development company in Jaipur that grabs a comprehensive perspective of mobile DevOps, explain it as a capacity for constant mobile app delivery that authorizes our clients to lower time-to-market new characteristics and seize new market opportunities simultaneously.

 The amazing concept of DevOps is delivering services immediately, which refer to deploying the software and the environment on which it runs, spontaneous and on-demand, at any time of mobile development cycle.

DevOps basically appeal the same concept whether you want to develop an app for either mobile or web. Although, the task in mobile DevOps are different and certain.

Mobile DevOps challenges

These are the challenges that are included in mobile devops:

 Different OS Versions: Most mobile apps have multiple target territory and different devices, which need trading with different specs, different OS versions, and different form factors.

 Moreover, not only there is a huge province of operating systems running in the market, but there are also multiple installed versions.

 Take Android, for example, The users of Android markets are for almost 85percent of the smartphone market.

3 Rules for Successfully Adopting Mobile DevOps 

For taking devops in your business mobile app you need three consideration those are given here:

 Continuous Planning and Integration

Continuous planning defines to taking you all mobile app project team—developers, project managers, operations staff, and other stakeholders—on the same platform to conclude the importance of the mobile app in the composition of a launch plan.


Continuous amalgamation, on the other part, protects that the code submitted by one developer effort with the code deposited by the other developer(s). Simply bring, continuous integration in mobile DevOps demands continuous builds.

Continuous Testing and Monitoring

Most mobile application testing is accomplished on simulators instead of actual devices. Plus, the testing is also manual. And given the number of OS versions alone, it is unsustainable to do manual testing for all versions.

A mobile app can execute well in the test environment, but it is very ordinary that it will fail in the live atmosphere.

The cause of these non-fulfillments can be various, such as memory, network conditions, power, etc. It is important, therefore, for developers as well as businesses to make sure that the continual controlling is done through third-party SDKs for the log, crash describe and so on to discover the way of the hindrances.

Continuous Delivery and Deployment

Continuous delivery mention to the application that makes sure the code is in the position to the production environment by submitting each change to the production-like environment.

Continuous deployment is the upcoming step of continuous delivery. In continuous deployment, every change that has been accepted by continuous testing gets deployed to the production environment involuntary.