Artificial Intelligence: The Changes Brought Over By This New Technology

Artificial Intelligence: The Changes Brought Over By This New Technology

There was a time when technology changed every few hundred decades. Came the industrial revolution, and the innovations picked speed. You have the railway engine, cotton spinning wheel which reduced time in transportation and time spent by humans in making clothes. The invention of computers and internet changed the very concept of human life. Technology began to change at a very fast pace. First came the laptops, then the mobiles and the last major change is the app. In fact, the middle years of 2016 to 2017 can be called as the years of apps. But, the innovations have not stopped. They have moved on, and now you have the major discussed concepts about Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. In this article, we delve on the changes brought over by this new technology.


Artificial Intelligence has already brought about many changes to the world. It has made an impact in multiple sectors. In the future, it will bring about changes in our daily life patterns.  And, the biggest benefit of all, AI will be on the path of improvement. You just need to adjust to the changes or have to perish.

So what is Artificial Intelligence?

It is well-known as one of the major branches of computer science. It is a program that makes the computer learn, adapt and solve problem on its own. Yes, devoid of human interference. Remember the supercomputer which played chess with International Grandmaster like Viswanathan Anand? Now, AI has stepped in almost every industry in the market such as online shopping, finance and agriculture.

Shall we look at the common examples?

  1. Self Driving Cars

self driving cars

It is a fact that many of the countries in the developed countries have manufacturing units of the top automobile brands in the world. But, road accidents have become a common phenomenon. This negative aspect has become one of the major concerns for many Governments. But self driving cars manufactured along with AI driving technology can reduce road accidents. You can find self driving cars in the US.

2. Improve Relationships

improve relationships

Even the social media platform such as Tinder has included AI in its app. In the future, AI can bring about changes in way you maintain the relationships. One popular app is Viola.AI. Check it for further information.

3. Cyber Security

cyber security

Although the internet has helped bring many positive changes in human life, you cannot help but focus also on the negative impacts. Till date, there has been a dearth of cybersecurity professionals in all parts of the globe. But in the future, AI can bring solutions that can prevent hacking of any system. Some notable examples are Sift Science, Deep Instinct, Cylance and Secureworks.


  1. Medicine

medicineYes, it is surprising, but true. Way to the future, you can find robots who can perform surgery on humans. Doctors in many developed countries, depend on AI to prescribe medicines to patients in remote corners of the world. The reason, precision is the mark of AI machines. In the future, you can find robots on every medical store that can scan the clinical data, doctor notes and prescribe medicines as per the requirement of your body.

  1. Social Media

social mediaYes, social media have changed the very method of advertising and traditional marketing. Now, data is the perfect way to get more number of leads and sales. And every social media platform have put in AI that can give perfect information on many databases. In the future, any cultural shift or trend among the public, the AI in the social media platform can easily make out and give information to the company.


  1. Home Repairs

home repairThere was a time, when for any home repair, you depended on a handyman sourced through referrals. Then the listing websites such as Justdial came and made a change in the selection of professionals. Now, some start-ups have taken another step forward. They have put together a online platform, where you can find all types of home repair professionals in their customer care list. You just need to download their app, and book the relevant service as per your own convenience. On the scheduled date and time, the concerned professional will come to your home and fix the problem.

Let us assume, you are a software engineer living in Hyderabad. Your spouse, works part-time from home, to care of your little children. She works on a desktop computer. In an unfortunate situation, the computer gets attacked by malware. So, instead of searching for referrals and checking on listing websites, she can download the app of the best home maintenance company. She can thus find the expert for best computer repair in Hyderabad. She can check from the various profiles of computer experts, and decide on the best and book the specific professional as per her own convenience. The problem gets resolved easily within short time. Consider the same situation, when the AI becomes a regular part of daily life. If the computer gets hacked, the in-built AI system can generate data about computer experts who live nearby your home. They can get alerts. They can make a call to offer their services. You can select the best as per your budget. But, this can happen in the near future.



On the whole, AI has brought about revolutionary changes. It is the latest trending subject in many technology platforms. But yes, there are also many who feel that AI can bring about reduction in jobs, rise of unemployment and domination of machines over human society. You find a entire set of articles dedicated to the jobs of the future and how AI can bring about positive and negative changes. You also find articles which advise to buy shares from certain companies.

On the other side, you find corporate moghuls pinning their hopes on AI. They have a totally different view and feel, that AI in combination with IoT can bring about a global change in technology. As of now, the changes because of AI has happened at a slow pace. And the common public have adapted themselves in a beautiful way. So, you can find many asking Siri to carry out their commands, and program Alexa to set the alarm for the weekend morning. The initial learning curve, the millennial generation and older generation has mastered and now, AI can only hope for a better future.

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